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@B3R38W6Peace and Freedom from California answered…2wks

Yes, but only if the testing is deemed to have little risk on the animals being tested on.

@B3QJK57Green from Maryland answered…2wks

@B3XRKSCTranshumanist from California answered…4 days

Depends on the drugs and what is being used but int erms for cosmetics and drugs for lets say addiction or such shouldnt be used

@B3W78PXAmerican Solidarity from Connecticut answered…6 days

@B3S2TTCRepublican from Texas answered…2wks

no, instead use prisoners that are convicted of murder, rape, pedophilia and so on

@B3N7JGQPeace and Freedom from Connecticut answered…2wks

Yes, but institute rigorous ethical oversight by an independent body

@B3LSFY9Veteran from Nevada answered…3wks

@B3H5R4FWomen’s Equality from Oregon answered…3wks

@B3F943BDemocrat from Florida answered…4wks

Yes, but not if they think it will not work and also not for cosmetics.

@B3F8V8ZRepublican from Washington answered…4wks

Yes, provided they are well take care of and not used for cosmetics

@B2ZDF4YPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…2mos

@B2YWNCHPeace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…2mos

As long as the welfare of the animal is good, and the experimentation is ethical, then it should not be a issue.

@B2TSJTLConstitution from Massachusetts answered…2mos

@B2Q2LTDRepublican from North Carolina answered…2mos

Yes, but allow for oversight to ensure that the animals are not being abused or mistreated by researchers.

@ballard.122802Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…4wks

yes, but only for medical research, not cosmetic applications

@OmphalophobianDemocrat from Utah answered…4wks

Yes, but only those bred in captivity, not those taken from the wild.

@B3D3LPJPeace and Freedom from South Dakota answered…1mo

If an animal would be put through unnecessary pain and distress, it should 100% be banned.

@B3CPYWNRepublican from Michigan answered…1mo

@B36X8Q6Women’s Equality from Nevada answered…1mo

Yes, but not for cosmetics - and additionally, animal test subjects should be very well-cared for.

@B35ZJNBConstitution from Massachusetts answered…1mo

The experiments that are needlessly brutal should be stopped immediately. All treatment should be as ethical as possible

@B35K56XLibertarian from North Carolina answered…1mo

Yes, only if the animal will likely not be significantly harmed.

@B36W38GWorking Family from North Carolina answered…1mo

In my honest option no if we are to use animals for things that are made for human beings I do not thing that would be very effective

@9ZQBRHVPeace and Freedom from South Carolina answered…4mos

Yes, but only for animals that have a low level of consciousness.

@9ZPBDRFIndependent from Massachusetts answered…4mos

No test it on criminals who committed rape murder or human trafficking instead

@9ZNSQDWIndependent from Kansas answered…4mos

@9ZJJPW5Democrat from Arizona answered…4mos

@Eric-WarrenDemocrat from Alabama answered…4mos

Yes, but not for cosmetics and they must be watched closely in order to reduce abuse and cruel handling.

@9Z6NWD5Socialist from Florida answered…5mos

@9YWCBKBTranshumanist from Michigan answered…5mos

At the final stage of testing, when they know it wont hurt them, and not for cosmetics

@9YVG989Socialist from Iowa answered…5mos

@9YVD4F3Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…5mos

@swjelectricWomen’s Equality from Vermont answered…6mos

I’m in favor of using mice as test subjects but not other animals like monkeys etc

@9YJT79LDemocrat from Minnesota answered…6mos


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