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@9YC9PJ6Constitution from Michigan answered…8mos

Yes, however, Biden's botched withdrawal is the best example of how NOT to do it.

@9Z6PTCSDemocrat from California answered…6mos

We should have developed a relationship with the Pashtun, restrained India, and warmed up to the ISI and Pakistani State. Long term goal would to be ensure Russia or China could not exploit a relationship with the Taliban and utilize a geopolitical strategy in the region.

@9Z6P9MKRepublican from Massachusetts answered…6mos

Yes, but much more carefully and gradually, and after all US citizens leave the country.

@9Z5XR4YDemocrat from Connecticut answered…6mos

Yes, they should pull all military forces, assets and equipment out of Afghanistan, but also disallow the activity of PMC companies and their own assets and employees. Most of our actions in the middle east are performed via PMCs anyway for plausible deniability, so simply removing official US troops will not solve the problem at all. The PMCs need to go and be barred from activity in that region.

@9Z3QB63Libertarian from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9Z3CCP8Republican from Ohio answered…6mos

We should support free people, aiming to protect the dignity of every human anywhere they are.

@9Z2GCGHWomen’s Equality from California answered…6mos

@9YZDH8CDemocrat from Texas answered…7mos

No until Afghanistan can protect themselves without our help

@9YZ3D22Women’s Equality from Kansas answered…7mos

Only when we know afghanistan will be left with proper leadership

@9YQPGPHAmerican from Arizona answered…7mos

Yes; but, the troop draw down should have been at a slower pace for the security of the Americans that remained and the Afghan people.

@9YXLXJKConstitution from Mississippi answered…7mos

Pull out and bomb them with hydrogen bombs as a means to the war effort.

@9YVD6CDRepublican from California answered…7mos

Yes, but slowly and strategically to make sure the Afghan government does not collapse immediately as Joe Biden did it.

@9YT5WKZDemocrat from Arizona answered…7mos

Yes, why should we fight for something that happened long ago and for someone else's war? If we're so afraid that something as bad as 9/11 will happen again, increase security in the U.S. instead.

@9YSXZ45Constitution from Texas answered…7mos

Yes, but leave a sufficient force to ensure there is no power vacuum until a proper government is established and ready.

@9YSSCCCWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…7mos

Yes, if everything is going well and no more threats are happening

@dscilliaPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…7mos

This is now moot, but the US should have considered maintaining a permanent base in Afghanistan for its strategic value to assist in maintaining stability in the region, similar to the US presence in Germany and South Korea.

@9YRM45MLibertarian from Georgia answered…7mos

There should be a process for withdrawing troops to ensure stability before full removal

@9TZCXYVIndependence from Georgia answered…1yr

Until there is solid proof that Afghanistan's terrorists' groups are gone, no.

@9TXV5S7Socialist from Missouri answered…1yr

@9TLYNBLWomen’s Equality from Tennessee answered…1yr

The United States should pull most of their troops, but not all. We have lost so many soldiers.

@9TGS6CYDemocrat from Virginia answered…1yr

@9TF33GRSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Only after increasing the quality of the Afghan republic's troops to the point where they can stand on their own.

@9TC5HXZRepublican from Indiana answered…1yr

Not if there is undeniable evidence it is in the interest of our country that troops remain in country as well as having a specific achievable goal.

@9TBS2GWVeteran from Mississippi answered…1yr

@9T9QHRNPeace and Freedom from Michigan answered…1yr

No, we should decrease military but not pull all troops out, just maybe a troop or two.

@9T4SRDSRepublican from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, and Biden should continue to support Trumps' peace plan.

@9T488R4Libertarian from Colorado answered…1yr

Yes, but it has to be a very careful and gradual process to prevent destabilization.

@John-GarciaPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…1yr

No, Provided that the majority of troop actions are there to build infastructure and provide foreign aid.

@9T2JR5DDemocratfrom Guam  answered…1yr

Yes, but remain involved in Afghanistan to support the government

@9T2G783Independent from Florida answered…1yr

@9T2C9RMDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

Eventually and correctly. We do not want to make a bad situation worse.

@9SWVDWJPeace and Freedom from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, although coming from a military background I believe troops were sent for the wrong reason. Not to combat insurgency but to meet another political agenda.

@9SVJD4SRepublican from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes, if we aren't willing to use our full force into solving the issues in Afghanistan, we shouldn't be there.

@9SS7QHZWorking Family from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but in a prolonged manner to turnover and improve stability in the country as US forces depart.

@9SQ7WMJAmerican Solidarity from California answered…1yr

Yes, but in a peaceful transition to not create a power vacuum.

@9SNKMNDDemocrat from Missouri answered…1yr

@John-Robert-East…Veteran from Kentucky answered…1yr

Only if Afghanistan is not a threat to our country or one of our allies.

@9SLHKJGPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…1yr

@9SL65DFRepublican from New Jersey answered…1yr

While I disagree heavily with interventionism, if we pull out of Afghanistan then we could be possibly opening up a flood gate of terrorism. So no.

@9SHD557Veteran from California answered…1yr

Yes, but make it a multi-year process where we reduce our troop number over time


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