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@9M7XC4SPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…2yrs

No, because we have the freedom to protest, unless it involves guns and extreme violence, it would be illegal for the president to deploy military troops.

@9M7NSDLIndependent from Idaho answered…2yrs

@9M7NRD3Women’s Equality from Texas answered…2yrs

The president should only be allowed to do this if the protest get out of control.

@9M7MX7TWomen’s Equality from Idaho answered…2yrs

This question needs to be rewritten. The president should be able to deploy military in order to protect the wellbeing of the nation. People have a right to protest and that should not be limited unless there is violence to any part of the nation.

@9M7HK7GJustice party member from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9M7HDZHSocialist from Kansas answered…2yrs

only if the protest turns violent and the protesters cause is unjust.

@9M7GVJMPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…2yrs

No, the government shouldn't interfere with a protest unless it harms someones well being and rights.

@9M7DRZCLibertarian from Utah answered…2yrs

No, only if protests cause violence or the protesters claim possessions or land

@9M79JSDWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Yes, if the governor/mayor needs more people to deal with protest

@9M75LNJIndependent from Indiana answered…2yrs

No, unless things get really violent (like murder, assault, etc.)

@9M75D3BDemocrat from Indiana answered…2yrs

if it is a peaceful protest there should be no problem, but if there is damage punish the RIGHT people not just colored!!

@9M73R4KWorking Family from Indiana answered…2yrs

When a protest becomes a riot and the riot then progresses into domestic terrorism I personally think the military should have a right to step in.

@9M735ZDPeace and Freedom from New Mexico answered…2yrs

Yes but only if damage is being caused, and they shouldn't use anything that would do much harm, just so they can stop they harm being done to other people or buildings.

@9M6XLZ6American Solidarity from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes, only if it protests become violent and local officials can no longer handle the situation.

@9M6X89SSocialist from Iowa answered…2yrs

As long as they are doing a peaceful protest it is fine with me . But if not the millitary can be deployed.

@9M6WPBBWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

If the protest is peaceful they shouldn’t intervene, but maybe guide them along Incase something were to happen.

@9M6SWDPTranshumanist from Virginia answered…2yrs

@9M6NPFPWorking Family from Florida answered…2yrs

The president should be able to send the U.S. navy anywhere they NEED to be, if the president sends them somewhere they dont need to be then they are putting many lives in danger. So yes they should be able to send the U.S. navy anywhere but only if needed.

@9M6L96YConstitution from Kansas answered…2yrs

No, not to stop protests as long as they are peaceful. If protests become violent and law enforcement needs backup, only then should military be deployed to assist in the safety of that community.

@9M6JM3VDemocrat from Texas answered…2yrs

if the protesters become violent that it put people at risk to be injured but no if it is peaceful and is not putting any one at risk of anything even then they should not be violent with the protesters to put them at risk

@9M6GDC8Constitution from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Non-violent, nondestructive civil protest should be allowed; however, when looting & violence incurs then any means of control should bd enforced by the state.

@9M6CQ8BDemocrat from Iowa answered…2yrs

@9M6C6FTDemocrat from Kansas answered…2yrs

No, unless the protests are out of control and undeniably not peaceful

@9M6B6MJAmerican Solidarity from South Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, if it is a violent protest that has become out of the police and governor's control.

@9M69VL7Republican from Colorado answered…2yrs

@9M68RQQDemocrat from Indiana answered…2yrs

If protests are peaceful no action is needed. But if they become violent riots then the local police can step in. If that gets too out of hand for the police then the military can be sent in.

@9M67FKKConstitution from Indiana answered…2yrs

@9M633N6Veteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

A lot of what has been going on where not the types of protest the founders were alluding to. The people that are "protesting" are raiding and burning down businesses. So he should be aloud to help the people who are suffering because of the rioters.

@9M5ZYQSTranshumanist from Maryland answered…2yrs

Yes, thought only in vary dire situations, where the protests turn very violent like if there is a sizable amount of people doing terrorist like things such as shootings or explosives going off.

@9M5XYWHWomen’s Equality from Arkansas answered…2yrs

If the protests escalate into riots and the police and the mayor/governor loses control of the riots, then the military should step in.

@9M5VL6RTranshumanist from Maryland answered…2yrs

Only at the discretion or asking of the mayor or state officials.

@9M5MPP9Peace and Freedom from Utah answered…2yrs

@9M5LWP7Constitution from Utah answered…2yrs

It depends. If the protest is violent and harming people or things then yes. But if it is a peaceful protest then it is fine and doesn't need that.

@9M5LNJCVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

@9LVJLKBPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…2yrs

@9M5HRD5Independent from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

Yes, only if the protest is violent. Peaceful protest should never need military troops. Also the troops should be unable to use war-weapons such as gas tear or even guns on those protesters.

@9M5HKCFAmerican Solidarity from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

Only if the protest has gotten out of hand and there isn't enough of law enforcement

@9M5BXH3Working Family from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, only if the protests turn into riots, and become unsafe for citizens and other law enforcement.


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