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@B4L6B3SSocialist from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes and grant them documentation and a pathway to citizenship

@9GRTCF2Socialist from New York answered…2yrs

Until the United States adopts a humanitarian immigration policy, which includes making legal immigration easier, no questions regarding immigration can be answered.

@9GRNNBVWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

@9GRHWZFDemocrat from California answered…2yrs

As long as they promise to get citizenship sometime in the future (and they will be held accountable for that).

@9GR94X9Progressive from California answered…2yrs

They should be eligible for the same cost as in-state, providing they demonstrate they are seeking path to citizenship. They should not be eligible for financial aid and scholarships unless legal citizens of the country.

@9GR5L5NTranshumanist from Missouri answered…2yrs

@9GR4V53Green from Arizona answered…2yrs

It should all be free anyways, if they work and pay taxes they deserve all the same benefits as the rest of the tax payers.

@9GR3Q7JWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as they are paying taxes and/or trying to become citizens

@9GQQVHWPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…2yrs

Training should be provided but also again programs set up to build the system and pay it forward to help others and the economy.

@9GQL57CDemocrat from California answered…2yrs

Yes, but they then should be required to apply for citizenship.

@9GQHQJXDemocrat from North Carolina answered…2yrs

The same rules for citizens should apply. If they have resided in the state for the set period of time, they should pay in-state tuition. If they have not resided in the state for the set period of time, they should pay out-of-state tuition.

@9GQBGVRDemocrat from Utah answered…2yrs

@9GQ7YHGRepublican from Idaho answered…2yrs

If they have not become a citizen then no but once they become a citizen I feel that they should be given that opportunity.

@9GQ6JGNRepublican from Arizona answered…2yrs

No, they should pay the same rate as out-of-state students because they are not US citizens but have opportunities to gain a scholarship.

@9GQ5S57Women’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

Illegal Immigrants should get the opportunity to become legal in order to receive in state tuition at public colleges.

@9GQ24BMWomen’s Equality from Utah answered…2yrs

First priority should be becoming a citizen if they want to reside in America.

@9GPR2SRWomen’s Equality from Mississippi answered…2yrs

@9GPQRSPDemocrat from Colorado answered…2yrs

As long as it's equal for black,Latino an natives an all other races

@9GPP3VJWorking Family from Iowa answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if they are living within the state for an allotted amount of time

@9GPN2GMJustice party member from Missouri answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as they pay for it and get a U.S citizenship. If not then they wouldn't be eligible for any school or college.

@9GPMRSZDemocrat from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, and easier ways to become citizen to gain full American rights and access to assistance

@9GPHXDJSocialist from Utah answered…2yrs

@9GPHHFBTranshumanist from Arizona answered…2yrs

Yes but they would have to pay a fee, be deported, do public service that is overseen by three independent entities, or join the military before, during, or after school or someone would have to do it for them.

@9GNX44TWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

yes but only if there is a mandatory date where they can gain citizenship

@9GNQ42CSocialist from Washington answered…2yrs

college should be free or very inexspesnive. College should be affordable and accessible for all, reagaurdless of where you come from

@9GNMGHWDemocrat from Maine answered…2yrs

@9GNHGCRTranshumanist from California answered…2yrs

How would citizenship account for one's education? If they are paying taxes and following the law otherwise, they deserve the right to in-state tuition as much as anyone else, as well as scholarship opportunities.

@9GNB93QWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

If they have been in high school for 2 plus years than yes. or unless they pass the classes they take.

@9GN7DBQTranshumanist from Maryland answered…2yrs

Change immigration laws. Help people obtain residency and pay taxes in the area where they live. Encourage citizenship.

@mvella2Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, as long as they have attended a school in the state for a certain amount of years, have graduated from a high school in that state, and have confirmed they are applying for legal citizenship.

@9GMPSQ8Democrat from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, they should pay the amount of money it costs for international students, but still should be offered financial assistance and scholarships

@9GMM4NTPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

Yes as long as they pay taxes and try to become a better person (since they were illegal) but everyone can change

@9GML6ZBAmerican Solidarity from Georgia answered…2yrs

Financial aid should be applied if taxes are paid and are resident through schooling

@9GMKNHSGreen from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

@9GMFPCHPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2yrs

no, illegal immigrants should go back and come into this country the rights way

@9GM83CSTranshumanist from New York answered…2yrs

Yes, if they qualify: students must have attended a school in the state for a certain number of years, have graduated high school in the state, have confirmed they are applying for legal citizenship.

@9GM37DLRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

No, illegal immigrants should have to come here legally in order to have ANY benefit from the United States. Otherwise, they are still citizens of the country the came from and are not our responsibility. However, if they came the right way , there is nothing wrong with giving them help.


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