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@8L46CQM from Colorado commented…2yrs

I was not expecting to get such a strong result in favor of Howie Hawkins, however, after looking into the policies he wants to enact I can see why. Environmentalism is, obviously a top priority for me, however, it seems that candidate Hawkins is willing to step up past environmentalism as well. Far from being a single issue candidate, and a single issue party, he's willing to take a stand for racial equality, human rights, and running a democracy rather than the failed meritocracy we're in now. His running mate is Angela Walker, and I believe she's well equipped to leading the charge on equality and unity.

I wish there were more green party candidates on the ballot. I'd be willing to cast my vote in their direction. I'm so fed up with the two party system that it's time for change.

@8M7K2FZProgressive from New York commented…2yrs

I got a 98 for Howie hawkins and only 75 for Biden. I will be voting Biden but hawkins is great.

@8MQCYV9 from Arizona commented…2yrs

Same I strongly agree with you but still either one we pick biden or trump we still are going down in history.

@8M27SCG  from Michigan commented…2yrs

Howie Hawkins definitely deserves to be president.

Yeah. I got 88% with Hawkins and 85% with Biden. I think we have a lot in common. I 100% agree with you, the two-party system is overrated and yes, we deserve, no, we need a change.

It's time we just straight-out say that America needs to change. I would so vote for this dude if I was old enough; I don't care if there're only two parties that are more likely to get elected. Hawkins deserves to be president! <3

@8LBD6C4Green from California commented…2yrs

You vote for who you will, but I would wish at some point that the greens would be able to unite the leftist third parties together in order to gain the lead over the big two parties.

@merylsuniverse from Nevada commented…2yrs

I agree. I just wish the Green Party would get more recognition, I'm mixed of Green and Democrat though.

@8P79QRSPeace and Freedom from California commented…2yrs

I wish Howie got a chance to win. his policies are great and are for what most Americans want, especially right now. ands the fact his slogan was "H20" is so cute 🥺

@8TP6GPSPeace and Freedom from Kentucky commented…1yr

He seems like a nice, intelligent, and morally ideal guy in general. I wish we were focusing more on people like Howie and less on people like Kanye West

@8LXPRS5 from Missouri commented…2yrs

I didn`t know who this man was. I dont know why I got him, but after reading up on him, I can see why. He is a kind person.

@8N6HCV9  from Oklahoma commented…2yrs

I got 95% Hawkins, 90% Biden. I have only been following Trump vs. Biden lately because the race is now between them. However, Hawkins seems great and my beliefs align with his. I am all for taking action to stop climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, stricter gun policies (gun violence is a big issue these days), a mask mandate, etc. It is great to see so many people on this page discussing the election and candidates in a respectful way, especially considering everything that's going on. Wish Hawkins could win (from what I know about him) but I'll be rooting for Biden this time. Please stay safe and take care of yourself everyone!

@8MVKR7HIndependent from Florida commented…2yrs

I ended up getting 85% with Biden, but 78% with Hawkins. After seeing what Hawkins is all about...I absolutely can see where many of my beliefs line up with his. (Also given my 80% affiliation with the Green party, followed by 79% Socialist and 77% Democratic).

Unfortunately,'s going to end up being between Trump and Biden, at the end of the day. And at the end of it, I'm going to end up voting for Biden. While one can hope for a huge turnover, it is mostly unlikely.

@8Q5TB73 from Connecticut commented…2yrs

This Howie guy seems great. I got a 90% for him, and I can see why. It's a shame that this political party system stops him from becoming more mainstream.

@8M6WRK7 from Ohio commented…2yrs

Who is this guy? He seems pretty cool, for an old white dude. Why didn’t he run for the democratic nomination? I know the two party system is whack, but I feel like he could have gotten it.

@8LYBFJ2 from Pennsylvania commented…2yrs

I see why I match with him so strongly, but he has little chance of winning, so Joe Biden would be my main choice. I wish he could win though, but the red and blue partys have more power then green and indpendint partys, and due to the elctorial colloge there is a very low chance of someone with little money winning the electsion so I really hope it is abolished and it leads ways to more indpendint partys.

@8M3N9CPGreen from Michigan commented…2yrs

yeah a week ago I had no idea what the Green party was, and now I agree with it on most things. Thanks isidewithit!

@8LHYK37 from Indiana commented…2yrs

I wasn't expecting such a high number, I expected to be closer to joe biden but I got 89% on him (1% difference but still)


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