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@9L7YRJG from Virginia answered…2yrs

There are good police and bad police, just as there are good priests and bad priests, good pastors/bad pastors, good people and bad people. We should spend money on adding mental health workers to train officers and work alongside them for certain cases. We should also have a no tolerance for any officer showing violence against any citizen except in cases of self defense. Officers should be made to have a body cam on at all times to protect them and citizens. Any officer not wearing a cam and/or in any act of violence should be fired and lose their pension. If officers know this ahead of time it will weed out the bad ones. I’m a white, moderate, and I am distraught over the black lives lost...and how soon they are forgotten and we just move on. This has to stop! We need police, but we need GOOD police.

@9QTM2DZRepublican  from New York commented…2yrs

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

You are going to have a lot of problems with your body cam malfunction/lost pension. Unions will still exist.

I am distraught over all lives lost unjustly to police brutality, I don't care about the color of the victims skin. A human life should not be valued at race.

I will also say it is not as big a problem on this country as the media wants you to think. "White officer shoots black man" draws ratings because it stirs emotions and ultimately capitalizes and politicizes issues then powers that be know they can use to manipulate is into frenzy.

It's imperative we all use common sense and objective reasoning when reading about these stories instead of letting our emotions run wild.

@Weston-LewisLibertarian from South Carolina commented…1yr

This is true but there should definitely be some more situational simulation training to prepare police for the calls they face.

@9TSNYYTVeteran from Utah agreed…1yr

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

Not only that, but officers should also be required to take none-lethal, hand to hand disarmament/combat to seduce a violent criminal without causing serious injury. The people should also be required to attend mandatory education classes at least 2 a week every week, to help educate them about what to do in situations in which they are needed.

@B4L2TKCIndependent from Alaska answered…58secs

Increased training on de-esclation and attention to handling and needs of suspects, strict hiring guidelines, 2 officers per squad car, and all internal investigations conducted by an unbiased, non-affiliated Federal department.

@B4KT7QSIndependent from Minnesota answered…8hrs

In the middle, I think non-violent calls need to be handled differently than violent ones but I also understand why police need to be prepared and high-crime communities need police departments that are invested in and well trained.

@B4KS59RIndependent from Washington answered…9hrs

Increase funding and training for police and increase funding to establish social and community based programs that work hand in hand with law enforcement.

@B4KNVGXLibertarian from Arizona answered…20hrs

@9ZP3D9YConstitution from Minnesota answered…5mos

No, unless there is money availble to allocate to both services.

@9ZNYH7BPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…5mos

Get funding from somewhere that our taxes are wasted to fund community programs

@9ZNX3Z8Peace and Freedom from California answered…5mos

Funding should be redirected to other systems in the country.

@9ZNWZG7Green from California answered…5mos

Schooling to become a police officer should be prolonged to 4 years of schooling/training and police officers should be replaced with community based responders for non-violent calls

@9ZN6JSCWorking Family from California answered…5mos

A portion of funding for local police departments should go towards non-violent calls

@9ZN5JC9Democrat from Georgia answered…5mos

Yes and No, the police should have more training but the funding should not be increased, especially since the funds are already high and the government/police departments are not using them adequately. The funds they already have should be used for more PROPER training.

@9ZMTP9JSocialist from California answered…5mos

@9ZMTMFQGreen from Georgia answered…5mos

Train the police in nonlethal methods and provide them with better technology while also creating social programs to prevent crime.

@9ZMNW4HPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…5mos

Not all funding should be redirected but more funding should go into social and community-based programs.

@9ZMGCVMWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…5mos

I think that some of the funding should be redirected but the police departments should have some funding as well

@9ZMCW4YPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…5mos

Polices need to be trained better to stop some many killing of all people especially African Americans.

@9ZMCSY9Progressive from Georgia answered…5mos

@9ZM79ZVIndependent from California answered…5mos

Police should be required to have at least 4 years of schooling to protect. Just like doctors/nurses require schooling to save

@9ZLTD94Transhumanist from Texas answered…5mos

Why shouldn't we direct more money to both and increase proper education in both so none are biased--but push towards more equality together :|

@9ZLQRM7Working Family from Ohio answered…5mos

No, increase funding for police in order to have higher quality training for all situations.

@9ZLFMKXSocialist from Arizona commented…5mos

Yes, and abolish the police

a militarized power that exists to uphold the will of the state primarily populated by a very undertrained workforce should not be allowed to deal with domestic issues, much less exist. this is a little fallacious, but if you were racist and power hungry, what job would you want to get, especially considering how little training you need to get this position? you want less bad cops? then don't grant them so much power. i promise you, the country isnt gonna become overrun with crime if we defund the police

@9ZLBGX3Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…5mos

funding can be reduced and redirected, but should not be redirected in its entirety

@9ZL8RBVWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, but leave enough funding to maintain the department and bodycameras

@9ZL52DHGreen from Ohio answered…5mos

Yes, but increase education and requirements included in being a police officer.

@9ZL3PCGDemocratfrom Florida  answered…5mos

@9ZL26ZBWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…5mos

Yes, but also replace a portion of police with social workers and therapists for specific situations.

@9ZKRGTXDemocrat from Georgia answered…5mos

Funding should not be taken from the police department, but funding does need to be found in order to fund the programs

@9ZKRF6ZPeace and Freedomfrom Pennsylvania  answered…5mos

@9ZKJ2QSGreen from Delaware answered…5mos

@9ZKFPYHDemocrat from Texas answered…5mos

While increasing funding and training, some funds should go to social and community based programs

@9ZKF9DCPeace and Freedom from Montana answered…5mos

Don't over-fund, add more training and hold police accountable for all actions

@9ZKDR8KPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…5mos

Yes, though I still believe that we should have armed officers in certain situations, but we should have much more in-depth training to ensure that people can not take advantage of their position

@9ZKDQQSPeace and Freedom from Louisiana answered…5mos

I feel as if that at least 45% of income should go to social and community programs but the rest should go into help funding for the police department.

@9ZKBNDKDemocrat from Missouri answered…5mos

No, but I do think social and community based programs should be funded around the same as police departments are

@9ZK9WW9Independent from Texas answered…5mos

Yes, keep the police and give them more training to handle all stressful situations without the use of force and have a community based respondents for all non-violent calls

@9ZK9DK4American Solidarity from Colorado answered…5mos

I think they need to either increase funding for police in order to receive better training to keep everyone safe and to make sure police have less freedom and power to do wrong to us.

@9ZK3CK3Working Family from Massachusetts answered…5mos

The police department should only be defunded if there are unlawful actions happening with the department or if a percentage of their money is only going to personal use and not development or training. There should also be increase in funding to add non violet experts to the actual department so they get to scenes at the same time as officers.

@9ZJXNXXWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…5mos

assure adequate funding for police AND also fund social and community based programs.

@9ZJWH9SWomen’s Equality from California answered…5mos

yes, but not drastically. I think a little defunding will go a long way and raise a message to the police.

@9ZJS6J5Socialist from Iowa answered…5mos

Train police better and be more careful about who is allowed to become a police officer. The police departments should stay, but focus on being less corrupt. Maybe community responders can help with the more minor calls.

@9ZJRLCVWorking Family from Texas answered…5mos

I think the police should be re-trained in handling certain situations.

@9ZJRDS6Women’s Equality from California answered…5mos

Some of the money should be redirected, but we still need police.

@9ZJKGKGTranshumanist from Utah answered…5mos


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