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@79TQH3C from Michigan answered…2yrs

No, the IRS should switch to a system of auto-completion of tax forms similar to other countries where the onus of completion falls on the IRS rather than the individual.

@95RQD6M from California answered…4 days

No, because this is personal information and technology should always be trusted with such personal information.

@95RFF49 from Minnesota answered…4 days

Yes, and the IRS should be funded with enough resources to do our taxes for us.

@95P8DLX from Pennsylvania answered…5 days

@95MZKS5 from Oklahoma answered…6 days

The IRS already has a free system for this if you make under 75k?

@95L7FYP from North Carolina answered…1wk

Tax filing should only have to be done for self employment and companies

@95JQLVR from Kentucky answered…1wk

@95JPYYTWomen’s Equality from Alaska answered…1wk

@95FQ6WD from Virginia answered…2wks

@95CYK5F from Texas answered…2wks

yes, because those who need it will use it and those who don't won't

@95CYDFBWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…2wks

I agree but I also disagree because I feel that using an online tx filing system is more likely to change your information without you being aware, which can cause federal problems for you and your family

@94S2TJ9 from Texas answered…4wks

There are already some free electronic tax filing systems available.

@94SJY7T from Florida answered…4wks

@94N5NQVRepublican from Illinois answered…4wks

@94HFLNGSocialist from Missouri answered…1mo

@947ZDNH from Virginia answered…1mo

@9438NH8from Virgin Islands  answered…2mos

Yes, but I would prefer to eliminate all taxation and abolish the IRS.

@93YJGL6 from Texas answered…2mos

The tax filing system should be automated and the civilian should just receive a check in the mail and it’s up to the civilian to audit the check

@93YG4VPGreen from Colorado answered…2mos

@8XZZ8YTLibertarianfrom Maine  answered…3mos

Yes, and income taxation should be a flat 17% for all income over 35,000 USD per year.

@93RTMVCProgressive from California answered…3mos

@93Q79JG from Georgia answered…3mos

@93NCPRS from New York answered…3mos

Yes, and the govermnent should calculate your taxes for you and give you a bill or payment amount you can choose to dispute before accepting.

@93M9BZGIndependent from Massachusetts answered…3mos

Yes but first abolish the IRS and replace it with a new tax system.

@93HPL35Women’s Equality from Illinois answered…3mos

@93H9PF2 from Texas answered…3mos

Filing taxes should be an automated process. The IRS already has all the necessary information.

@93GPJNX from Kansas answered…3mos

Yes, but I would prefer to eliminate all taxes and abolish the IRS

@93GMY7P from Washington answered…3mos

@rwilliams4co62Republican from Colorado answered…3mos

Yes, but I would prefer to go to a flat tax with no need for tax filing.

@93GKPCGSocialist from Michigan answered…3mos

Yes, but preferably shift to the automatic tax system every other developed country has.

@93F7QWP from New Hampshire answered…4mos

No, the irs already knows how much you owe. They should send you a bill that you either pay or dispute. If disputed, you work with an irs agent to get to the right number

@93F69QZ from Washington D.C. answered…4mos

@93F55W9 from Washington answered…4mos

Yes but I would prefer to eliminate income taxes and restructure the IRS

@93DP77Y from Texas answered…4mos

Yes but not through the government. It need to be privately owned.

@93DJJVW from Missouri answered…4mos

@939R7RL from California answered…4mos

Who is gonna pay then....everybody anyway so who are you trying to fool

@936MGVY from Massachusetts answered…4mos

No, Raise income taxes but abolish the IRS and replace them with a new tax filing system.

@934G5Y8 from Missouri answered…4mos

I don’t pay taxes yet and don’t know enough information about the IRS to make an informed opinion.


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