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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, and they should also be eligible for financial assistance and scholarships

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@53JFHTCfrom Massachusetts  answered…2yrs

It is hard to deny anyone an education; the real answer should be to minimize or eliminate tuition all together.

@963V5VX from Virginia answered…3hrs

Yes, if they were documented to go through high school in that state

@963R9B9 from Connecticut answered…8hrs

No. They should pay out of state tuition and apply for a school visa.

@963QN69 from Maryland answered…8hrs

@963NYBQ from Maine answered…10hrs

@963MSND from Michigan answered…10hrs

yes they should, because eventually getting an education will allow them to pay for taxes. Taxes help our country run.

@963KNGL from New York answered…11hrs

These questions are dumb, you cannot go to school with out SSN or student visa.

@963GDSN from Illinois answered…13hrs

Yes, however they should be in the process of applying for a green card as well.

@963FVYW from Utah answered…13hrs

No, they should get the choice to do the right paperwork in the states or get deported.

@963FLHF from Minnesota answered…13hrs

@963D4NG from Missouri answered…14hrs

@963CJV6 from Iowa answered…14hrs

@963C32J from Kansas answered…14hrs

Should be offered in-state and receive scholarship and financial assistance but required to work on receiving papers while in college. And the university should assist in helping them.

@96395QNIndependent from Alabama answered…15hrs

@96357NV from Massachusetts answered…17hrs

If they are working towards a green card then yes but otherwise no

@962YZSS from Washington answered…1 day

Yes, as long as they can show proof of working towards getting their documents

@962YSYK from Nebraska answered…1 day

@962YF6Cfrom Texas  answered…1 day

Should be offered a accesible path to citizenship and college should be more accessible to everyone in the country regardless of where they where born as long as they have visa or citizenship.

@962VHQN from California answered…1 day

As long as they pay taxes and have lived in that state for two years they should be as eligible as any other state resident.

@962T63Y from Missouri answered…1 day

Yes, but only when they are currently applying for legal citizenship

@962STKW from California answered…1 day

they should go become a citizen and then they can have the same thing as the rest of the american citizens

@962SKDF from Oregon answered…1 day

Yes, but I would prefer all higher education was public and made free

@962R4S9 from California answered…1 day

Yes and no because if you are here undocumented you need to follow the rules of America if you want to go to an AMERICAN school.

@962JTMX from Washington answered…2 days

@962FD64 from Colorado answered…2 days

Yes but we should also help them become documented at the same time! This way we can help them. And if they deny help for documentation then they sh

@96222JQ from Texas answered…2 days

Yes, as long as they pay taxes

Yes, as long as they confirmed they are applying for legal citizenship.

@962BXNN from Colorado answered…2 days

Yes, they should have every equal opportunity if they participate in the American system

@95ZBZBSIndependent from South Carolina answered…2 days

@9626CDZIndependent from Indiana answered…2 days

For instate tuition you need to register for it meaning you’d probably be documented, I feel like yes kinda ruins the point of it. I also didn’t know undocumented people could go to college.

@96228B9 from Arizona answered…2 days

Yes, as long as they pay taxes, not offered financial assistance but eligible for scholarships

@96227FD from California answered…2 days

@5JBLHDWLibertarian from Kentucky answered…2 days

Yes, and we should improve the process to make it easier for immigrants to become citizens.

@95ZYCSZ from North Carolina answered…2 days

Yes, in the condition that they are undergoing the same requirements to obtain citizenship that all other immigrants have followed to become U.S. citizens.

@95ZXKH2 from Indiana answered…2 days

I would be okay with it if they became a citizen. I would offer citizenship classes and help them gain citizenship so they could then be offered in-state tuition.

@95ZXKDK from North Carolina answered…2 days

They should be provided a path to citizenship as they are enrolled in university

@95ZWG38 from Utah answered…2 days

Yes they should be given the oppurtunity just like everyother american to be able to get education that could help them and maybe even lead to an innovation that progresses the country as a whole.

@95ZT46D from Indiana answered…2 days

If they are in the process of becoming a legal citizen, then they should, but until then, they should be a legal citizen.


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