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@9F8CBJSDemocrat from Oklahoma answered…1yr

@Christy-Dawn-Sny…Libertarian from Indiana answered…1yr

@9GYM4JYSocialist from Tennessee answered…1yr

Yes, unless HK has declared independence, and other nations recognize that independence.

@9GT7RRRRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9GSK496Veteran from North Carolina answered…1yr

@9GRZ8LGLibertarian from Texas answered…1yr

Unfortunately that is an internal Chinese matter, however we should formally express our displeasure with that practice and consider human rights violations investigations through the UN.

@9GR2Y7GLibertarian from New York answered…1yr

Messing with the sovereignty of another nation is very dangerous

@9GP3LQGDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9GNT6GDSocialist from Texas answered…1yr

Yes, as long as the cause is justified and not for political suppression or a violation of basic human rights.

@9GM9Z69Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

if we can extradite a fugitive form a foreign country then I think other countries should be able too. of course, it's up to the other country to coorperate, but if the crime is serious enough I think there should be no question.

@9GLMNG4Democrat from Virginia answered…1yr

Only as far as it meets the standards set in the original agreement to annex Hon Kong to China.

@9GKHCMMLibertarian from North Dakota answered…1yr

@Marylogue619Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1yr

@9GK4VNBWomen’s Equality from Iowa answered…1yr

A country can do what they wish, as long as they do not pose a national security threat to American citizens.

@9GHB6CXVeteran from Georgia answered…1yr

@9GGC4D4Working Family from California answered…1yr

@9GG9SKTGreenfrom Vermont  answered…1yr

This is an extremely complicated issue but Hong Kong deserves its intent to be a self governing democracy.

@9GCW78TPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…1yr

@9G9BJ8LSocialist from Illinois answered…1yr

@9G7XX4CRepublican from Connecticut answered…1yr

@9G6KHDNWomen’s Equalityfrom Montana  answered…1yr

China shouldn't be allowed to extradite political fugitives from Hong Kong.

@9G3YQYQWomen’s Equality from California answered…1yr

No of course not this is a violation of a treaty with the UK the UK and US should act much more forcefully than it has to punish China for these flagrant violations.

@9G3TW4SDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…1yr

This has nothing to do with US politics and we shouldn't have part in it.

@9G2XB34Veteran from Ohio answered…1yr

Depends on the type of fugitive, what crime did they commit

@9FSZCPBDemocrat from Maryland answered…1yr

No, and Hong Kong should either be autonomous from communist rule or be allowed to declare its independence.

@9FNWG5SAmerican from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Why is this any of our business as Americans? Don’t we have bigger issues?

@9FNBGSNLibertarian from Illinois answered…1yr

@9FNBGGZLibertarian from Illinois answered…1yr

@9FLTPQVPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…1yr

@9FHPM5FLibertarian from California answered…1yr

No, we should not get involved in potentially disastrous foreign affairs.

@9FCW5KGIndependent from Ohio answered…1yr

We should not be involved in how the Chinese government runs itself unless it directly impacts us.


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