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@Stacie-MillerGreenfrom California  answered…1yr

Allowing children to be individual thinkers early on would allow for higher standards in education. Ending the the ivy league choke hold on our youth or older individuals who crave knowledge keeps 99 percent of our nation from innovation!

@6DDYMQQDemocratfrom New York  answered…1yr

I support the core, but not the assessment culture that has been created to line the pockets of companies like Pearson. The assessment culture has warped the implementation of the core to something that can be measured by a computer. We're taking humanity out of education.

@67XVQLQDemocratfrom Vermont  answered…1yr

The education system requires a complete reform. The current standards do nothing but promote the mishandling of schools and false education of our youth. Education should be rebuilt around developing skills in our youth and school hours lessened in order to allow the young to properly learn outside a classroom environment and adapt to realistic situations. The goals of our school boards should aim to provide youth with skills in trade, not only the skill to get accepted into colleges, a process that has come to stagnate the job market and waste precious time developing the lives of young adults.

@5QMG2JKConstitutionfrom Texas  answered…1yr

This reminds you of what Germany did in the 1930's. This will brainwash children to believe what the government instead of teaching them how to think for themselves

@5Q9KWW8Constitutionfrom New York  answered…1yr

I think the schooling is done the right way now. I think the reason the politicians want common core is so they have some one to blame for the students not dong well! [The teacher]. The problem starts at home with the parents not holding the kids accountable for not doing well in school. I know a lot of kids that went through public school and did very well, because we had parents that cared and didn't blame the teacher.IF YOU PC POLITICIANS WOULD GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BUTTS YOU WOULD SAY THIS AND STOP CODDLING THESE KIDS AND PARENTS!

@5QR55KWDemocratfrom California  answered…1yr

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Common Core is too hard it will make it difficult to get accepted into college.

@atlanta404Republicanfrom California  answered…1yr

should have separate diplomas one for working and one for school

@67XTTY2Socialistfrom California  answered…1yr

Currently common core standards are striving to instill critical thinking skills into student's curriculum. However, the study of the developmental nature of theses skills is not understood by many practicing teachers. Ethical reasoning is also a pocket of critical thinking that teachers education has ignored. Education should promote a populist of critical thinkers that can identify manipulative actions dressed as patriotism. Education should not be reduced to just getting a job. There are too many criminal minds, that know how to manipulate the weak thinker, the person with ego needs, and/or anyone with a button to push.

@5YPXNRZConstitutionfrom Illinois  answered…1yr

@5XNWJS6Constitutionfrom Oregon  answered…1yr

In Europe at the 7th grade children are tested and explained to them what they are qualified to do in life and sent to a training program to learn a career they are capable of doing.

@6FTPZRGConstitutionfrom Kansas  answered…1yr

Like the ACT and SAT, there needs to be a "test"per grade level/age group that are the SAME for every state to take. All the state tests are NOT the same so, it is hard to compare data. The government should create national standards that align with the different tests.

@6DDSGV8Greenfrom California  answered…1yr

Yes, but only until high school, where students should then be allowed to choose what route they want to start studying to prepare for college.

@5PYVFVMRepublicanfrom Georgia  answered…1yr

No, teach ONLY the following curriculum: Math, Science (with a Creational perspective), History, (without the current Re-written Historical view point), English (including parts of speech, Grammar, poetry, etc.) Literature (tied to History, so the student can see how morality effects Literature), Art, Music, Drama (with the same emphasis...tied to History and how these "expressions", reflect the consesus of morality (or lack of) throughout History.

@6DCK9SLGreenfrom Vermont  answered…1yr

@5PGNXGCConstitutionfrom Arizona  answered…1yr

Education should be handled at the state and local level. Student should speak English. The only national requirement I'd support is teaching American national pride in being an American!

@6B4RK76Democratfrom Colorado  answered…1yr

There must be some common core standards, however education should teach to each student's potential as well. The two needs should not be mutually exclusive when balance.

