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@B4R5Z6DWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…3 days

No, but they must be put under investigation for monopolizing the areas in which they operate.

@B4QX5KKRepublican from Missouri answered…4 days

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat etc. should all go

@B4QPBVTDemocrat from Utah answered…5 days

@B4Q588JDemocrat from New York answered…6 days

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Twitter, all of the major companies need to be regulated by the Federal Government. Still incentivize creativity and intelligence but made it so these companies cannot have so much power as to influence elections and screw over the people that make these companies their money. The workers need to protected at all costs and if that means making sure companies who practice in bad faith are her accountable for human rights violations then so be it. Money and corporations need to be removed from politics, they are entities allowed here by the federal government, the Fed should be doing more in protecting the people from monopolistic scum bags.

@B4PL9JRSocialistfrom Virgin Islands  answered…7 days

@9XK6PFQPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…9mos

They should keep them from becoming monopolies and promote using other companies. ex: mozilla, ebay, twitter

@9XJM6GHRepublican from Alabama answered…9mos

@9XJK3C2Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…9mos

The government should make sure that there is no violation of first amendment rights on Facebook and Google.

@Wyatt_Johnson3Constitution from California answered…9mos

@9XFGD53Women’s Equality from Utah answered…9mos

The government should not interfere or decide the fate of businesses instead, punish companies that make poor choices

@ADBakaraniRepublican from Idaho answered…9mos

@9XC8B7QRepublican from North Carolina answered…9mos

@9X9BMTDVeteran from Connecticut answered…9mos

@9X8CXPBSocialist from Minnesota answered…9mos

@9X6LLKQDemocratfrom Maine  answered…9mos

@9X39KLRRepublican from North Carolina answered…10mos

no , but remove legal protection from being held accountable for censorship and liable

@9WZJXCCVeteran from New York answered…10mos

@9WYNFY4Working Family from Florida answered…10mos

The government shouldn't intervene in companies other than preventing monopolies.

@9WWZ6X2Republican from New Jersey answered…10mos

No but they need to increase regulation on those companies with stiffer penalties.

@9WNZ8LJRepublican from Arizona answered…10mos

@9WHX5R3Veteran from North Carolina answered…10mos

No, but they should be held accountable and should not be allowed to donate excessive amounts of money to political candidates.

@9WHSNCLLibertarian from California answered…10mos

Yes, but only through anti-trust regulation rather than executive order.

@9WGMHVJWorking Family from Washington answered…10mos

@9WFWVJQGreen from Georgia answered…10mos

They don’t need to be broken up. But certain behaviors, in particular form Google, should be prohibited

@SAB2021Democrat from Florida answered…10mos

Yes, We should also include Disney, Comcast, and any other company where the average American cannot afford to purchase stock.

@9W5XLF9Democrat from California answered…10mos

@9W2PXNMWomen’s Equality from Maryland answered…11mos

@9VXNN25Constitution from Indiana answered…11mos

@9VWQJ4SWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…11mos

No, but they should enforce a better labor policy and employee benefits on those companies

@9VKR6T8Green from Texas answered…12mos

No, but it should ensure all taxes are paid, and regulate the market to ensure a monopoly does not appear.

@9VFKJSPVeteran from Texas answered…1yr

They can exist but should not infringe on the guaranteed rights offered by the Constitution. So no banning people

@9VF8JT7Veteran from Alabama answered…1yr

1) Amazon is not stifling competition, nor are they a monopoly.
2) Facebook must decide if they are a "platform" or a "publisher" -- if they are a platform, then they cannot deny users freedom of speech. If they are a publisher, then they should be taxed accordingly.
3) Google is on the same level as Amazon -- there are other search engines available. The public should be made more aware of their biased algorithms and search filters.
4) All three agencies must have their monetary and technological influence on information and politics curbed.

@9VF2QZ5Republican from Louisiana answered…1yr

@9V4C5GRGreen from Maryland answered…1yr

These companies aren’t the same. Any monopoly should be busted. No business should be too big to fail. Amazon has imbedded its self into every facet of American life. So, Amazon yes. The other. Not yet


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