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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

No, athletes should compete based on the biological sex that is listed on their birth certificate

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

Yes, but only if their hormone levels are equivalent to those in the gender category in which they compete

@94Z37B4 from North Carolina answered…4wks

@8HYGV9Y from Utah answered…2yrs

They can compete but only against other trans athletes

@8Z4DT44 from California disagreed…8mos

That would be assuming there was even enough trans people that want to participate to form a team. While it would be ideal, it doesn't make it realistic.

@8Z4DT44 from California disagreed…8mos

That would be assuming there was even enough trans people that want to participate to form a team. While it would be ideal, it doesn't make it realistic.

@8S9THXZRepublican from Kansas answered…1yr

No, transgender athletes should have their own category because of the hormonal and physiological differences

@8SKKHSB from Oregon disagreed…1yr


Transgender people aren't necessarily hormonal or physiologically distinct. Not all trans people medically transition. Furthermore, intersex people may identify as their assigned gender but still require hormone therapy, making them cisgender people on HRT (it's more common than you might expect, many cis men and cis women have hormonal problems that require medical treatment or surgery). Trans people and cis people aren't really all that different. That you think they are reveals your transphobia.

@964GHVW from Alaska answered…45secs

Create a league for transgender Athletes to compete against each other only. But Ban them from competing against natural born males and natural born females

@964B9XC from North Carolina answered…10hrs

No, it would be unfair to women if men were allowed to compete against them.

@9648ZPG from Washington answered…14hrs

Abolish gendered sports. Find a better classifying system for compatible athletes.

@G_Coccimiglio from Arizona answered…16hrs

Yes, but only if it can be proven that an athlete will not have an unreasonable advantage.

@9642NCT from Arizona answered…1 day

Yes, but only if it can be proven that athletes will not possess an unreasonable advantage

@963THMV from Hawaii answered…1 day

I personally think that there should be a specific "transgendered sports league" created specifically for transgender individuals, period.

@963QTL6 from Ohio answered…2 days

@963Q5FLWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…2 days

There are too many differents between afab and amab when older but under the age of 14 they should be able to play on their preferred gendered team

@963NYTS from Texas answered…2 days

@963L96SSocialist from Kentucky answered…2 days

Yes, but only if they're on hormones because it would be unfair if not

@963J2XV from Florida answered…2 days

@963DM3S from Maine answered…2 days

yes if they can hold up their own then sure but if they can't and they can get hurt or hurt others badly enough then no.

@9636TMG from Indiana answered…2 days

no, a trans athlete should go against another trans athlete that is now deemed as the same gender.

@9635RVZfrom Maine  answered…2 days

There should be separate tournaments specifically for Transgenders.

@9633RLP from California answered…2 days

They should be in their category’s against each other if it’s to be allowed.

@9633LF9from Texas  answered…2 days

@962Y3KX from Colorado answered…2 days

@962WR2C from Tennessee answered…3 days

Yes, athletes should compete based on ability and level of expertise, not gender or sex

@962SQW8 from California answered…3 days

I think that athletes should compete at levels that are equivalent to their talent and physical strength instead of their sex whether you identify as a man or woman and whether you are born that way or not. I think that a really athletic woman who was born a woman should be able to compete at the same level as a man who fits her physical strength and talent.

@962PG7TSocialist from Rhode Island answered…3 days

Uh it sounds like you're asking if transgender athletes should be allowed to compete against transgender athletes, so... yes.

@962K8B4 from Texas answered…3 days

No, they should be given their own division to compete against other transgender athletes

@962G6QB from North Carolina answered…3 days

honestly i dont think that the olympics or other sports and events have to be seperated by gender. The olypics are supposed to be the best of the best but the best of one gender might not be the best of another, also so many people are fighting for gender equality. I think starting with something like the olympics would be a good idea.

@962F2KG from Michigan answered…3 days

It should be decided at the most local level possible. Perhaps even an election by the competitors. Experimenting with a solution should be encouraged.

@9624MRYGreenfrom Guam  answered…3 days

No, there should be another category for trans men and trans women.

@9624668 from California answered…3 days

@96236CTDemocrat from Texas answered…3 days

I believe that there should be different categories. Like weight or height. Neutral categories based sport. So for example swimming. If you are very tall swimmer versus a very short swimmer. That would take hormones or birth classification out of mix.

@95ZZZZV from Texas answered…3 days

Yes, but a possible alternative to this problem could also be the invention of a mixed gender team that welcomes everyone

@95ZZTZK from Nebraska answered…3 days

All should be allowed to compete in the men's leagues only those born female in female leagues.

@95ZWYF2 from Arizona answered…4 days

No, instead transgender leagues should be formed to allow for inclusion and fairness in sports

@95ZTCK3 from Washington answered…4 days

@95ZTJ5Q from Oklahoma answered…4 days

No, if they have performed any gender changes they must be included in a third category.

@95ZT5GR from Washington answered…4 days

This question has so many nuances that I don't feel informed enough to have a solid opinion. I tend to stick to "their hormone levels should be equivalent to that of the sex they are competing with", but it's not that cut and dry and I'm aware of that.

@95ZT3W4 from Florida answered…4 days

There needs to be a Trans only category, a woman transitioning to a man taking testosterone has an unfair advantage over women not transitioning and forcing them to compete against women is unfair to everyone

@95ZQ849 from Texas answered…4 days

Yes, if they’ve been on hormone treatment, however transgender athletes have not been an issue in sports


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