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@B4M9VBFVeteranfrom Vermont  answered…2 days

Yes, a Private company can choose to advertise what it want as long as it does not violate or discriminate against the Constitution of the United States.

@B4JGY97Socialist from South Carolina answered…1wk

@9FCT9TKPeace and Freedom from North Dakota answered…2yrs

No, but they should provide fact-checking on or right below the ad

@9FBVLZCVeteran from Utah answered…2yrs

Private companies should be able to ban or allow whatever they wish and users should understand this when signing up.

@9FBVGW4Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2yrs

@9FBQ2GSIndependent from Utah answered…2yrs

no, but they should also not censor different political views that differ from the owners of the media companies.

@9F9YPRJRepublican from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if social media companies consent to be regulated like publishers instead of forums

@9F8JYJQRepublican from Washington answered…2yrs

@9F8JQ7CSocialist from South Carolina answered…2yrs

No, unless its false information, or pushing a false narrative

@9F8GRWFWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, but activity should be thoroughly monitored for illegal activity and also fact checked

@9F8BNRLDemocrat from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, but all ads with misleading information or baseless claims should result in a ban on the candidate or organization.

@B4HTRGQGreen from Wisconsin answered…2wks

Political advertising on social media platforms should be allowed unless if the content in question promotes extremist policies, including but not limited to: violence, discrimination against marginalized social groups, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, false conspiracy theories, etc. Users that promote extremist ideology should have their content moderated, or in extraordinary cases banishment from social media platforms.

@B4H73V2Republican from New York answered…2wks

No, because social media companies could use these to favor one political party over another.

@B4H4VFGLibertarian from Massachusetts answered…2wks

@B4BHSYZSocialist from California answered…4wks

No, but they should screen each advertisement for validity.

@B4B6T47Constitution from Washington answered…4wks

Social media is too biased. They should not be allowed too set their own policies on promotion of politics.

@B48WCBMDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Companies should not promote or deter any candidates but individual employees of the companies can post what they want on their own profiles.

@OleSocialist from Washington answered…1mo

No, but they need to make sure each person receives the ads of both sides to avoid the echo chamber effect.

@B47YYV2Independent from Arkansas answered…1mo

A company should be able to utilize the advertising of their choice. If the consumer does not agree, they can use another service.

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

No, but it should be clearly labeled as such and who funded it.

@B45MVD7Green from Georgia answered…1mo

@B45F2PFPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…1mo

Social Media companies should add a limit to political advertising.

@B45C97HPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Maybe, If the person doesn’t want to see it, they shouldn’t be forced to

@B442TV2Veteran from Alabama answered…1mo

As long as ALL sides and voices treated equally, no. Until equality for all guaranteed, yes.

@B43T3J4Democrat from Minnesota answered…1mo

@B42TX7VTranshumanist from Georgia answered…1mo

No. They are businesses. It's not their job to hide you from content. It's the individual's responsibility do determine "good" or "bad" for themselves.

@B3ZZ82XVeteran from Georgia answered…1mo

No, but they should provide a platform that is un-biased to there political agenda.

@B3YTFJVConstitution from Mississippi answered…2mos

No, just don't censor, or algorithmically steer aka influence patrons

@B3YPYKBPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…2mos

No, as long as they stay neutral and don't lean left or right.

@B3WXJGJDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

No but all political ads should be screened and fact checked.

@mathomas156Constitution from Virginia answered…2mos

 @B3T5VTPConstitution from New York answered…2mos

@B3PSKWGDemocrat from Michigan answered…2mos

@B3N6SX5Veteran from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes, but only if the ads are known to be false in their content.

@B3KZ5X3Constitution from Illinois answered…2mos

Social media should ban itself. Nobody needs to hear your every thought every moment of the day. Social media has destroyed human interaction. Political ads are fine if all voices are allowed the same freedom of speech.

@B3H5R4FWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…2mos

If it is rude and harmful than no but if it is informational than yes

@ballard.122802Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes, but not for presidential advertising during election terms


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