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@6DDYMQQDemocratfrom New York  answered…2yrs

I support the core, but not the assessment culture that has been created to line the pockets of companies like Pearson. The assessment culture has warped the implementation of the core to something that can be measured by a computer. We're taking humanity out of education.

@67XTTY2Socialistfrom California  answered…2yrs

Currently common core standards are striving to instill critical thinking skills into student's curriculum. However, the study of the developmental nature of theses skills is not understood by many practicing teachers. Ethical reasoning is also a pocket of critical thinking that teachers education has ignored. Education should promote a populist of critical thinkers that can identify manipulative actions dressed as patriotism. Education should not be reduced to just getting a job. There are too many criminal minds, that know how to manipulate the weak thinker, the person with ego needs, and/or anyone with a button to push.

@5YPXNRZConstitutionfrom Illinois  answered…2yrs

@5QBDYKYGreenfrom California  answered…2yrs

It makes no difference, stupidity is incurable. If you can make it, good job, you're a funtioning human. Otherwise, evolve or die.

@6DDB5GRGreenfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

I am a teacher, problem is the lack of inspiring teachers. The most important thing a child learns is how to reason, how to think, not useless data. Programs like common core concentrate on data.

@5QQMZYHRepublicanfrom Texas  answered…2yrs

NO! Common Core is a waste and decreases the parents of this generation to be able to help their child with homework. The way we (30-40 something year old adults) were taught was not confusing to us as children or our parents.
Furthermore, nationally, children should NOT be taught to the least smart child in the class. They should, instead, be taught to the smartest child in the class as that will not only challenge the smartest of our youth, but will hopefully help those not as bright to push themselves to be better. If the child shows signs of truly trying and is still struggling, then decrease the level of difficulty to a point where the child grasps the subject concept, but not too easy to where they are not challenged.

@5QHFNHMDemocratfrom Idaho  answered…2yrs

All students should be taught reading, writing, math and life skills by integrating them all together so it all makes sense to the students. Reading plans on how to build something, math for budgeting and saving, writing for job applications and resumes, etc. Students should also be taught how to take care of themselves by learning the basics of cooking, gardening, whole foods vs. processed foods, sewing etc. They should also learn about physical activity and how it is important to a healthy life, music classes, art and sports. Every child is entitled to a well rounded education so they can be the best person they can be in the real world.

 @B4L8VLLIndependent from Tennessee answered…21hrs

I do agree with the national core standards. But there is a flaw, a certain level of learning disability, which all students are not treated the same. They know the answers, but just can't take test.

@9MJB9SWIndependent from Utah answered…2yrs

Yes, but the way in which we measure a student's success with the standards must be reformed. The Common Core testing does not test a student's intelligence but only their ability to memorize and is geared toward a privileged group, thus giving a disadvantage to minority groups. In order to keep these standards the way in which we measure a students success with the Common Core must be reformed to reflect actual learning and mastery of certain skills rather than memorization.

@9LDXQS4Women’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

NO common core is a un realistic standard of what we should be learning I should be learning how to write a check not algebra 2 and chem

@Gatlyn-AndersonIndependent from Oklahoma answered…2yrs

@9L5W42DGreen from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9KSY589Transhumanist from Ohio answered…2yrs

The education system needs an overhaul (funding, testing, pay, resources, etc).

@9KSJNJXVeteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

I support Common Core universally up to the middle school level, but I think that for high school students who know what they want to do for their future should be able to attend schools that are specialized for their future plans rather than just Common Core.

@9KQ79VYPeace and Freedom from Rhode Island answered…2yrs

To some degree, students should learn similar things on a base level, at least through grade school. However, there should also be some lessons and options specifically for students, and the current Common Core is not great.

@Cat-RondelliGreen from Delaware answered…2yrs

No, this has led to the lowest common denominator goals and teaching to pass tests, while a good education should be the focus for all academic levels and student capabilities

@9KHPLG8Socialist from Texas answered…2yrs

Yes there should be a national standard where states and local districts can customize their implementation. BUT the Department of Education should have oversite and give advisement in this system.

