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@8PW2KJP  from Louisiana answered…2yrs

Yes Yes, but not for cosmetics

Yes, animal testing is necessary for understanding the safety and proper dosages of new medicines and treatments. It would be dangerous and extremely unethical for scientists to test drugs on humans before making sure they are safe. Even though the testing might be harmful to the tested animal, I believe its sacrifice advances developments on medicine that could save millions of lives, both human and not.

@96228B9 from Arizona answered…33mins

@95ZPNT7 from California answered…9hrs

no instead find willing human test subjects who know the entire timeline and possible side affects of the thing they’re being tested

@95ZBMR8 from Illinois answered…13hrs

@95Z9CF5Independent from Kansas answered…13hrs

@95YWVTB from Texas answered…1 day

They can do some experiences for science but they need to not be cruel to the animals, when it comes to that

@95YVQQ2 from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

@95YSTPH from South Carolina answered…1 day

@95YNHVW from Alabama answered…1 day

@95YNF6S from Arizona answered…1 day

@95YMZZD from California answered…1 day

@95YLCGGCommunist from Texas answered…1 day

No, using animals as test subjects of any sort for something a human themselves wouldn't do should be banned

@95XZZLG from Kansas answered…2 days

@95XSNSZfrom Hawaii  answered…2 days

@95XQV3L from Pennsylvania answered…2 days

Not for cosmetics, but very limited in terms of testing for vaccines and the like is what I support.

@95XJLLSLibertarian from Ohio answered…2 days

@95XLKBVDemocrat from Illinois answered…2 days

Animal testing should never happen; it is cruel and causes the animals to suffer

@95XL3K4 from Illinois answered…2 days

I think that animals should not be used for any testing of any sorts because it is wrong. What if that substance kills them

@95XDK8Dfrom Maine  answered…2 days

@95X9LXF from Washington answered…2 days

@95WYKQG from Massachusetts answered…3 days

@95WSP45 from Washington answered…3 days

No, and we should expand research into lab grown human cells for testing medicine. Cosmetic testing should be evaluated on the chemical level. Animal testing is okay for life saving technology as long as it won't negatively affect the animal.

@95WS847 from Georgia answered…3 days

It depends on the safety of the animal. Animal testing is allowed as long as the animal is not harmed.

@95WPM66Unity Party from California answered…3 days

No, unless we are in drastic need of a new drug or vaccine, such as in a pandemic

@95WNNQR from Massachusetts answered…3 days

No, and just because a drug acts a certain way with a certain animal doesn't mean the drug will act the same way with a human.

@95WHWJG from Ohio answered…3 days

@95WH3B3from Colorado  answered…3 days

Yes but only after thorough testing prior to using it on animals.

@95W867Wfrom Washington  answered…4 days

@95VB4BH from Texas answered…4 days

Yes, but better regulation and concerns for the animals must be made

@95V2VH3Independent from Massachusetts answered…4 days

Yes, only if human participants cannot be used for safety or resource purposes

@95TXD5M from Wisconsin answered…5 days

@95T982XProgressive from Wisconsin answered…5 days

Use the 3 “R’s” and focus on eliminating animal testing altogether. Ban animal testing on all cosmetics. Better regulation of facilities that use animal testing. Reduce animal testing to only when absolutely necessary, provide humane treatment.

@95SW5QVPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…5 days

No, animal testing is cruel and companies who partake should be shut down.

@95SJ85X from North Carolina answered…5 days

@95SK6PNLibertarian from Washington answered…6 days


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