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@8N6HCV9  from Oklahoma commented…2yrs

But wouldn't you love to have a president who's better than that? One who does more than "not start wars"? What about climate change, minimum wage, healthcare, education, etc? It is true that Donald Trump hasn't started a war in 4 years, but there are so many more issues to think about. People are dying from the pandemic, for one. We need a strong leader who will take charge of the country and lead it with the people in mind. It's not even about Biden or the democrats or voting a certain way, it's about our country. What do you think about what I said? I'd love to discuss!

@8FCV27FIndependent  from Ohio commented…2yrs

Generally, I view the establishments of both parties as corporatized get-rich-quick schemes for their donors. I do think, however, that there is an obvious choice of the two mainstream candidates. If you look at Joe Biden's career, while he has done poorly in some regards, he is a unifier who is willing to listen to both progressives and conservatives. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a divider with incendiary, rhetoric designed to tap into the veins of xenophobia and us-against-them that brought Joe McCarthy to power.

@8QS6KQGDemocrat from Michigan agreed…2yrs

Yes, Just because Trump has not started a war doesn't mean that all of our other presidents have. Sure there was a few maybe but Obama didn't did he?

@8TS6P76 from Massachusetts commented…1yr

No, Obama started (or at least got the US involved) several wars. That's why Trump is so unique.


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