@bentranRepublican from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, I do think a common core could be helpful as it would help people who move across state lines. However, I think the curriculum should be strengthened and that states and counties can have the power to alter the curriculum in its own ways

@9K34HG6Women’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

I think that schools should have common core but make it somewhat of a vague background. The student's would probably do better if their strengths were maximized.

@9JYJSQSRepublican from Nebraska answered…2yrs

I can see where Common Core works for some students. We are homeschooling due to Covid and I have used it a bit. But I like the older method. I think providing teachers with the resources to work with more than one method for students who need it.

@9JWNHLYSocialist from Utah answered…2yrs

Yes, as a base minimum. Higher standards can be implemented at a more localized level.

@9JVX4LYConstitution from North Carolina answered…2yrs

@9JKTS9MGreen from Virginia answered…2yrs

A universal standard taught to the individual's needs and without the bureaucratic interference. No two students are alike in their abilities or learning methods

@9JBNWC8Veteran from Missouri answered…2yrs

It should be the parents choice of how that children are educated and not the state or federal government

@9J7X3TQRepublican from Idaho answered…2yrs

Common core is good but should include failure. if the student fails because they refuse to do the work or they fritter it away, then they should fail that grade.

@9HY6ZSYDemocrat from California answered…2yrs

increase education standards so this country isn't so stupid

@9HSV6BTDemocrat from Iowa answered…2yrs

The common core for early education needs to be reviewed and modified by early childhood experts

@9HS4DTTDemocrat from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, I support the concept but the current implementation is ineffective. There should more focus on teaching to each student's potential while ensuring they meet core competencies at certain benchmarks. In essence, curriculum should focus on building students' assets rather than forcing them to align with external standards.

@9HL57DBConstitution from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, federally mandated standards encourage teaching to the tests, not to the students, and prevents actual learning

@9HKQM6BPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Education needs to be the vector in which new generations of geniuses are born, it needs to be how you figure out how the world works, why you should think for yourself, and why it is important to question and tackle anything that puzzles your mind because these things WILL be the deciding factors in which our future is bright and expansive, or dim and short lived. At this moment, the American Education system does not achieve these things wholeheartedly, the few years after a human child is born, they are taught to walk and run, they are taught to chase whatever life they want to lead, then

@9HFWBKCConstitution from California answered…2yrs

Yes but Schools must adapt to the student's Individual way of learning

@9HCLQVYDemocrat from Georgia answered…2yrs

No, because the Common Core standards are outdated and should include more topics like LGBTQ+ role models and educating people about the LGBTQ+ community and different genders. It should also be more inclusive about People of Color and not make it seem like racism ended after the Civil Rights Movement.

@9HBXVTTDemocrat from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, uniform testing and strict standards such as the Common Core national standards only benefits academically gifted, commonly neurotypical students. As a neurodivergent student with ADHD, it's hard for me to follow these standards and leaves me frustrated because my brain does not work in the same was as others. Students should be taught and tested to their own potential, not by the state's standards.

@9H56MJKDemocrat from Alabama answered…2yrs

Test potential and fed gov't provide incentives for life skills teaching in every subject; leave most challenging math and science to colleges, but provide more scholarships

@9H52CJ4Republican from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, but revoke the NCLB Act that mandates standardized testing.

@9H4X266Communist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

We need a better means of determining learning than standardized tests however having a universal standard of education that is to be met across the country is desirable.

@9H4MB4WLibertarian from Arizona answered…2yrs

@9H3YTTGGreen from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Somewhat yes, but our entire education system needs to be updated and changed completely first; then we can talk about how to implement these standards.

@9GXYLL8Democrat from Maryland answered…2yrs

Yes and no, Ideally, states should be in control of the educational standards, but at the same time, people who go out of state for school so it's better for there to federal standards so all students are on the same page

@9GXSPDHLibertarian from South Carolina answered…2yrs

no the government cannot balance a check book they should not be involved in the education system

@9GVB56LLibertarian from Ohio answered…2yrs

no common core is terrible and doesnt teach us anything usefull after like 4th grade

@9GVB3K7Transhumanist from Ohio answered…2yrs

No, every student learns differently, and not every teacher instructs the same. Not every single kid in the country will learn the same things at the same time, and some may take longer to learn a topic, while others don't.

@9GT46WXRepublicanfrom Guam  answered…2yrs


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