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@9NCL2MFVeteran from Iowa answered…2yrs

No, everyone should vote in person. Make election day a national holiday. All businesses closed so everyone has time to vote.

@9N7JGQ4Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

No but there should be a way to make the in-person process easier and more equitable

@9N6937GRepublican from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Yes, but only as an alternative to an in person voting process for registered voters who specifically request a mail-in ballot. They should not just be sent out without request.

@9MZJT97Republican from Missouri answered…2yrs

@9N62BKHVeteran from California answered…2yrs

@9N4XN8YRepublican from Alabama answered…2yrs

we already have a mail in voting system. It's called absentee voting.

@9MZYW6FTranshumanist from Michigan answered…2yrs

@9MQFLNTWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…2yrs

Yes only in national emergencies and those with disabilities and can’t physically get to polling place

@9MPSYYFRepublican from Tennessee answered…2yrs

the process of mail in voting could lead to votes being discarded so,No

@9MPRJ3WDemocrat from Florida answered…2yrs

Yes but only during national emergencies and with a secure online voting process as well

@9MP3MYXLibertarian from Texas answered…2yrs

Absentee ballots are already in place, this question is designed to cause strife.

@9MP2TGVVeteran from Indiana answered…2yrs

@9MM6KQBVeteran from Idaho answered…2yrs

@9ML6VKXVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

No, only for people who can’t physically make it out to vote (active duty, senior citizens)

@9MH786YVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

@9MBLWBYTranshumanist from Indiana answered…2yrs

@9M9HFC6Constitution from Washington answered…2yrs

@9M7PZTKDemocrat from New Jersey answered…2yrs

People should get to choose how they vote, whether online or in-person, but a secure and fraudulent-free voting process should be set up online for those who cannot vote in-person or those who choose to conduct online voting.

@9M3HXFZVeteran from Idaho answered…2yrs

@9M2Z7TWVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9M2CZF6Women’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, but it should be voluntary. In person voting should still be allowed. Election day should be a national holiday.

@9LYNHSWAmerican Solidarity from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, but only in last case events. Avoided at all costs. Only a plan, hopefully never used

@9LY6HCTWorking Family from California answered…2yrs

Yes I believe there should be a mail in ballot process along with in person voting. depending on individual choice.

@9LTMGR2Democrat from Ohio answered…2yrs

No, I don’t think it’s necessary and could be seen as wasteful. Instead focus on educating the public on their options for voting (requesting a mail in ballot, in person at BOE, in person at polling place, and if applicable electronically)

@9LTD9FDVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

No, there is too much opportunity for fraudulent voting and election tampering as it is

@9LSF5RTDemocrat from Texas answered…2yrs

Explain mail in ballot process with sufficient security of the ballots.

@9LRC72SConstitution from Kansas answered…2yrs

@xkatikatxVeteran from Iowa answered…2yrs

Yes, but don’t auto mail ballots, they should be requested

@9LQ2G92Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9LMBH3WWorking Family from Washington answered…2yrs

Yes, but it's up to each state to choose it's vote methods and verification.

@9LLZ8WTAmerican Solidarity from New York answered…2yrs

@9LJ6J5FVeteran from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Yes during national emergencies but in person voting should still be aloud

@9LJ6FP7Constitution from Georgia answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if it is secure and if the ballot is solicited by the voter.

@9LGRWHVWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

@9LGCDDPRepublican from Oregon answered…2yrs

You actually cannot trust mail-in-ballots as Democratic governors around the States for fraud relating to mail-in-ballots

@9LDDY3WRepublican from Tennessee answered…2yrs

No, there is an absentee ballot options for those who cannot vote in person.

@9LCVVSGVeteran from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Have mail in ballots as an option, but still allow in person voting as well.

@9LCJNVXWorking Family from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9LC4BSGVeteran from South Carolina answered…2yrs

If I can invest my money, apply for a job, apply for a loan, be denied acceptance to college, e-sign legal documents, and select the best divorce attorney in the US, all from my phone then I should be able to vote in local, state, and federal elections from my phone.

@9L957M9Veteran from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

yes only for those who are out of state or are medically unable to make it to the polls

@9L2WNDFConstitution from California answered…2yrs

No, it should stay as an absentee ballet where you request it if you need it.

@9L2SC8XWorking Family from New York answered…2yrs

Yes, Only during national emergencies and for disabled citizens

@9KYRNJSDemocrat from Maryland answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as it is safe and optional. Encourage in person when there is not a national emergency.


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