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@8Q2M24K from Michigan commented…2yrs

I agree that a woman gets to choose what happens to her body- but only if it is her body. She dosen't have the right to kill a baby because the baby is its own seperate body, and the woman can't choose for it.

@8QPRRZ2 from New York commented…2yrs

The fetus has neither personhood, nor the right to a woman's biological products. On either grounds, abortion is moral.

@8SRXMZK from Virginia commented…1yr

We were all once in the fetal stage of development that doesn't mean we weren't always human beings. Regardless of your definition of personhood, we morally don't have the right to end another life for our convenience. As for the stealing of a "women's biological products," we all better call our moms to apologize for the "theft." While we're at it, we can thank her for choosing life.

@8TKDSQ9 from Virginia commented…1yr

What is personhood? Does this definition from match what you mean? (

Do newborn infants that are 100% reliant on others to care for them in possession of personhood? What about people in comas, or those who have dementia?


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