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@B46P2WFDemocrat from Utah answered…4hrs

I think they should provide more scholarship opportunities for low-income student but also make tuition cheaper in general.

@B46N832Independent from Texas answered…6hrs

Need to be qualified (test) to go into collage. With good base schools.

@B44VVMVGreen from Texas answered…3 days

No, instead regulate tuition costs to prevent gouging and create a better chance for people with lower incomes

@B44TXBHLibertarian from Illinois answered…3 days

@B44PLK2Green from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

Yes for partial tuition, but action to control tuition rates to make it more affordable must be taken

@B44KXJFDemocrat from California answered…3 days

@B44K55NIndependent from Nevada answered…3 days

Back when it was affordable, no. But now its gotten to the point where almost nobody can afford it without student loans, which is just a scheme to make the banks and colleges more money.

@B44JL5LRepublican from Oregon answered…3 days

@B44FJLJRepublican from New Jersey answered…3 days

No, but state governments and/or business groups should directly subsidize students studying in demand fields (possibly apprenticeships).

@B43VMXWWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…4 days

Yes but the tuition should be capped that colleges charge. And trade schools should be covered as well.

@B43RHMGPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…4 days

Yes, as student loans can take decades or a whole life to pay off. They also cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

@B428H2JDemocrat from Connecticut answered…6 days

@B445J7BDemocrat from California answered…4 days

Yes, but only for public institutions (state colleges/universities)

@9YSLW9JPeace and Freedom from Florida answered…6mos

Yes, but for only 2 years the rest will depend on the person.

@9YSF8K5Working Family from South Carolina answered…6mos

@9YS7DR3Democrat from Maryland answered…6mos

No, doing this will make the Bachelors degree worthless and on top of this it will oversaturate career fields that require a diploma and make them less competitive while making Rust belt/technical jobs more at risk of collapsing. We need to specialize our citizens from the ground up and make institutions based on the amount of specialized citizens.

@9YRS5F5Transhumanist from New Jersey answered…6mos

@9YR4TCLPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…6mos

Yes, if the student is not able to pay for the college & universities

@9YQXS59Democrat from Oklahoma answered…6mos

Only for serious students who actually want to go. It shouldn’t just be free but for those who actually want it.

@9YQPGPHAmerican from Arizona answered…6mos

I believe that colleges and universities should return to their original intended fee structures.

@9YQD3HZDemocrat from Vermont answered…6mos

@9YQ2TNRTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

@9YPFYQFDemocrat from Minnesota answered…6mos

@9YNTH4FSocialist from Minnesota answered…6mos

Yes if it for. Jobs where there are shortages no if otherwise

@9YNDGP6Green from Colorado answered…6mos

@Elliottss94Veteran from Nebraska answered…6mos

@9YMNXB4American Solidarity from New York answered…6mos

I think that the US Government should impose restrictions as to how expensive the college tuition is so that people don’t have to apply for loans, or hundreds of scholarships

@9YM26FJIndependent from PR answered…6mos

Only if the students really prove themselves worthy of it and have a chance to suceed.

@9YLXKCBWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…6mos

@9YLPR3NPeace and Freedom from California answered…6mos

Yes, but only for community institutions, If further education is desired, the government should help, but not be responsible for full payment.

@9YLLS63Libertarian from North Carolina answered…6mos

If students meet a benchmark for standardized test scores, otherwise higher education should not be encouraged

@9YLF32GWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

No, but the education system should be reformed to prepare students to enter the workforce directly out of high school.

@9YLBNK5Republican from Texas answered…6mos

@9YKLQ4BRepublican from North Dakota answered…6mos

In certain cases such as military services, tution should be payed for.

@9YKLMMQSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…6mos

No, but force universities and colleges to lower costs drastically. They make enough.

@9YK4QS9Communist from Kansas answered…6mos

Yes, all students should be able to attend college for free

@9YJXJ5WRepublican from New York answered…6mos

No but legislation should be added to lower the cost of schooling and lower rates at which you must pay.

@9YJT7GFGreen from Washington answered…6mos

No but the government should reduce the price and money that it takes to pay to go to college.

@9YJSPRCDemocrat from Connecticut answered…6mos

No, but more funding should be put into trade schools and other alternatives to university.

@9YJSK2PDemocrat from Texas answered…6mos

The government should limit the amount of loans students can receive, and the amount governments give universities, so the universities must lower their costs.

@9YJS53JGreen from New York answered…6mos

@9YJPK3YSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…6mos


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