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@B4KF843Democrat from Washington D.C. answered…4 days

This isn’t even a thing - CRT was never taught to elementary kids

@B4K99XMDemocrat from Minnesota answered…4 days

No because critical race theory is a university-level concept, however American history of race, slavery, and black contributions should be taught.

@B4K8ZPQDemocrat from Missouri answered…4 days

Critical Race Theory is not being taught in k-12 schools. It us far too advanced for children to comprehend. With that said, children SHOULD learn about historical facts and how our government and society were formed based on historical events. It is necessary that our children see how our government and our American society are racist at the core do that we can make the necessary changes.

@B4K8D3ZDemocrat from California answered…4 days

CRT is a graduate level legal theory so it is not being taught K-12.

@9MWN9NCLibertarian from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

No, while our history is tragic, as it comes to K-12 education, social theory won't help them. Understanding of what has happened on a factual basis can help individuals come to their own conclusions and offer a good discourse between different groups.

@Surya-Butterwort… from Montana commented…9mos

I agree in principle but how do you decide what facts and more importantly from which sources you teach

@B4M9NXPPeace and Freedomfrom Guam  answered…3hrs

Critical race theory is a college-level academic course that kindergarten children will not be able to understand. Critical race theory doesn't need to be taught in schools because if schools are teaching history (actual history not what is approved by the board of education) then they will learn about racism, intersectionality, and all the injustices done to minorities by the US government.

@B4LHH4XIndependent from New York answered…2 days

@B4LBVLYAmerican Solidarity from New Jersey answered…2 days

Yes, but teach it through building blocks as the kids grow up

@B4KZMLGTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…3 days

Critical race theory is not taught in schools unless it’s law school.

@B4KW23KDemocrat from Missouri answered…3 days

I dont think they should be thought until highschool. Then i think they are old enough. That being said they are hopefully getting some of the ideas from themselves and the people around them.

@B4KR76GRepublican from Missouri answered…3 days

We already learn history about black people. We learn a good enough amount.

@B4KQS3MRepublican from Massachusetts answered…3 days

@B4JZ8NQWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…5 days

No, children should be taught about our countries history but not that they are any different or at a disadvantage because of the color of their skin

@B4LXK7KSocialist from Illinois answered…18hrs

Teach a more comprehensive history from more diverse perspectives

@B4LX3LRPeace and Freedom from New York answered…19hrs

It is not taught and schools and is a theory originating in law schools.

 @B4L8VLLIndependent from Tennessee answered…2 days

No!!! That would be teaching racism. It has nothing to do with our children's education! Life is hard enough, for a child, growing up. We are 1 race, and that is the human race.

@B4KJWHFConstitution from California answered…4 days

No, people should be taught to think of others and themselves as individuals rather than by race or other immutable traits

@B4K9PQRGreen from Ohio answered…4 days

It isn't taught there in the first place to act like it is, is something shameful and leads to a lack of character. But it should be an option for those who want it.

@B4K79PCLibertarian from Florida answered…5 days

No, teach our kids to understand our differences, even if we disagree with said differences, and respect others rather than teach them to treat everyone the same

@B4K3QTCIndependent from New Jersey answered…5 days

Children should learn about history with the benefit of new information. For instance, Jefferson's story is one of a great but severely flawed person. It's OK to discuss that our founders weren't perfect, also

@B4JLNBXDemocrat from Kansas answered…6 days

Yes, but save it for higher grade students, who can better understand it.

@B4JD59RIndependent from South Carolina answered…1wk

No, but we should also not teach a color blind approach. We should teach about the injustices that black Americans have historically faced and allow for debate about how best to overcome continuing historical effects of those injustices.

@B4JVHH9Women’s Equality from Wyoming answered…6 days

kids should be taught about our racist history, but taught also to be more kind

@B4JQ6PCGreen from Missouri answered…6 days

@B4JLXLWPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…6 days

Critical race theory is a law school level theory. I believe that it is important to separate this from the basic institutional history that should be taught to k-12 ages which aligns more with the systemic racism present but not as a political stance

@B4HWN2XDemocrat from New York answered…1wk

Critical race theory is not taught in K-12,it is just a right wing boogey man to install fear

@B4HRJG8Democrat from California answered…1wk

Yes, but add intersectionality and apply the biases in a colorblind manner.

@B4HR4VZDemocrat from California answered…1wk

Critical race theory is a graduate level class, and therefore has no relevance to public school education.

@B4HMDLNTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1wk

History should be taught without being filter. Good and bad

@B4HKTVMDemocratfrom Maine  answered…1wk

It depends what is meant by critical race theory and whether his is even being currently taught.

@B4H5KGZPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…2wks

This is not taught in K-12, this is a topic of high level college academia. The way this question is phrased calls into question the neutrality and integrity of this quiz.

@B4HCMKHTranshumanist from Massachusetts answered…2wks

@B4H7GBCConstitution from Wyoming answered…2wks

NO, CTR is just another way to turn people racist. It is only a theory and should only be discussed in the context on college on a theoretical level. Never as fact.

@B4H2JQ7Democrat from Massachusetts answered…2wks

Children and teenagers are dumb and won't fully understand it until college.

@Daniel-Barton-Je…Libertarian from New York answered…2wks

No, kids should be raised to be racially color blind instead of being taught they are inherently racist or disadvantaged based on the color of their skin. It can majorly effect a kid’s life and their view on themselves in a pretty negative guilt filled way. Their is positive potential from this method as is the same for many methods of teaching but the negatives outweigh the positives and putting the weight of social political topics on kids at such a young age is morally ethically criminal. Simply teaching kids the value of respecting each other and not judging anyone inherently based on

@B4G9H5JGreen from Texas answered…2wks

Critical Race theory is a college level class and has not been taught in k-12 schools

@B4FWDP4Democrat from Florida answered…2wks

It is a stupid question. It is irrelevant (nobody taught and plans to teach CRT in K-12). Having it here is completely stupid

@B4FT3STDemocrat from Nevada answered…2wks

@B4FPJNYLibertarian from Florida answered…2wks

CRT is a legal term and is primarily taught in law school, it’s nothing like right wingers fear it to be. Children should be taught to be anti-racist in order to combat the generations of racism still alive and well.

@B4FBKKTPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…2wks

Yes, but should be shown as a theory and not something that's true

@B4DXRNDDemocrat from New Jersey answered…3wks

I do believe that race theory should be taught, but I also believe that the truth must be told within America as a whole.( Don´t make children blind to what really goes on in the world)

@B4DW6TTDemocrat from Nevada answered…3wks

Critical race theory is not taught in K-12 and never has been. It's only taught in law school. So this question is highly misleading. However, the US's full history should be taught in K-12.


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