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@9L7YRJG from Virginia answered…1yr

There are good police and bad police, just as there are good priests and bad priests, good pastors/bad pastors, good people and bad people. We should spend money on adding mental health workers to train officers and work alongside them for certain cases. We should also have a no tolerance for any officer showing violence against any citizen except in cases of self defense. Officers should be made to have a body cam on at all times to protect them and citizens. Any officer not wearing a cam and/or in any act of violence should be fired and lose their pension. If officers know this ahead of time it will weed out the bad ones. I’m a white, moderate, and I am distraught over the black lives lost...and how soon they are forgotten and we just move on. This has to stop! We need police, but we need GOOD police.

@9QTM2DZRepublican  from New York commented…12mos

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

You are going to have a lot of problems with your body cam malfunction/lost pension. Unions will still exist.

I am distraught over all lives lost unjustly to police brutality, I don't care about the color of the victims skin. A human life should not be valued at race.

I will also say it is not as big a problem on this country as the media wants you to think. "White officer shoots black man" draws ratings because it stirs emotions and ultimately capitalizes and politicizes issues then powers that be know they can use to manipulate is into frenzy.

It's imperative we all use common sense and objective reasoning when reading about these stories instead of letting our emotions run wild.

@Weston-LewisLibertarian from South Carolina commented…10mos

This is true but there should definitely be some more situational simulation training to prepare police for the calls they face.

@9TSNYYTVeteran from Utah agreed…7mos

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

Not only that, but officers should also be required to take none-lethal, hand to hand disarmament/combat to seduce a violent criminal without causing serious injury. The people should also be required to attend mandatory education classes at least 2 a week every week, to help educate them about what to do in situations in which they are needed.

@9XCNJ47Women’s Equality from California commented…2mos

No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities

bro why u tryna seduce criminals tf

@9YPPVXNPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…2hrs

Funds should go to both police departments and social and community based programs.

@Christina-DahnPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…1 day

No, but provide more training for mental health interactions and non-lethal tactics

@9YP5SP5Women’s Equality from Kansas answered…2 days

I think police should not be defunded, and get more training to help in certain stances, and all other departments still get increased funds.

@9YP2LVDWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2 days

Add on to the police department and budget an unarmed, trained responders for nonviolent crimes and issues

@9YNLL5NConstitution from California answered…4 days

Funding for police officers trained in psychology psychiatry education and other areas like politics social and religious studies to handle community conflict, mental health issues, and substance abuse

@9YNKMHSTranshumanist from Michigan answered…4 days

funds can be split instead of not funding the police or social organizations

@9FGNHT8Women’s Equality from Rhode Island answered…1yr

@9FGN6CDTranshumanist from Idaho answered…1yr

They should either decrease police fundings and use them to fund education and/or they should inforce longer training

@9FGLH38Peace and Freedom from California answered…1yr

The money local police departments receive should be used to fund deescalation training, better officer education overall, mental health requirements and care for officers, as well as more extensive background checks and screenings for those serving.

@9FGH2SBDemocrat from Nebraska answered…1yr

Defund them slightly and don't have repeat offenders respond to calls.

@9FGGKJ8Democrat from Indiana answered…1yr

@9FGFNRFLibertarian from California answered…1yr

Redirect, as well as create different protocols and resources for the existing police. Find a better way to protect both the police and said criminal.

@9FGDWYTWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…1yr

Some funding should be redirected but not all of it. We still need a police department.

@9FG2XBHPeace and Freedom from Connecticut answered…1yr

I feel like the police should just go over the ideas of respecting someone's natural rights and not letting race take part in what they decide to do with the person but rather the crime they committed. There are good police and bad ones.

@9FFZ5QXWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…1yr

Only somewhat. The police are still needed and need to be trained better, but responsibilities are put onto them that should not be.

@9FFYQ46Women’s Equality from New Hampshire answered…1yr

Put people in the academy go through longer and more strenuous tests due to the infinite amount of situations they might have to go through

@9FFYC3YSocialist from Michigan answered…1yr

we shouldn't take all funding we should take some funding that

@9FFV2QDLibertarian from Washington answered…1yr

@9FFKLXCWorking Family from Utah answered…1yr

No, keep the same funding but train the police force better and have them use non lethal weapons.

@9FFGJH6Women’s Equality from Indiana answered…1yr

Prosecute the police who have done illegal things in the line of duty. Not every single one is bad and the moment we take the police away, who are we going to call when someone breaks into our house?

@9FFFY5LDemocrat from South Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but train the police better and for longer, also teach them to deescalate the situation. Educate them on mental health crisis (understand some people freak out during mental episodes please don't hurt them)

@9FFFGVFDemocrat from Kentucky answered…1yr

No, we need police, but the police needs to be reformed, and we need to get rid of police brutality.

@9FDDSN2Democrat from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, decrease funding for general policing, but increase funding on public education and social programs that could reduce crime

@9FFCYP2Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…1yr

Yes, but also use some of those funds to get better training and background checks/tests for police.

@9FFBYLRWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

Cities should first seek to increase their budgets and allocate the money toward social and community based programs. Only if this is not an option should they look to shift funding from local police departments.

@9FF9KBVPeace and Freedom from Maine answered…1yr

police should be there for HELP IF WE NEED IT. police should have no means to take lives of citizens of any shape, size, or race.

@9FF9BV7Peace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…1yr

Yes, but I also feel that we should fund them so they can keep us safe in dangerous situations

@9FDX74FDemocrat from Florida answered…1yr

@9FDTD6ZSocial Democratsfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9FDPKPPWomen’s Equality from Washington answered…1yr

Yes, but not be completely defunded. There should be more focus on training, oversight, and accountability.

@9FDM7S5Transhumanist from Minnesota answered…1yr

Yes. Police training reform is needed. No more incentives for departments. Higher crime rates communities need social and community based programs.

@9FDLCHWWorking Family from South Carolina answered…1yr

@9FDKZ6RDemocrat from California answered…1yr

No, increase training for police departments in ALL communities

@9FDBWFZPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Redirect most of police funding to training programs rather than paychecks and weaponry

@9FD9QJSConstitution from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, funding should be added towards community based programs, but do not take away funding from police departments.

@9FD668VPeace and Freedom from Kentucky answered…1yr

Yes, but don’t abolish or completely replace police. Scale down operations, reserve police for significant investigations and high-stakes responses.

@9FD5ZYYWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…1yr

A portion of funding should be given to unarmed trained specialists to deal with domestic abuse, assault, and mentally ill

@9FD5VRGDemocrat from Nevada answered…1yr

We need both. But we need all police officers to be held accountable for corrupt force.

@9FD5MZ6Women’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

Add funding for social workers and other trained professionals to hold police accountable

@9FD4F74Constitution from Michigan answered…1yr

No. That should NEVER happen! The police need way more funding. They need more training and better/more gear and double if not triple the officers that they currently have.


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