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@9GVY5GTTranshumanist from Colorado answered…2yrs

No and Yes. We should let the state governor decide with the school boards of their states. If there is an area with high outbreak, then we should keep the children on online.

@9GVDLRDDemocrat from Utah answered…2yrs

@9GVS2H2Peace and Freedom from Oregon answered…2yrs

As long as everything else is open like restaurants, and stores we should be able to put a mask on and go to school

@9GV3NZGWorking Family from Minnesota answered…2yrs

@9GTRL4TWorking Family from Ohio answered…2yrs

no because some student learn better in school than online but offer online for the ones who want to stay home

@9GTQ7TXDemocrat from New Jersey answered…2yrs

@9GSQQZHAmerican from Utah answered…2yrs

Only if they are going to mandate masks then parent should be able to keep kids home online

@9GSJGGMWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…2yrs

@9GSG898Peace and Freedom from Kentucky answered…2yrs

While this does have it's benefits, not every student has access to the internet and would not be able to do their work

@9GSBT9WAmerican from Alabama answered…2yrs

Yes and the federal government should pay for nation wide free wifi for all.

@9GRTGGZVeteran from Oregon answered…2yrs

Permit more choices for parents with funding for the child not the institution

@9GR5L5NTranshumanist from Missouri answered…2yrs

They should have the ability so that when it is needed they can.

@9GRM9G8Peace and Freedom from New York answered…2yrs

It should be offered while covid is a risk, but only as an option alternative to live school. It should only become the only option amidst an outbreak

@9GQZKPBVeteran from Virginia answered…2yrs

Let the students and teachers decide. However, there should be an option and a go at your own risk situation.

@9GQPG84Democrat from Indiana answered…2yrs

depends on the class, the rate of infections and deaths in the area, then it should be allowed with the necessary caution and guidelines in place, however, if that is not possible, then devices should be issued for those who need it as well as free internet access.

@9GQFBH7Working Family from Ohio answered…2yrs

The state government should have the right to order schools to provide online-only classes, but whether or not they should depends on the state in question.

@9GPZ5B2Independent from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9GPNX7PWorking Family from Kansas answered…2yrs

No, states have varying needs, risk, and budgets. School districts and/or counties should work with local and or state health officials and experts to identify the risk and make a decision that meets the needs of their constituency.

@9GNT6GDSocialist from Texas answered…2yrs

No, make it an option for both teachers and students. Also provide free internet to all, not just low income.

@9GN2WXDDemocrat from Virginia answered…2yrs

No, but I think our current condition should be a huge wake up to America about the essential need of all Americans to have access to wifi and online connectivity - this is our new post office and telephone

@9GMGJ3BVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

@9GLXPMMWorking Family from Florida answered…2yrs

Yes except for children with learning disabilities that need the face to face

@9GMDV72Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, we cannot put teachers and staff members at risk, and especially not children.

@9GMCVXQConstitution from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, we need to expose ourselves to build up an immunity or we will keep having outbreaks

@9GLGGR6Green from Minnesota answered…2yrs

require them to provide the option but don’t mandate it’s use.

@Aaron-GaydenConstitutionfrom California  answered…2yrs

Districts should be allowed to determine their rate of risk in their areas and act accordingly.

@9GKMVMRWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…2yrs

There is no correct answer for this question. There are a lot of pros and cons to both sides. As a college student, classes have increased in difficulty, school servers constantly crash due to high influx of students accessing the websites, and it is harder to learn the material. However, we must keep people safe and schools should be more understanding about how the pandemic may affect students' personal life's, education, and especially mental health

@9GK759QDemocrat from Nebraska answered…2yrs

Yes, but their should be the option to go back to the building or stay online. If student choose to go to the building they will be a requirement of wearing mask while in the building.

@9GJHCSTGreen from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

It should be up to the parents and students to decide what they each want to do.

@9GJGGMSLibertarian from California answered…2yrs

No, let each school decide and give the option for in-class or online

@9GHH52NLibertarian from Florida answered…2yrs

Virtual should be based on recommendation of health department, and scientist, Not politicians

@9GH37YKWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…2yrs

It should be required for it to be an option for those families that deem it too risky for their immediate family.

@9GGRNH5Working Family from Minnesota answered…2yrs

No, I think it needs to cycle its course through America. I understand there are high risk people out there, but there are safety protocols in place in which if are followed properly should reduce the risk of it affecting them.

@9GGC2KMDemocrat from Florida answered…2yrs

Let each school district decide, but have state guidelines for making those decisions. Guidelines should be based on data and science, not politics.

@9GG4D2YWorking Family from Florida answered…2yrs

@9GFSKMZRepublican from Maine answered…2yrs

No, the exposure is the only way to build immunity. Schools don't close down during flu season, and they should not due to coronavirus. It is like any other virus.

@9GFK5MJWorking Family from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes, but leave people the choice to take online only or in-person only classes.

@9GF99BBDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

@9GDV6MMDemocrat from Georgia answered…2yrs

I think it should depend on how many cases the state and county has. It would be safer to stay home, but some kids have homes that they are unable to focus in or are abusive that school may be there only escape from.

@9GDN2G7Democrat from Illinois answered…2yrs

Schools should offer in person and remote choices for families.

@9GBBWCYPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

No, but the state should help fund low income communities who do not have access to such luxuries.

@9GB7Y85Greenfrom Pennsylvania  answered…2yrs

If the R-value is above 1 locally then classes should be online

@Joseph-WalkerWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…2yrs

Yes, but provide in person schooling for students who prefer it or have difficulty with online school, such as those with ADHD.


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