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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...3yrs


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If Democrats control YouTube, they can censor all Republican ads.

If Republicans control YouTube, they could censor all Democrat ads.

@8G86QHM from Arizona answered…2yrs

@967Y8W4 from California answered…1hr

All electoral advertising, except directly from the candidates, should be banned. Issue advertising should make it clear who (organisations and people) are funding and releasing the ad.

@967D5DN from Texas answered…8hrs

No, but do not give more favorable coverage to a specific candidate

@967F2Z3 from Indiana answered…9hrs

@966ZHKN from Florida answered…22hrs

I don't think they should ban political advertising in social media companies because people have their own opinions and beliefs.

@5JBLHDWLibertarian from Kentucky answered…1 day

As private businesses, social media companies have the right to ban whatever they want.

@966SR7F from Idaho answered…1 day

If they choose to do so. They shouldn't be told if they can or cannot by the government.

@966QRVQGreen from Georgia answered…1 day

No, but there should be disclaimers as to whether or not the information they are presenting is verifiably true or false

@9664CHL from New Jersey answered…1 day

@965VKB5Independent from Georgia answered…2 days

Private companies should be able to accept whatever ads they want.

@965GP6XIndependent from Florida answered…2 days

@96596XZ from Washington answered…2 days

@964S94M from Michigan answered…3 days

No, but allow people the option to not have any political advertising in their feed.

@964K6DF from Ohio answered…3 days

Social media companies should allow the content of their choosing, as long as they don't falsely identify themselves as a free-speech platform.

@964H5DW from New Jersey answered…3 days

yes, and promote websites that educate voters on politicians running in their area instead

@964CVKTRepublican from Illinois answered…4 days

No, and increase penalties for social media companies that impede free speech

@964BWNJ from Michigan answered…4 days

@964B78VSocialist from California answered…4 days

Paid political advertising should have a obvious notice that its paid advertisement.

@963VVS3 from Virginia answered…5 days

No, but the government should not ban them from banning political advertising

@963RVF4 from Texas answered…5 days

@962WHL9 from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…5 days

Yes, because political advertising gives more leverage to those who have more money and therefore doesn't give much notoriety to grassroots candidates

@962XFJS from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@962QLPQ from Kansas answered…6 days

You should be given an option to see them, once you hit hide, you wont see one ever again unless you change it. Because at the end of the day, their are still a couple of people who want to see it

@962NMPR from Tennessee answered…6 days

@962BXNN from Colorado answered…6 days

@962BY7L from Maryland answered…6 days

@962868D from Massachusetts answered…6 days

@9622MBCIndependent from Wisconsin answered…7 days

@9622FQFDemocrat from California answered…7 days

No, but have independent fact-checkers review ads for fake news and misinformation

@96229KZ from Illinois answered…7 days

No, and cut government funding to social media companies that impede free speech

@95ZZS6B from Nebraska answered…7 days

No but they should regulate certain parts like bashing the candidates opponent.

@95ZRVSF from California answered…1wk

@95ZFWP3 from Utah answered…1wk

No. That would have to be company policy. Government should not be involved.

@95Z8FYT from New York answered…1wk

I support a re-establishment of the FCC Fairness Doctrine which should be expanded to account for political advertising on social media platforms.

@95Z6WS9 from South Carolina answered…1wk

Political advertising should be restricted, but not entirely banned.

@95YY5SV from Illinois answered…1wk

No, and cut government funding for social media companies that impede free speech

@95YRN2CRepublican from Oklahoma answered…1wk

@95YM55M from California answered…1wk

Enforcement to remove of false or misinformation should be the priority


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