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@6B3Q7M7Republicanfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

Do you think if you moved to Mexico the Mexican government is going to teach public school classes in English or Vietnamese or Sri Lankan? If you want to live in the USA you must assimilate and learn the English language. How on earth can an immigrant contribute to our society if he is not able to read our road signs?

@B22YDJVVeteran from Wisconsin answered…5mos

yes, it is important to understand the past if our country if they are going to apart of it

@B4KFLQ8Democrat from Indiana answered…3 days

no, but it should be offer for communication purposes and funded by the government for free.

@B4DFCV6Independent from California answered…3wks

No, but provide free English-learning courses for immigrants who wish to learn the language.

@B4C7DGYDemocrat from Illinois answered…3wks

@B4BSDDBVeteran from Minnesota answered…3wks

No, in order to force a certain language on anyone, we would first need to actually make English our official language, as we don’t currently have one.

@B49S7Z7Aam Aadmi Partyfrom New Jersey  answered…4wks

No, it is their choice but the government will provide free language courses for free.

@B49NXTNSocialist from California answered…4wks

No, but they should be offered assistance to learn so they can more easily adapt to their new home.

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

No, the US has no national language and we should embrace the diversity that immigrants add to our country, and should provide multilingual translations from government documents and services, and the government should provide free language learning courses

@B45ST2PDemocrat from Oregon answered…1mo

@B45MVD7Green from Georgia answered…1mo

@B45C97HPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

No, we should embrace it, but also learn with them with free courses on both people and immigrant

@B3YXH8XDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@B3XZLW8Women’s Equality from Georgia answered…2mos

yes, but the government should proved them with free programs because low income people wont be able to afford. should be proved by the work place.

@B3SNKMBGreen from Iowa answered…2mos

No, and we should provide language free language learning courses.

@B3SH8KVWomen’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2mos

@B3RYD6FSocialist from Virginia answered…2mos

america was founded by immigrants so no do not require them to learn english

@B3RMN92Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…2mos

No, But provide free language learning courses for common languages

@B3P5KL6Veteran from Ohio answered…2mos

No, not required, but they should be highly encouraged and educated in doing so. Short of compulsion, English should be the national language.

@B3LYL8WDemocrat from Texas answered…2mos

I believe it would be a good thing for them to learn basic English and the government should provide those courses for free but it shouldn't be required

@B3G3N9ZPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…2mos

Yes, but if they wanted to and it should be free language learning courses.

@B3FCS66Green from New Hampshire answered…2mos

they should be able to speak English but not abandon their native language

@B3DHF75Democrat from Texas answered…2mos

English and Spanish should be the official languages of the United States.

@B3CT47JRepublican from Texas answered…2mos

No, but doing so would help to create a common American identity

@B36BGKYWomen’s Equality from California answered…3mos

They shouldn't be required to learn English but there should be language learning courses for the option.

@B35PSQNPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…3mos

No, but the government should provide free English courses!

 @B2WQ2Q2Women’s Equality from Washington answered…3mos

Yes, except for older applicants and those with mental or physical disabilities

@B2VS7DGSocialist from Texas answered…3mos

@PerkiLlamaPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…3mos

It’d be nice, but I really don’t care. If they don’t speak English then we just won’t speak.

@B2TP7STRepublican from Washington D.C. answered…3mos

Yes, but they should also be able to keep their native language

@Grace-FincoTranshumanist from Wisconsin answered…3mos

@B2RDT46Republican from New Jersey answered…3mos

Yes, a national language of English should be adopted so all Americans can communicate effectively with each other. All government and state documents and procedures should be conducted and written in English. Encourage offer and teach other languages in public schools, being multilingual should be encouraged.

@B2PH23VLibertarian from New York answered…4mos

No, there is a natural pressure for them to learn English; government does not need to regulate this

@B2J6V6TDemocrat from Michigan answered…4mos

No, but the government should provide free language courses so that the immigrants can add to the diversity but also have a way to survive in this country

@Lidia-BronkowskaVeteran from Tennessee answered…4mos

@B26N5V2Republican from Pennsylvania answered…4mos

Yes, and we should officially make it the national language

@9ZP9D22Peace and Freedom from New York answered…5mos

Recommend they do, but do it without ripping away their culture or native language.

@9ZD33FMVeteran from Georgia answered…6mos

No, but they ought to if they're gonna choose to live in a primarily English-speaking nation.

@9Z8N2RTIndependent from Virginia answered…6mos

Yes, but adopt both English and Spanish as official U.S. languages.

@B4DVD9FPeace and Freedom from Utah answered…3wks

Only if they want to gain citizenship- government should provide free language classes if they wish to learn English for citizenship

@B2FNSRSDemocrat from Florida answered…4mos

No, but resources such as tutors and multilingual spaces should be provided to them if they decide they wish to learn.

@B29WPYLWorking Family from Colorado answered…4mos

No, but the government should provide free language courses and it should be incentivized.

@B28D73CDemocratfrom Guam  answered…4mos

@9ZRT9ZLGreen from Tennessee answered…5mos

Languages will naturally mix and a new language will emerge. Any mandate for a language is pointless, xenophobic, and anti-human. Let people speak whatever language they want and let language naturally develop.

@9ZPJBQKAmerican from Virginia answered…5mos

i believe that the government shouldn't require it, but if working a job such as a doctor, police officer, firefighter, emt, teacher, etc. than yes.

@9YQNQ5BRepublican from North Dakota answered…7mos


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