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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

No, more research is needed to measure the long term effects of fracking

@948B4XH from Alaska answered…1 day

As long as this doesn't harm people or their properties. If it can be proved that these companies have done harm they must be held responsible and the victims should be allowed to decide the punishment.

@947ZBV5 from Georgia answered…2 days

@947S89X from California answered…3 days

Yes, but only until we have the ability to switch over to more sustainable energy resources

@947KR39from Maine  answered…4 days

@947HHNKIndependent from Massachusetts answered…4 days

@946RGXPIndependent from Tennessee answered…5 days

@944DHSS from Wisconsin answered…2wks

No, more research is needed to measure the long-term effects of fracking and we should pursue more sustainable energy resources instead

 @ChampCDemocrat from Ohio answered…3wks

No, there should be a carbon tax for private companies to keep up with the free market, and we should pursue more sustainable energy sources instead.

@93YHQSC from Missouri answered…3wks

Yes, but increase oversight. Also, not to be done in heavily populated areas

@93YF9BLfrom Washington  answered…3wks

@93XY55Vfrom Illinois  answered…4wks

@93XM56Q from New York answered…4wks

@93XHXR7 from Ohio answered…4wks

Yes, as long as the energy required to extract natural gas is worth the energy generated.

@93XBRCP from Pennsylvania answered…4wks

No, we should pursue more sustainable energy instead. I lived 1.5 miles from a large fracking well. My entire yard shifted, my driveway buckled, massive sediment deposits came into our well and out drinking water. There's so many negative effects from fracking, and not a God damn soul listens.

@93WW549Republican from Arizona answered…4wks

Yes, but only with heavy regulations on human and environmental impacts as a temporary measure until renewable prices decrease.

@93WCQ46 from Virginia answered…4wks

@93VPZ24 from Texas answered…1mo

@93TYKV4 from Wisconsin answered…1mo

@93SQGCMAmerican from Texas answered…1mo

@93RNWC8 from Kansas answered…1mo

@93R387P from Delaware answered…1mo

Yes, but with increased oversight & regulation to prevent a disaster.

@93P8PTCIndependent from Oklahoma answered…2mos

Yes. But make companies immediately responsible for any damage caused to others properties. No arguments from the oil companies blaming other things for the damages either.

@92JXK3JIndependent from New York answered…2mos

In the short term, but begin to slowly transition to cleaner alternatives.

@93NVK4C from New York answered…2mos

Only as a means of increasing the electrification of our energy infrastructure to facilitate a move to renewable energy sources

@93NMKHM from Wisconsin answered…2mos

No. The oil companies own PLENTY of land already they can drill on but for some reason are neglecting to.

@93NM6WFfrom Oregon  answered…2mos

I do not, but it is a less-bad alternative to coal mining, which should be rapidly phased out.

@93N29Y5 from Kansas answered…2mos

Yes but to a certain emergency instance. We shouldn't be using it so commonly as we already do. The Permian basin is definitely one of the reasons I believe we should restrict franking. It's harmful to the environment. This coming from a person immersed in oilfield issues growing up in it.

@93LXL9X from Oregon answered…2mos

No, we should pursue more sustainable energy resources put more effort into researching the long term effects of fracking.

@93LRPZ3 from New Jersey answered…2mos

 @93LQBL2 from Oklahoma answered…2mos

@93KCC58 from New York answered…2mos

Yes, with limited locations, increased oversight and more research on the effects on environmental and human health being conducted and affecting the process

@93KC2SYRepublican from Minnesota answered…2mos

Yes,while gradually increasing spending for more sustainable energies.

@93JXHP8 from New Jersey answered…2mos

@93JQFWF from North Carolina answered…2mos

@sdotts136 from New Jersey answered…2mos

Yes, but not near fault lines or other areas at risk for dangerous seismic activity.

@93J2TGD from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

I grew up in an area where fracking became very common and it wrecked the local economy so I do not support fracking as most places it becomes common experiences that.

@93HVG3DIndependent from Wisconsin answered…2mos

 @93G2RP7Libertarian from Wisconsin answered…2mos

Yes, as long as it doesn't damage the environment or water supplies

@93CS3TH from Texas answered…2mos


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