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@9MWN9NCLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…1yr

No, while our history is tragic, as it comes to K-12 education, social theory won't help them. Understanding of what has happened on a factual basis can help individuals come to their own conclusions and offer a good discourse between different groups.

@Surya-Butterwort… from Montana commented…4mos

I agree in principle but how do you decide what facts and more importantly from which sources you teach

@9ZGRR8QGreen from Indiana answered…1wk

No, as Critical Race Theory is a complex legal theory that is only taught to law students in college.

@9ZLG85RSocialist from New York answered…17hrs

race is a socially manufactured non-genetic pseudoscience and dont want to participate in it it's an intresting topic, but not appropriate for teaching to K-12.

@9ZKYLFBPeace and Freedom from Oklahoma answered…1 day

Yes, kids need to be taught has happened in the past or what other people believe, but we shouldn't teach that they have disadvantages based on what color their skin is

@9ZKXZ6TConstitution from Wisconsin answered…1 day

It should be a choice to learn about it considering there isn't much of a problem.

@9ZKMGZVTranshumanist from Texas answered…2 days

I think everyone should be taught about how different races went through so much. There are so many blurred lines in itself that people are turning in each other but blm

@9ZKL756Green from Missouri answered…2 days

Yes kids should be taught what race theory is but they should be taught in a way that doesn't make them racially profile people.

@9ZKL5GZWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…2 days

Kids should be taught this prior to school or as they are maturing, by teachers or parents especially as everyone should be considered equal.

@9ZKFDVLWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

@9ZKDR8KPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

This is irrelevant, critical race theory has no applications outside of law

@9ZJXNXXWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…3 days

kids (k - 12) should be taught accurate history. CRT and critical legal theory are college level courses.

@9ZJHNBSIndependent from Indiana answered…3 days

Yes and no, there should be an area in between where kids are taught about our cruel history but children should not be brought up to believe that they are and always will be at a disadvantage.

@9ZJFDR7Democrat from Ohio answered…3 days

Critical race theory can’t be taught until college. Explaining true history and not candy coating the bad parts of is not critical race theory.

@9ZJ2S4PWomen’s Equality from Idaho answered…4 days

Possibly because even I don't understand what it is after looking through google.

@9ZGYQ99Transhumanist from California answered…7 days

No, we should let kids be kids for as long as possible and teach them that very kid is the same but when they are in high school should be taught of the past of their country.

@9ZG344BLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

Yes, but critical race theory is not a real definable concept

@9ZG93HRWomen’s Equality from California answered…1wk

Yes, but only once they have become old enough to fully understand on their own, and they are told only the truth.

@9ZFL67TPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…1wk

Critical race theory isn't taught in k-12 schools. It's literally a college-level course that Fox News fearmongers about.

@9ZFGR75Democrat from Alaska answered…1wk

Yes, But we as a society cannot get rid of racism or discrimination if we just see differences instead of accepting that everyone is at least human and deserves equality and fair treatment for their actions regardless of race

@9ZFGFTBRepublican from Utah answered…1wk

No Kids should not be raised learning about critical race theory. They should still understand their is people with different color skin and they should be proud of who they are and celebrate each other's differences.

@9ZDKJVBTranshumanist from Washington answered…1wk

No, by doing so this is making kids see people by their color or race. We should just be taught to treat everyone equally.

@9YNGQ5VGreen from Georgia answered…2mos

It’s a college level course stop acting like it’s actually being taught in grade school

@9YM8FTTConstitution from Iowa answered…2mos

Yes so that they can know everyone can be racist in there own skin not just white people

@9YM4RNLWorking Family from Texas answered…2mos

@9YLMW23Progressive from Texas answered…2mos

This question is irrelevant as critical race theory is a college graduate concept and is not taught in K-12

@9YL34VCDemocrat from Washington answered…2mos

Only if you can actually explain what it is. Discussion of racism, including systemic racism is essential.

@9YKRXYCDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…2mos

@9YKPW4QPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…2mos

If so, it should be optional, as it is a more radical ideology compared to what else is taught in schools.

@9YJSPNVGreen from Connecticut answered…2mos

I think you should let all people black and white be together and be able to go to school and learn as a whole class and be treat nicely and like family towards others.

@9YJRVRYWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…2mos

@9YJRCS6Transhumanist from Arizona answered…2mos

@9YJJTW8Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes., but it should be taught in a way that won't discourage children from making something of themselves or make feel guilty based on the color of their skin or ancestors.

@9YJHVYHRepublican from California answered…2mos

It’s not even being taught in K-12. This is a conservative screeching point

@9YJ6Q8CDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…2mos

Critical Race Theory is a college-level subject that has never been, and likely never can be taught in k-12 schools.

@Haysee7American Solidarity from Illinois answered…2mos

These are stupid answers. Critical race theory is applicable to an extent, but children and even teenagers will take it the wrong way. Kids can be extreme and brutal on both sides. The idea of the concept can be touchy, but to push it would be wrong.

@9YHDBJZTranshumanist from Texas answered…2mos

Well your trying to sound like a nazi eugenics education program from the third reich congrats. Teaching and raising them to be racially color blind is good but we should also teach the entirety of American history as a whole and not segregate it


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