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@9JZHWBZVeteran from Utah answered…2yrs

They can compete but only against other trans athletes

@Jaedon-KLBTranshumanist from California disagreed…4mos

That would be assuming there was even enough trans people that want to participate to form a team. While it would be ideal, it doesn't make it realistic.

@Jaedon-KLBTranshumanist from California disagreed…4mos

That would be assuming there was even enough trans people that want to participate to form a team. While it would be ideal, it doesn't make it realistic.

@B4LXBX6Green from Nebraska answered…3hrs

Yes, and we should remove assigned gender category sports as a whole and push for sports on the basis of athleticism.

@B4K3BRMPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…4 days

No, but they should be allowed to compete in their own categories.

@B4GTXLMRepublican from Tennessee answered…2wks

No, biological males should not be able to compete against biological females. Biological females can compete against biological males.

@B4GQWX8Women’s Equality from Texas answered…2wks

Yes, athletes should be able to compete with those in their gender category but should be ranked separately with other transgender athletes

@B4G9LNJSocialist from Connecticut answered…2wks

No, sports should be divided based on ability, not gender identity and hormones just aren't the full story for biological advantages

@B4FXBKRRepublican from New York answered…2wks

No, only in sports that aren't officially divided by gender

@B46XMDYWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1mo

I don’t think they should be allowed to play because they may have an advantage or disadvantage. The only way they would be allowed to play is if they got hormone boosters

@PollmetxPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…1mo

Remove gendered sports and replace with ability- base competition

@B46M5CFDemocrat from Kansas answered…1mo

People born male have a significant athletic advantage over people born female; despite hormone levels). I am fine with a trans male competing against cis-males, (& more power to you!), but I’m against trans females from competing against cis-females

@Rebecca-WitcherWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…1mo

No, there should be separate divisions for transgenger athletes.

@B4677RGGreen from Colorado answered…1mo

This is up to the independent sports governing body and will differ depending on the sport.

@B46256VDemocrat from California answered…1mo

@B45Q3DWGreen from New York answered…1mo

Add competitions for male-to-female athletes and female-to-male athletes

@B45H74TAmerican from Nevada answered…1mo

Transgender athletes should be placed into their own category due to the hormone tampering that changes the body

@B458B5QDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

Yes, but give the transgender athletes a handicap like they do in gold to make it fair

@B44MT2CPeace and Freedom from Ohio answered…1mo

No, but currently there are limited options for what these athletes can do and should be treated as the gender they transitioned to.

@OfficialSeeversLibertarianfrom Pennsylvania  answered…1mo

This should be up to the association running the sporting event.

@B43Y6JLPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…1mo

I am confused and this is a very hard question to answer so I am not going to answer it.

@B43PSRRDemocrat from Washington answered…1mo

Yes, there is no substantial proof that transgender athletes "become" trans to dominate the sport/hurt other players.

@B43M3GYSocialist from Indiana answered…1mo

no because even though they differ they are still biologically the same weather they take medicine or not and if say a transgender man competes in a woman's sport they will have an unfair advantage.

@B438WTKProgressive from Illinois answered…1mo

Transgender athletes should have their own sports division.

@B434WRRWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…1mo

I don't agree with Transgender or anyone who differe's from their assigned gender at birth, but if they are training and have worked as hard as they can for the chance to do something, we should allow them to at least try. If they should not succeed, that is a lesson people need to be able to learn on their own.

@B42MLNQTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, but not for contact sports such as boxing or mixed martial arts.

@B425H3HRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, but only if their skeletal and muscular structure, as well as hormone levels, are within the plausible ranges and proportions of those in the sex category in which they compete.

@B3ZWDHZConstitution from Tennessee answered…1mo

No if your a freaking girl then your a girl not a boy so stop pretending like one

@B3ZKVHWLibertarian from Utah answered…1mo

If there max limits are similar or the same to other competitors

@B3ZDG73Libertarian from Utah answered…1mo

Transsexual people should be fully assimilated, including sports, after their sex change. Transsexual people should not be slurred with the epithet of 'transgender'.

@B3ZBQ4LLibertarian from New York answered…1mo

Transgender athletes should compete in a new category of athletes, only against themselves for the sake of fairness.

 @TmcmasterLibertarian from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Either way, this decision should be left up to the governing bodies of said sports.

@B3YFC98Peace and Freedom from Virginia answered…1mo

I don't have enough information on this topic to form an opinion.

@B3WKN8JSocialist from Colorado answered…2mos

Yes, but there should still be womens’, mens’, and mixed because of biological differences.

@B3W834WTranshumanist from Indiana answered…2mos

Yes, as long as they are serious about being trans and don't want to assault anyone (it sadly happens).

@B3W6CXRGreen from Missouri answered…2mos

Yes, but not if they are only competing in women's because they couldn't do good in men's.

@B3V4X6GIndependentfrom Illinois  answered…2mos

@B3T3G58Women’s Equality from Texas answered…2mos

@B3T2PT3Republican from Illinois answered…2mos

No, everyone should compete in sports and use public restrooms and locker rooms based on the biological sex that is listed on their birth certificate

@B3S2TTCRepublican from Texas answered…2mos

i feel as if we should add a new category and have Transgender females compete against other transgender females and transgender males compete against transgender males.

@B3RWDQYDemocrat from Arizona answered…2mos

@B3NXGFSPeace and Freedom from Kansas answered…2mos

@B3N7DWZLibertarian from Illinois answered…2mos

There needs to be reform on how athletic leagues are separated.

@B3N68QGGreen from Missouri answered…2mos


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