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@8N5NSYX from Iowa commented…2yrs

Very often they want the baby, but will die in birth. Sometimes people are r@ped, or the condom breaks. Most of the time people want this baby, but it will not be able to have a life outside of the womb. They are not monsters, they are people who lost their chance at having this baby.

@8N646Z5Democrat from Washington commented…2yrs

they don't always work. people can do what they want with their body.

@8ZBTGSR from Nebraska commented…7mos

An unborn baby is not "their body". The child has their own heartbeat and unique DNA.

@8WF8FGF from California commented…12mos

Yes, you may do what you want with your body, as long as that activity does not involve stopping a human heart from beating.

@8SLFWD5 from Hawaii commented…1yr

God said that he will take us when he shall take us. And he said that a man shall marry a woman and a Woman shall marry a man. He said that you shall Honor me, and many more commitments that he said. And if Joe Biden really believes In god, He should have the values of him and make policies that are For the lord.

@8NBLH9W  from Missouri commented…2yrs

@8N8SFVQ from Alabama commented…2yrs

why is it your business?

@8SLFWD5 from Hawaii commented…1yr

We are all brothers and we shall all care for one another. Not caring leads to danger and depression. We need other people to talk to. Help someone out. Sometimes get in a conversation. Don’t be rude just make that person feel better :).


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