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@9Z6P9MKRepublican from Massachusetts answered…3wks

@9Z3CCP8Republican from Ohio answered…1mo

Yes, but only to protect the human dignity of Iran's people.

@9YS7DR3Democrat from Maryland answered…2mos

@9YRH35NDemocrat from Texas answered…2mos

No, the U.S. should seek diplomatic means to end hostilities, but worst-case scenario war is an option.

@9YQ4YXJPeace and Freedom from Nevada answered…2mos

I have absolutely no knowledge of the US and Iran's conflict. I wouldn't know.

@9YMYL4WWomen’s Equalityfrom Guam  answered…2mos

No, the U.S. should encourage Iran to disarm and to give more freedom to its citizens through diplomatic channels

@9YM39L8Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…2mos

@9YMKK8WIndependent from Kentucky answered…2mos

No not at the moment, give it some time till we do, at the very least until they give us probable cause, such as threatening the US directly

@9YCMLRWTranshumanist from California answered…2mos

No they should work with their allies to try to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons

@9V4Y8FTRepublican from Washington answered…8mos

Yes, but only if the relationship between us gets out of hand and dangerous

@9TRZTYFWorking Family from Kansas answered…9mos

No, the last thing we need is more dead citizens. Iran isn't likely to be talked down from it's dangerous position, but diplomacy could be tried.

@9TQW5CQConstitution from North Carolina answered…9mos

No, we should avoid war at all costs, but appeasement is not the answer.

@9TFCQ22Veteran from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

As much as I want to take care of the issue swiftly, we need to come to some resolution with this conflict.

@9TDBB67Veteran from Utah answered…9mos

No, but be prepared to retaliate with excessive force to quickly and decisively destroy them if they commit any acts of aggression.

@9TCQT9KRepublican from Arizona answered…9mos

no because war with any country is a possibility for another world war

@9SYB6C7Constitution from Minnesota answered…10mos

The U.S. should retaliate when necessary but no launch a full scale war

@9SX5CCCRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…10mos

Yes, but only with missile strikes and only as an ultimate option. Full embargo and missile attacks on Iran's proxies should be the first choice.

@9STGNZXIndependent from Florida answered…10mos

@9SQXZZCWorking Family from New York answered…10mos

No, unless they attack or seriously threaten the United States

@9SL65DFRepublican from New Jersey answered…11mos

@9SKZLYWRepublican from North Carolina answered…11mos

@9SK8PBCLibertarian from Minnesota answered…11mos

Iran says it want nuclear power to provide energy. Well test them, offer to help build Thorium reactors. Thorium and its waste can not be used for nuclear weapons.

@9SKF5H5Working Family from Pennsylvania answered…11mos

Yes, but only if they START to develop nuclear weapons because we don’t wants to start a war if they already have them it could be dangerous.

@9SJM47DSocialist from Illinois answered…11mos

No, and we have given up the right to demand anything from them.

@9SBQPN4Republican from Texas answered…11mos

No, Iran is a sovereign country, but we should defend US interest vigorously and build a more robust coalition as a regional opposition.

@9S9XPPLIndependent from Texas answered…11mos

If they engage in a large hostile act then we must act as if it was a act of war

@9S32WFTRepublican from North Carolina answered…11mos

@9S33Q7LGreen from Colorado answered…11mos

No, there’s no reason why we should go to war with Iran, the government is just making up reasons to go to war with them so that we can steal their oil. There weren’t any weapons of mass destruction before, in Iraq, and there won’t be any now, in Iran.

@9RYYW9TVeteran from Indiana answered…11mos

@9RWNK7DVeteran from Massachusetts answered…12mos

@KateM88Women’s Equality from Maine answered…12mos

We should encourage diplomatic discussions to repair or replace outdated or ineffective policies and come to a mutual agreement before going to war. Always.

@9RM2552Republican from Alabama answered…12mos

@9RJ7K49Republican from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they threaten the United States or other countries in the middle east and if they refuse to stop developing nuclear weapons.

@9R7ML7GConstitution from Michigan answered…1yr

The US should withdrawal from all foreign nations for economic benefit.

@9R6DYKLIndependent from Nevada answered…1yr

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Wait for them to declare war and be ready when it starts, but the US shouldn't throw the first punch.

@9R3MYQXIndependent from Massachusetts answered…1yr

Yes, but after encouraging Iran to disarm through diplomatic channels, then funding rebellions

@9R2NKKDVeteran from New Jersey answered…1yr

If they kill or injure any Americans we should attack them and eliminate there military. All Iran does is fun terror groups that attack the United States and its allies.

@9QYM4NKAmericanfrom Guam  answered…1yr

No but we should impose the hardest sanctions to change Iran's behaviour

@9QWXPMXRepublican from Texas answered…1yr

They should use diplomacy and containment first (Abraham accords a positive development) but war must not be off the table.

@9QV967WConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Maintain encouragement to disarm Iran through diplomatic channels up until the negotiations go nowhere or go south, then only declare war if they develop nuclear weapons.

@9Q9BHX9Republican from Wisconsin answered…1yr

No, if Iran has made an overt declaration of war, we bomb their leaders.

@9MKQ895Veteran from California answered…1yr

No total war. Special forces operations or missile strikes only to combat funding of terrorism and keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons.


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