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No, we should embrace the diversity that immigrants add to our country

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Yes, but the government should provide free language learning courses

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, and remove multilingual translations from government documents and services

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, but remove multilingual translations from government documents and services

@592P6L6Republicanfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Do you think if you moved to Mexico the Mexican government is going to teach public school classes in English or Vietnamese or Sri Lankan? If you want to live in the USA you must assimilate and learn the English language. How on earth can an immigrant contribute to our society if he is not able to read our road signs?

@95CXMF7Democrat from Florida disagreed…3wks

@4Y97QNDfrom New York  answered…2yrs

No, America doesn't have an official language. If you move to Sweden is it required to learn Swedish? No, it's just suggested

@4Y847STIndependentfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

No, but schools, hospitals, government services, etc. should not be required to provide translation services; with the exception of those immigrants who have, or plan to have children - they should be required to learn English and teach it to their children, who will be required to attend American schools.

@963V6RH from Kansas answered…1hr

No, but encourage them to learn english and offer courses for them to take.

@963TZQ3 from Texas answered…2hrs

Yes/no people need to read for driving, medicine, emergencies etc but requiring is no good

@963SSY4 from Oregon answered…4hrs

No, it should be encouraged however. Also provide free language courses

@963SCQV from Indiana answered…5hrs

@963M7YL from California answered…8hrs

Yes, and they should be taught it at no cost to themselves should they comply with all requirements to be citizens

@963FGX3 from Idaho answered…12hrs

its 50/50 they should learn English but if they can't learn it then it's not their fault.

@963F6W9Democrat from Oklahoma answered…12hrs

It is already required to become a a citizen of the US, I don't think Required would be the word I would use rather than suggested..

@9633RLP from California answered…20hrs

If they came here legally and made that county their new home then they should want to speak, read and write that country’s language. It only hurts themselves when they don’t.

@962ZQV7 from Iowa answered…1 day

@962YB8T from Texas answered…1 day

No, but free classes should be provided, and they should have a translator with them or easier access to communicate with those who speak a different language

@962XPM7 from Washington answered…1 day

No, but the government should provide the option to get free language learning courses.

@962XFJS from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

No, but offer incentives to companies that hire immigrants to offer ESL classes

@962MTPY from Oklahoma answered…1 day

No, I don't think it being required helps any. Government took enough cultures

@962M42J from Virginia answered…1 day

If a job requires it then they should learn it but if not then they should have the freedom to keep speaking their own language

@962BXNN from Colorado answered…2 days

No, but the government should provide free language courses to help, as well more multilingual translation.

@96236CTDemocrat from Texas answered…2 days

No. Unfortunately the country has not agreed to a national language. If there was then yes.

@9622MBCIndependent from Wisconsin answered…2 days

@95ZZ3JH from Indiana answered…2 days

No but they should be encouraged to learn and provided spaces to learn for free if they want to.

@95ZSKHPPeace and Freedom from California answered…2 days

No, but the government should provide free language learning courses to help those who find it a necessity to learn English in their life, which may not apply to every immigrant. If they choose to live somewhere in America where knowing English isn't absolutely necessary, making it mandatory may be more of an inconvenience.

@95ZPXNPGreen from California answered…2 days

I don't think it should be encouraged rather than requird, they should be able to speak their native language without having to be forced to essentially forget it.

@95ZMXNRRepublican from Texas answered…2 days

@95ZM847 from Tennessee answered…2 days

I believe they can continue speaking in their own language and if they desire to learn English they can.

@95ZM4BZ from North Carolina answered…2 days

They shouldn't be allowed here because they aren't doing anything good for our country.

@95ZKHFP from California answered…2 days

@95Z9DZX from South Carolina answered…3 days

No, although the government should still provide free language learning courses because it's very difficult to live in the US without speaking English. At the end of the day, though, it should be the immigrant's choice whether or not they learn English.

@95Z8VM5 from Nevada answered…3 days

No, but I think it should still be highly encouraged for an easier everyday life.

@95YWL36 from Michigan answered…3 days

No, but the government should provide free and/or low cost language learning courses.

@95YSPHNfrom Washington  answered…3 days

@95YRGP2from Virgin Islands  answered…3 days

@95YN4PMfrom Virgin Islands  answered…3 days

@95YB7RXfrom Iowa  answered…3 days

@95Y3NZM from Kansas answered…4 days

@95Y2SR4Democrat from Kansas answered…4 days

No, but encourage them to do so and allow free language learning course

@95XZZLG from Kansas answered…4 days

Yes, it will be easier to communicate. People do this in other countries too.

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…4 days

Yes, if at all possible, for practical reasons that help to protect them. But they should never be expected to give up their first language, that can actually help and protect all of us. However, I also believe that assimilation helps to unite the country more. Therefore, I think we should remove multilingual translations from government documents and services.

@95XTPSFfrom Virgin Islands  answered…4 days

@95XJ5QS from Illinois answered…4 days


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