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 @B4L8VLLIndependent from Tennessee answered…22hrs

I think if you have perfect children, good for you. We cannot put the parents in jail for truancy. I dare anyone to walk an hour in the parents shoes of an unruly child. Jailing the parents, would cause loss of income, possibly their home, and DHS would step in and take child or children. We need to have compassion and mercy.

@B4HGZ69Green from Maryland answered…1wk

Yes, but use truancy as an indicator of possible abuse or neglect

@B4HGQKGVeteran from Nebraska answered…1wk

I don’t think it should be decriminalized, but the school system should take into account mental illnesses, family life, etc. also I think jail time for children is unnecessary

@B4KXNSWIndependent from Florida answered…2 days

Yes, but only in situations where the child is unable to go to school for unpreventable reasons.

@B4KXJPMVeteran from Massachusetts answered…2 days

No, it is OK to miss school if you are sick injured or mourning the death of a friend or relative, but to allow students to skip school whenever they feel like it with or without reason will surely lead to an increase in crime and Drop out rates

@bazellaPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…6 days

@GioSoloRepublican from Arizona answered…1wk

Yes, but only with respect to parents who are responsible for the truancy.

@B4D3HJTRepublican from Oklahoma answered…3wks

maybe not criminalized but more insentives should be in place

@B4CPTC8Green from California answered…3wks

Yes, and require child services or the schools to review school truancy cases

@B3YFC98Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1mo

School truancy shouldn't cause jail time, but it should be punished by the school district.

@B3XV3N8Democrat from Indiana answered…1mo

@B3RKW22Peace and Freedom from Indiana answered…2mos

Yes, for those who are unable to attend school due to money, time, or care

@B3MNX2MProgressive from California answered…2mos

Reasons for truancy should be investigated to see if there are issues that are causing the child to be truant.

@B3MNDFBGreen from Indiana answered…2mos

If the student is truant because of an abusive guardian, then the guardian should be held as a criminal. But there are reasons that people are truant that are no fault of their own.

@Colin-JonesLibertarian from Illinois answered…2mos

The department of education should be dissolved and education privitized.

@B3KW94TWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…2mos

Yes but the kids should not be included in fine or jail time penalties, the parents should be making sure their children go to school.

@B3DXC3QDemocrat from Louisiana answered…2mos

@B3DF9VFAmerican Solidarity from Ohio answered…2mos

@B3C387P from New Hampshire answered…2mos

@B3B4CBCConstitution from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Yes, it should be up to the school district and partially the PTA, with comprehension for certain circumstances

@B36FBBFIndependent from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Yes, the government has no right, let the school expell them

@B35CZ28Peace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…3mos

There should be more leniency and special considerations should be taken into account.

@B345CRRAmerican Solidarity from Massachusetts answered…3mos

No, it is ok if a student is absent due to sickness injury or mourning the death of a family member or friend but allowing people to skip school for no reason will increase dropout rates and crime.

@B2XRGNPWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…3mos

@B2WRRSNVeteran from Kentucky answered…3mos

@B2WNTYYPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes If a child or teen has a reason to be absent they should not be penalized for that.

@B2VBLPRPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…3mos

@B2S5WKRPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…3mos

@B2PW7GMTranshumanist from South Carolina answered…3mos

@PreSilverDemocrat from North Carolina answered…4mos

Yes, but only for specific and thoroughly investigated situations.

@B2NF38MDemocrat from Washington D.C. answered…4mos

Yes, but truant students are still expected to adhere to graduation or knowledge standards

@B2M65MZWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…4mos

@B2GZBK9Libertarian from Georgia answered…4mos

No, but decriminalize it in the case of the child/student hiding it from their parents and the parents doing what they can to do what they believe what will ensure their child getting to school.

@B2GG2RYWorking Family from Florida answered…4mos

Yes but for students who constantly get suspended or are choosing to fail, they need their absences counted

@B2CF5DNDemocrat from Georgia answered…4mos

It depends since there are many families who require their children to work or take care of other members of the family

@B2C7ZKKGreen from Florida answered…4mos

@B27LRY6Veteran from Massachusetts answered…4mos

No, this will encourage withdrawal from school and lawless behavior

@B25Z5L6Democrat from California answered…4mos

If the student doesn't care about their education, let them leave they'll only hurt themselves in the end.

@B25XBJ8Veteran from Georgia answered…4mos

Truancy should no longer be a crime, but will be penalized with high fines instead.

@B252FHVPeace and Freedom from Nebraska answered…4mos

yes, but should continue to follow up with the student and home of the student.

@B23P2FXDemocrat from Washington answered…4mos

yes but not be so harsh about it and be more considerate of what may be causing it

@9ZY5BJ2Constitution from Florida answered…5mos

Yes, as long as the truancy is related to familial issues (transportation issues, poverty, etc.)

@9ZWGKDMConstitution from Idaho answered…5mos

No, Students and parents should be held accountable for the basic education of their students till at least age of 16. The school should not be held responsible for a student deciding to drop out with the support of their parents.


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