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@8M7K2FZProgressive from New York commented…2yrs

I got a 98 for Howie hawkins and only 75 for Biden. I will be voting Biden but hawkins is great.

@8MQCYV9 from Arizona commented…2yrs

Same I strongly agree with you but still either one we pick biden or trump we still are going down in history.

@8M27SCG  from Michigan commented…2yrs

Howie Hawkins definitely deserves to be president.

Yeah. I got 88% with Hawkins and 85% with Biden. I think we have a lot in common. I 100% agree with you, the two-party system is overrated and yes, we deserve, no, we need a change.

It's time we just straight-out say that America needs to change. I would so vote for this dude if I was old enough; I don't care if there're only two parties that are more likely to get elected. Hawkins deserves to be president! <3

@8LBD6C4Green from California commented…2yrs

You vote for who you will, but I would wish at some point that the greens would be able to unite the leftist third parties together in order to gain the lead over the big two parties.

@merylsuniverse from Nevada commented…2yrs

I agree. I just wish the Green Party would get more recognition, I'm mixed of Green and Democrat though.


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