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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@948S38L from Kansas answered…7hrs

@948HD7D from Florida answered…24hrs

yes, IF you take it away you better buy a gun, guess who is not coming until its over

@947P9GK from Maryland answered…3 days

No, but provide mandatory training and education for all police officers

@947KR39from Maine  answered…4 days

Yes and make police officers immune to all crime that they might commit

@947GKQTDemocrat from Washington answered…4 days

@9476M84 from Maryland answered…4 days

Yes, but have more independent oversight of police to make sure officers aren’t taking advantage of their qualified immunity

@946T7C3 from Oklahoma answered…5 days

Yes, and provide more training and education for police officers but I also beleve that common since should apply to what they've done

@946JPBWSocialist from Maryland answered…6 days

@9458X8Q from Arizona answered…1wk

Yes, but only for officers that have a clean record and under the circumstance that education later be provided to all officers to avoid further misconduct.

@944TW9Z from Arizona answered…2wks

depends because there is a need for police system reforms and it wouldn’t necessarily get to the source of the problem

@944MJ7B from Florida answered…2wks

No, that has high likelihood to be abused by officers who only claim to have not known

@944HNSK from Kansas answered…2wks

@943T534 from Florida answered…2wks

@943DG6L from Nevada answered…2wks

Has to be a case by case & also the Officer should have a clean record.

@93Z7RPZ from New York answered…3wks

@maadiman1170Libertarianfrom Texas  answered…3wks

Yes, but allow for civil suits when preventable errors or intentional misconduct occurs, such as damages occurring due to a warrant being served on the wrong party.

@93YJTCH from Indiana answered…3wks

The less complaints and the cleaner the record is, I think that officer(s) has a better chance of getting immunity.

@93YHGKV from Virginia answered…3wks

No, abject failures of discipline or conduct are being insufficiently penalized.

@93Y7DRC from Missouri answered…3wks

@93Y6JGY from Ohio answered…3wks

Yes, and American school children need to be taught to respect and honor the law, even if they disagree with it

@realism12345 from Georgia answered…3wks

Regardless, more training and education should be required for police officers. This qualified immunity should only be for officers with a clean record as well.

@93X65MM from Virginia answered…4wks

Case by case basis, some actions are necessary while others are heinous and unforgivable

@93WJPXX from Virginia answered…4wks

Yes, as long as the offense does not include a serious infringement on the citizens rights

@93VZCM6 from Kansas answered…1mo

No, but provide more training and education for police officers to avoid situations requiring qualified immunity in the first place

@93VSJR6Progressive from Texas answered…1mo

Not as it currently exists, police should be required to carry insurance.

@93VMJKY from Arizona answered…1mo

It is crucial that all public servants be held to a higher standard of accountability than the average person. Every police officer, regardless of their record or history of complaints, should be temporarily suspended from duty, pending a thorough and extensive investigation into the incident by a non-biased, external team of investigators. Police officers should also go through more extensive training and education during Police Academy and should continue mandatory training throughout their career.

@93V7K6C from Virginia answered…1mo

No, and police should be criminally liable for negligence in performing their duties

@93V23R9 from Illinois answered…1mo

@93TMXND from Oklahoma answered…1mo

@93T2DKV from California answered…1mo

Depending on the charge and totality of the evidence. Needs to be a selective rare occasion in which it is granted and require longer training and education for police officers

@93SZZSK from North Carolina answered…1mo

No, and police should be criminally liable for negligence in performing their duties.

@93SHQL7 from Indiana answered…1mo

@93S8Y2K from Georgia answered…1mo

@93RZVS9 from Washington answered…1mo

Yes and expand qualified immunity for police officers, as long as they are provided training and education and should only apply to police officers that have a clean record of no complaints.

@93RWF77 from Virginia answered…1mo

There should be no legal protection for acting in bad faith. There should be enough good faith protection so officers aren't afraid to perform their duty. Misconduct should not be protected, good conduct should not be punished.

@7J7L92W from California answered…1mo

@93R5YLX from Florida answered…1mo

No, but only for the police officers that use misconduct often and depending on the misconduct they had done which may be deemed as unlawful.


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