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@Brooklynn-Mcalli…Independent from Michigan answered…2yrs

I need to know information about them and what they're planning on doing to help before I can vote which one

@9LDYTNSWomen’s Equality from Kansas answered…2yrs

One that doesn't believe in abortion unless it's insect, rape, of the mother is in danger of dying.

@9PK5FB9Independent from Michigan answered…2yrs

Gary peters unless democrats held the majority. This is more of a vote against Mitch McConnell

@9P3K5TYWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…2yrs

I will vote for someone that looks put for the people and not themselves.

@9NYVZNFDemocrat from Michigan answered…2yrs

I’d have to research more about the candidates, their policies and their stances on popular political issues.

@9NMF7XNLibertarian from Michigan answered…2yrs

Again, I do not have enough research to vote. But I would of course do deep thorough research before picking anyone

@9NJPCCX from Michigan answered…2yrs

ima be honest with you i don't really even know who these people are


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