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@B4Q588JDemocrat from New York answered…6 days

I think there should be fewer restrictions on the access to Public Assistance such as Welfare Programs. There are people who barely make enough money as is and are told by Social Services that they make too much to qualify. Moving the poverty line doesn't do a damn thing when costs are rising.

@9GQVPZPConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Fewer, but more important issues need addressed in the restrictions.

@9GQ7QRMRepublican from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Welfare needs to be reformed so that people can work to get off it without the cliff of it ending when they reach a certain paycheck. It needs to be a gradual reduction vs cutting everything off at once.

@9GP2VBRWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

Help the elderly & disabled. Help single parents but put a time cap on it with offered trade school and job placement that pays enough to provide for a family or offer for supplement.

@9GNB4DYVeteran from Nebraska answered…2yrs

More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income, and do not pay any benefits to anyone who is not a legal U.S. citizen.

@9GC44X7Working Family from Illinois answered…2yrs

More, but increase benefits for the elderly, disabled, and veterans.

@Joseph-WalkerWomen’s Equality from Arizona answered…2yrs

Each persons/families necessities should but assessed before the amount they recieve in welfare are determined

@9G4Q44ZLibertarian from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Eliminate all existing welfare programs and transition over to a UBI system

@9G4NJKBSocialist from New York answered…2yrs

Specific restrictions: entitlement programs like social security should be given ONLY to those who do not have enough money to support their lifestyles.

@9FXWLW7Peace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

Irrelevant with a Universal Basic Income or Negative Income Tax implementation.

@9FSLQ5LVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

More, it should supplement not replace a working income, the benefits should be capped, no illegal immigrants should have any access to it, and there should be weekly drug testing. Yes, I said weekly, because if you don't have a job, theoretically you have lots of time.

@9FQPMTSWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…2yrs

It should go to the people working and still struggling not to people who refuse to work.

@9FPZNHFDemocrat from Kansas answered…2yrs

Implement a Universal Basic Income of $1,000/month, and with this, we can phase out welfare

@9FP4PKXPeace and Freedomfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

There should be fewer restrictions to help those who are working but need help with things such as childcare. More restrictions for those who have a history or could be abusing the system.

@9FGTH88Libertarian from Colorado answered…2yrs

We should work towards ending welfare programs, and encouraging people to be truly compassionate with people they care about.

@9FDRQL2Transhumanist from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Less, and reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

@9FBSCTLDemocrat from Virginia answered…2yrs

Reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income, except for those who cannot work. Fewer, otherwise.

@B4NZTRVDemocrat from New Jersey answered…1wk

Do not give Medicaid and welfare to illegals, and the Orthodox Jewish community. They have a dozen kids and say they are not married, but they are married, by their Rabbi’s. Fraud and it costs my township millions of taxpayer dollars.

@B4MZR3TVeteranfrom Vermont  answered…1wk

No changes needed, but we should reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income

@B4M9VBFVeteranfrom Vermont  answered…1wk

Abolish all welfare program excluding (Work-Injury Compensation and social care).

@B4L5WT5Democrat from Arizona answered…2wks

Reform the system, welfare should be temporary while aiding those to get back on their feet.

@B4K6MMWSocialist from Virginia answered…2wks

 @vote4tyleralSocialist from Alabama answered…3wks

Fewer restrictions and lower the income threshold as the current threshold still deny those in poverty.

@Daniel-Barton-Je…Libertarian from New York answered…3wks

Depends on the vote of the majority of people but major conflict should end in complete compromise for all sides and people of every social class should personally group fund these issues if they really believe in them instead of relying solely on The Government to make it happen. Basically charity.

@B48YT2VDemocrat from Iowa answered…1mo

Restrictions should be adjusted but not solely increased or lessened

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Fewer, and ensure benefits go to those that need it most and increase benefits current benefits do not provide enough support.

@B47PFN7Women’s Equality from California answered…1mo

Fewer. Lower the threshold for Medicaid (Medi-Cal) eligibility for seniors 55+ and disabled - significantly increase the eligible income rate to $40,000.

@B467SLRAmerican Solidarity from North Carolina answered…2mos

more restrictions should be implemented, people shouldn't be allowed to live on welfare for the rest of their lives. The program was meant to help hold you over until you could get back on your feet.

@B45C97HPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

Reform the system so that is supplements rather than replaces a working income, increase benefits for elderly and disabled, ensure benefits go to who need it the most.

@B3VKJ7FRepublican from Tennessee answered…2mos

Help those who actually need it. Also, people should be checked to make sure they qualify.

@B3L8VK8Transhumanist from Florida answered…2mos

There should be some restrictions added in order to make sure no one takes advantage of it.

@B3KZ5X3Constitution from Illinois answered…2mos

Cut more. Make them train for work; get jobs and be reliable in full time jobs. They are known to call off work so they don't lose their welfare. Restrict benefits to only legal citizens. Drug tests. Increase to elderly and those with provable, real disabilities. Too many faking disability and playing the system.

@B3H5R4FWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…3mos

I need to know more about this but I feel depending on their situatuion should be based on the amount of money they get and what they use it on

@B3FFR38Democrat from California answered…3mos

@B3D5WK6Democrat from Texas answered…3mos

@B2YFB6JLibertarian from Ohio answered…3mos

Fewer restrictions on those people who work. The benefits cut out before they can get their heads above water. More restrictions on healthy working age.

@B2VFXQQTranshumanist from Illinois answered…4mos

Fewer, and ensure benefits that go to those that need it most (priority being elderly and disabled) AND reform system so that it supplements a working income for those that are able to work

 @FatSocialistSocialist from North Carolina answered…4mos

Fewer, current benefits do not provide enough support. We need to provide universal basic income to all Americans


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