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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

No, but provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income students

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

@8G5FNF4Libertarian from Tennessee answered…2yrs

No, but they should offer more scholarships and grants for all students of all types of income.

@963W4KV from California answered…26mins

@963VBY8 from Iowa answered…2hrs

I believe that some things are exponentially more important to helping create a functional society such as medical professionals. I believe those things should be funded by the government because those people are trying to save lives and medical school is extremely expensive.

@963TZQ3 from Texas answered…3hrs

If we need critical STEM pros then maybe with 10 min terms of service

@963TZ9K from Wisconsin answered…3hrs

@963TSPM from Kentucky answered…3hrs

only if the student has proven that there education is needed and cannot pay for there schooling

@963TQD5 from Vermont answered…3hrs

@963T7FL from Washington answered…4hrs

Yes, only after serving in the armed forces for a period of 4 years or greater.

@963SR5H from Ohio answered…5hrs

Federal govt should make the cost of college more affordable. The increase in tuition has outpaced the cost of living.

@963RSMVPeace and Freedom from California answered…6hrs

Yes but if only the person is going to college and a university or not.

@963R9B9 from Connecticut answered…7hrs

No but they should cap tuition (grants and loans are fine) and lower interest

@963R7W4 from Illinois answered…7hrs

Yes, every LEGAL citizen under 25, maintaining a "C" or better average, should be allowed a federally funded degree.

@963R5VL from Oklahoma answered…7hrs

No, in order to have ownership there needs to be a financial component. I OWN my knowledge I got in College and Graduate School. BUT the increase in fees and costs are crazy and need to be addressed so it is not just the kids from the wealthiest families go to college and thrive.

@963R2S2 from New York answered…7hrs

No, college tuition needs to be restructured as the costs are to high.

@963QTL6 from Ohio answered…7hrs

Yes but only for undergraduate programs, and should also include trade schools

@963PPJ3Justice party member from Colorado answered…9hrs

for all colleges, it's to much I say like 18 years has 5 thousand that's not a lot, but then paying off student loans are like umm 19 thousand how do you pay this off?

@963NS7M from Arizona answered…9hrs

Add limit on how much college's can charge for a four year program, and reduce student loan interest rates.

@963NRXT from Colorado answered…9hrs

Yes, but not for all the tuition. I think that the tuition paid by the government should be 50% or a little over that, but if someone takes that opportunity to slack off then that should not be possible.

@963NRD5Peace and Freedom from California answered…9hrs

Yes, only partially- provide lower income rates for student loans AND more scholarship opportunities for low income students.

@963NNW4 from California answered…9hrs

@963NJB2 from Iowa answered…9hrs

no, but the government should regulate colleges and universities so that their prices are not excessive.

@963MT6Q from Florida answered…10hrs

Federal Government should only pay for a Community college while leaving Universities as a paid option that might be better.

@963LF27 from Arkansas answered…10hrs

Not in private institutions, but I think the public education should continue to highest levels.

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…11hrs

Yes, and forgive all student loan debt, ban private education, and make college tuition-free

@963KN32 from Indiana answered…11hrs

@963HX3X from Nevada answered…11hrs

@963HMWHPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…12hrs

no, this would just influence profiteering off the federal government, instead we need to rework the colleges and find out why they are so expensive

@963H83D from North Carolina answered…12hrs

Yes, partially, but also provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income students

@963H5F5Republican from Texas answered…12hrs

@963G44S from Oregon answered…12hrs

Yes but only for students who show potential to use the money in the best way.

@963FX22Democrat from South Carolina answered…12hrs

No, but provide scholarships and acceptable interest rates on loans.

@963FWL6 from Virginia answered…12hrs

@963DWYD from South Carolina answered…13hrs

At least partially, and provide more scolarship opportunities for low income students as well

@963CMTP from Iowa answered…13hrs

No, but the government should introduce a cap on prices for college tuition.

@963C2HXIndependent from Alabama answered…14hrs

Yes, but have specific federally funded schools and universities for low-income students.

@9638YGHRepublican from Alabama answered…15hrs

@9638PDJ from Indiana answered…15hrs

Government should completely re-do their education system starting in Kindergarten to help put students on different tracks, which eventually would only lead certain kids to the college path and then pay for their college.

@9638JJ9 from Texas answered…15hrs

No, but provide funding for college in exchange for civil federal service. Not everyone can join the military but anyone can clean an office.

@9638GTZ from North Carolina answered…15hrs

I believe there should be on the job training for every career path. College should eliminated all together. Start internships young. Mentor programs and so on right out of high school or even during.

@96389YSProgressive from Colorado answered…15hrs

Yes but only for degree programs that show a provable benefit to the nation as a whole


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