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No, emergency care should not be denied to those cannot afford it

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 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…8yrs

Yes, and require visitors to show proof of insurance before entering the UK

@9V4N59RConservativefrom Virginia  answered…1yr

@9SM7X8RLiberal Democratfrom Illinois  answered…1yr

If you do the injury yourself that leads to a visit to the ER, then you should pay it yourself. Why force another country to correct your own screw-up?

@9QZJBBTPlaid Cymrufrom Virginia  answered…1yr

Yes, unless UK visitors can get free health care in that person's country of origin.

@9QGZBNLLiberal Democrat from Iowa answered…2yrs

No, the NHS should help tourists/visitors just like citizens

@9PWLMWZLabourfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

They should be required to pay for insurance if they live outside the UK just the same as we have to do when travelling to another country.

@9LLSB3NFree Democratic Partyfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

No foreigner should be legally accepted in the country without possessing travel insurance. If the medical costs exceed it, his/her country of origin should pay the bill; if they refuse, the UK will discount it from the foreign aid budget.


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