@5QQMZYHRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…1yr

NO! Common Core is a waste and decreases the parents of this generation to be able to help their child with homework. The way we (30-40 something year old adults) were taught was not confusing to us as children or our parents.
Furthermore, nationally, children should NOT be taught to the least smart child in the class. They should, instead, be taught to the smartest child in the class as that will not only challenge the smartest of our youth, but will hopefully help those not as bright to push themselves to be better. If the child shows signs of truly trying and is still struggling, then decrease the level of difficulty to a point where the child grasps the subject concept, but not too easy to where they are not challenged.

@5QHFNHMDemocratfrom Idaho  answered…1yr

All students should be taught reading, writing, math and life skills by integrating them all together so it all makes sense to the students. Reading plans on how to build something, math for budgeting and saving, writing for job applications and resumes, etc. Students should also be taught how to take care of themselves by learning the basics of cooking, gardening, whole foods vs. processed foods, sewing etc. They should also learn about physical activity and how it is important to a healthy life, music classes, art and sports. Every child is entitled to a well rounded education so they can be the best person they can be in the real world.

@5QBDYKYGreenfrom California  answered…1yr

It makes no difference, stupidity is incurable. If you can make it, good job, you're a funtioning human. Otherwise, evolve or die.

@6DDB5GRGreenfrom Colorado  answered…1yr

I am a teacher, problem is the lack of inspiring teachers. The most important thing a child learns is how to reason, how to think, not useless data. Programs like common core concentrate on data.

@9ZLGT56Republican from Florida answered…17hrs

Kids need to be taught more than the basic core. They need to be taught budgeting, bill pay, house hold responsibility.

@9ZBSMRNPeace and Freedom from Connecticut answered…2wks

No, Common Core standards are extremely outdated and need to be changed to meet the challenges of the 21st century

@9Z9BSRBPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…2wks

Schools should have it, but if schools have an effective method of teaching then it should be allowed (ethically)

@9YZNWVZTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1mo

Yes, I support the common core but not how it is implemented, and still teach to a student's potential

@9YPRDBCSocialist from Arkansas answered…2mos

we should have a standard, but teach life skills and critical thinking and teach to the child not the tests

@9YNTH4FSocialist from Minnesota answered…2mos

I think that people who going to be handling emoluments should make the education

@9H3YTTGGreen from Minnesota answered…1yr

Somewhat yes, but our entire education system needs to be updated and changed completely first; then we can talk about how to implement these standards.

@9GT46WXRepublicanfrom Guam  answered…1yr

@9F8LVB3Green from Washington answered…1yr

In general, I don't support Common Core national standards as they are implemented today. However, I think there is a place for national standards. Standardized testing is not the way to go about implementing those standards though.

@9F8DCWPWomen’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1yr

I think All school should be taught by career professionals to teach students to have jobs in the careers are available.

@9YKNQXPWomen’s Equality from Delaware answered…2mos

I support it but only if students get to do the math on the level they need.

@9YHW8BNDemocrat from Utah answered…2mos

@9YFCKB2Democrat from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

@9Y964F5Libertarian from New Mexico answered…3mos

The government needs to be taken out of education entirely.

@9Y2V5YBDemocrat from Texas answered…3mos

Private citizens with regulations but not allowed to be involved with what is taught in school. Take English and also require an elective to learn a different foriegn language privatized with their own curriculum could be detrimental to have more than one view. Government standers should be required

@9XZVJ56Independent from Nevada answered…3mos

Common Core is a great program but requires too much standardized testing

@9XXGL3VVeteran from Tennessee answered…3mos

No, it was used to teach kids how to be workers. Not everyone wants to be workers, some people want to strive for higher than just a basic worker, and one day be their own boss.

@9XWKR5TRepublican from Texas answered…3mos

Yes, national standards will help improve our national average and better prepare students for college, but the federal government should not take an absolute role and instead should provide general guidelines.

@9W5Z9P8Peace and Freedom from California answered…5mos

Fund schools more and worry less about standardized testing as the only metric for success.

@9W356PWRepublican from Texas answered…5mos

No and get rid of the exit exam ban blacks to going to school except for light skinned and bi racial blacks


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