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@heckinglunn from Maine answered…3mos

@93TF72Qfrom Minnesota  answered…3mos

@8X5WWH2from Maine  answered…11mos

Yes, but only if it drives up productivity, economic growth and population wellbeing

@8W76DLCfrom Maine  answered…1yr

Yes, if solid evidence comes out that we won't plunge into economic crisis following the change.

@8VMVB5Gfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@AKJ1991Independentfrom Utah  answered…1yr

Yes, but only if employees' pay is modified to make sure they don't lose any income.

@8S68WSCfrom Florida  answered…1yr

@8RNNBRQfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

No, each work day should be 7-10 hours in jobs like retail, manufacturing etc.

@8QWCDJQ from Florida answered…2yrs

@8KKR92Mfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Only based on the worker´s productivity (some people do in 5 hours the same as others in 15).


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