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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

Yes, replace police with unarmed community based responders for non-violent calls

@8K6XQHF from Virginia answered…2yrs

There are good police and bad police, just as there are good priests and bad priests, good pastors/bad pastors, good people and bad people. We should spend money on adding mental health workers to train officers and work alongside them for certain cases. We should also have a no tolerance for any officer showing violence against any citizen except in cases of self defense. Officers should be made to have a body cam on at all times to protect them and citizens. Any officer not wearing a cam and/or in any act of violence should be fired and lose their pension. If officers know this ahead of time it will weed out the bad ones. I’m a white, moderate, and I am distraught over the black lives lost...and how soon they are forgotten and we just move on. This has to stop! We need police, but we need GOOD police.

@8PSKZCY  from New York commented…2yrs

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

You are going to have a lot of problems with your body cam malfunction/lost pension. Unions will still exist.

I am distraught over all lives lost unjustly to police brutality, I don't care about the color of the victims skin. A human life should not be valued at race.

I will also say it is not as big a problem on this country as the media wants you to think. "White officer shoots black man" draws ratings because it stirs emotions and ultimately capitalizes and politicizes issues then powers that be know they can use to manipulate is into frenzy.

It's imperative we all use common sense and objective reasoning when reading about these stories instead of letting our emotions run wild.

@7RYLNVTLibertarian from South Carolina commented…2yrs

This is true but there should definitely be some more situational simulation training to prepare police for the calls they face.

@8SRMXXS from Utah agreed…1yr

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

Not only that, but officers should also be required to take none-lethal, hand to hand disarmament/combat to seduce a violent criminal without causing serious injury. The people should also be required to attend mandatory education classes at least 2 a week every week, to help educate them about what to do in situations in which they are needed.

@963W3HB from Arkansas answered…5mins

@963VV38 from Idaho answered…34mins

Yes, some funding should be directed to more experienced social and mental health professionals.

@963V7TG from Maryland answered…2hrs

There should be a balance between funding and social/community programs. Maybe if these programs are implemented, the crime rate will go down.

@963SXGT from California answered…4hrs

Del 100 % 70% porciento ala policia y programas sociales y comunitarios.

@963SSY4 from Oregon answered…4hrs

@963SR5H from Ohio answered…4hrs

Police shouldn’t have to handle non-law enforcement issues. Allow community based programs handle those.

@963SDGJ from Texas answered…5hrs

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime-rate communities. Add an additional department with the police to handle domestic and social calls. Increase pay for and bind social workers and police officers.

@963S33R from North Carolina answered…6hrs

Yes, make the police a licensed profession, with yearly physical and psychological inspections. Reform to a deescalate and rehabilitate doctrine.

@963RQZ3Progressive from South Dakota answered…6hrs

@963R9B9 from Connecticut answered…7hrs

Situations are extremely nuanced and some "nonviolent" cases go south. There needs to be extensive training for police along with consequences for those who commit crimes. Social workers should come along as well but as a mediator. More money should go into improving access to mental health, better schools, and safer through community outreach and programs which the police should ve involved in to get a better connection with the community they work for.

@963R5VL from Oklahoma answered…7hrs

SOME: There needs to be real changes to training and procedure for wellness checks and other Social functions of the police job.

@963QTL6 from Ohio answered…7hrs

No. But We should also create funding for social and community-based programs.

@963PHCH from Colorado answered…8hrs

No, increase funding for local police departments and nonviolent incident response teams

@963PF89Democrat from Oregon answered…8hrs

Personally, because of the media, there are a lot of bad cops shown, and not only that but I also have bad experiences with cops because I´m a minority, even in school. However, there are good cops. (very very very few)

@963PCJQ from Washington answered…8hrs

@963NWDH from Illinois answered…9hrs

Decrease funding for police and give those funds to community support and service systems. Also, focus on better training for police so they descalate dangerous circumstances more effectively.

@963NS7M from Arizona answered…9hrs

Keep funding the same but increase the amount of training that officers have to do, and preform background checks and regular mental health checks on officers.

@963NFDS from Colorado answered…9hrs

Yes, and reform the entire idea of what we think of as police. Our current system is far too corrupt.

@963NF6C from Florida answered…9hrs

No, increase funding and training in order to support a more effective justice system

@963MSND from Michigan answered…9hrs

If the police department has plenty funding, then community and social programs should receive some of those funds.

@963LM5V from Ohio answered…10hrs

@963LB6D from Florida answered…10hrs

I think funding should be used for both the police and unarmed community based responders for non-violent calls.

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…10hrs

Yes, abolish the police and replace them with unarmed community based responders and in mental health situations, send trained psychiatrists

@963KMR5 from California answered…10hrs

@963KJPN from Kentucky answered…10hrs

@963K2LPIndependent from Tennessee answered…11hrs

No, but there’s needs to be better training and more inclusion of social and community based programs.

@963HX96 from Texas answered…11hrs

It depends all on the department and what programs are based within the community.

@963HV3C from Texas answered…11hrs

the police department should stay but they should make an alternated system for cases the police dont prioritize because while the problem may seem small it still matter.

@963GZJW from Virginia answered…11hrs

We should add different responders for different situations. Unarmed based responders for non-violents calls, mental health responders for mental health crisis, imporve training and create unbiased responses to crime scenes.

@963G5XM from South Carolina answered…12hrs

I feel that funding should be redirected to social and community programs but I would also like for the police departments to have a margin of the pay to keep it balanced.

@963G237Progressive from Oregon answered…12hrs

Find funding from other locations and have it be redirected ti social and community based programs

@963FY4HPeace and Freedom from Oregon answered…12hrs

Yes but not a lot spilt it to benefit both society and the federal police


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