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@8MHV5PXRepublican from North Carolina commented…2yrs

@8N5S275 from South Dakota commented…2yrs

i am 90% with this dude damn

@8NRFTNDIndependent from California commented…2yrs

Is Dwayne Johnson ACTUALLY running for president? This seems a little bit ill-advised. He has no experience. He just stick to making movies about chubby Polynesians who run around singing songs about the ocean. ;)

@8Q4789TDemocrat from Kansas commented…2yrs

Ronald Reagan was an actor and he remained in office for two terms from 1981-1989...Ronald Reagan is even one of the more popular presidents because of his great public speaking skills and charism which he got from acting. Not saying that the Rock is necessarily the right choice; however, just because he's an actor, doesn't mean he wouldn't do a good job.

Trump was elected and he didn't have any public service (political) or military experience before becoming president. He did have business experience and was able to create good business plans; however, the Rock has the same potential of doing that as well considering he is, in fact, an entrepreneur and owns his own production company.

This article references some good points.


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