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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

No, extreme situations should be handled by higher agencies with specialized training and equipment

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@946K5FP from Colorado answered…59mins

Must have strict training on when and how and also limit to extreme and dangerous situations.

@946JPBWSocialist from Maryland answered…2hrs

Only if the police are subjected to military standards of training and discipline.

@946DKPN from Virginia answered…9hrs

@946CFNW from Virginia answered…11hrs

It depends on what there using it for and they should be taught how to use it correctly.

@946C5H9 from Indiana answered…11hrs

Only if they really needed it then yes but i feel like they dont really need it so no.

@9468988Libertarian from Utah answered…18hrs

Police forces should have military-grade equipment, and any private citizen that wants to own similar equipment should be allowed to.

@94678HK from Massachusetts answered…22hrs

@945ZJBGIndependent from Georgia answered…1 day

Yes, only if civilians are allowed to own military-grade equipment as well.

@945Q2SQ from Washington answered…2 days

@945KG7QPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…2 days

Yes in situations that are needed, but not with every military grade weapon, just some, definitly none that are harmful to everyone, or will hurt innocent people.

@945HBFP from New Mexico answered…2 days

What's "military grade? Let only trained officers use specialized equipment.

@945GBVRDemocrat from Texas answered…2 days

Not if the cops continue doing what they have been. A bunch of killing that doesn't need to happen.

@945BWSC from Arizona answered…3 days

put police through more training because not every police officer is fit to be a cop in the seance that some are very irresponsible and abuse power

@9459SD5 from California answered…3 days

I think that the police should only be able to use military grade equipment when it’s an extreme situation that requires military grade equipment to be more powerful. There should be proper and strict training however to use this military grade equipment.

@9459FD3 from Arizona answered…3 days

Only if it is approved by an elected official overseeing the PD. There must be accountability to "we, the people."

@9453M72 from Hawaii answered…4 days

I believe police should have very low-end military-grade equipment, but should receive strict training on how and when to use it, and additionally should only use said training and equipment in the most extreme scenarios where waiting for a higher agency isn't an option.

@944XJ5TDemocrat from Illinois answered…4 days

Yes, but only in extreme situations after strict training on how and when to use the equipment.

@944TGHM from Nevada answered…5 days

Yes, in response to extreme situations and extensive and strict training.

@944RMCJ from Hawaii answered…5 days

@944KP5F from Colorado answered…6 days

@944HLRF from New York answered…6 days

@944H97D from Florida answered…6 days

As a failsafe, and only once the people agree that the police is incorruptible and just enough to understand this.

@944G3DX from Texas answered…6 days

@944DJT5 from New York answered…6 days

Yes, as long as non law enforcement individuals can buy, sell and carry these types of firearms. Increased training needs to be in place so using these weapons are not used as a first response unless absolutely necessary

@9449PHNWomen’s Equality from New York answered…7 days

Yes, but only in extreme situations with people who have been trained to used the equipment

@9446BLJ from New York answered…7 days

@9446422Libertarian from Michigan answered…7 days

Yes, but only in a situation where the national guard will not be able to deploy such equipment before the police would be able to.

@944467L from Massachusetts answered…1wk

@943YZPSfrom Minnesota  answered…1wk

Policing should be a community based organization, get to know who they serve and protect. Police should be following constitutional law and enforce it . Not agents for the government.

@943VWXM from New Jersey answered…1wk

Yes, but with strict training on how and when to use the equipment just in case. They should leave it up to higher agencies if possible.

@943Q4JJ from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, with correct and strict training on how and when to use said weapons, which is only in extreme cases

@943M4V9 from Texas answered…1wk

@943CVTS from Washington answered…1wk

 @Liebertfrom Maine  answered…1wk

Abolish the police but allow private policing companies to use whatever equipment they wish to use.

@9433QWG from Texas answered…1wk

@942V3GC from West Virginia answered…2wks

In response to extreme circumstances AND with the proper training.

@942SR9MConstitution from Kentucky answered…2wks

Only if the People of the United States own the same level of equipment.

@942SQF3 from Florida answered…2wks

Yes and they should never subordinate themselves to a federal government agency or entity.


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