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@iandromidasTranshumanist from Colorado answered…1yr

No. Preschool is optional therefore at the decision of each parent

@9F89F52Republican from Georgia answered…1yr

Yes, but it should be state-funded and parents should have the option to send their kids to private schools

@9L9D7GXWomen’s Equality from California answered…1yr

@9L9CPZFDemocrat from Texas answered…1yr

@9L98VB4Peace and Freedom from Idaho answered…1yr

@9L8M3G2Women’s Equality from Minnesota answered…1yr

No, if a city wants a preschool or for the very young children, the city should pay for it or parents should have enough time to teach them simple things that they learn in preschool such as learning how to use a scissor or 1+1 or how to read. I was able to read at 2. That was because my mom helped me. My opinion is biased based on experience. In my preschool, we didn't read a lot. Or do other things.

@9L8KCHCGreen from Texas answered…1yr

No, but the government should offer funding for low-income families

@9L7B5QKTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…1yr

No. Preschool is not as important as the other kinds of school, because it doesn't have a big impact on life. Parents think of preschool as a daycare, but there are other businesses that provide childcare.

@9L78B6MDemocrat from Virginia answered…1yr

@9L59MHYDemocrat from North Carolina answered…1yr

Preschool isn't really necessary but for people who work and need childcare, yes

@9L4ZGGXConstitution from Texas answered…1yr

Preschools should be privatized, that can lead to much better education.

@9L2B75DVeteran from Minnesota answered…1yr

Preschool is not beneficial to all students. Should be available for those who are at risk

@9KZ934VSocialist from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes, but funding should come from states and localities as well as this education remaining non-compulsory

@9KYFK77Peace and Freedom from New Jersey answered…1yr

I think that preschool is optional and no child necessarily needs to go if their parent does not want to send them.

@9KXP9K8Republican from Florida answered…1yr

@9KXLZMRRepublican from South Carolina answered…1yr

No, it should be delegated to the state government just like public school education.

@9KXKGLBRepublican from Missouri answered…1yr

Yes for those under a certain income level to help the disadvantaged among us.

@9KWYLWJAmerican from New York answered…1yr

1) it should be the parents decision to send their child to preschool, but also pre-school helps kids learn early on numbers and alphabets so yes.

@9KTVC38Green from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

No, but "scholarships" should be available for families in need

@9KSY589Transhumanist from Ohio answered…1yr

No, but the state and federal governments can provide local assistance to those that have financial need.

@9KQ8YQ8American from Virginia answered…1yr

yes, as long as we take away private schools to show true equality from rich to poor they should all go to the same school

@9KPRKTDProhibition from Texas answered…1yr

Make it available for people who don't have very high income because the rich ussually tend to have their maids, nannas and nannys that can take care of their children while the lower or sometimes even middle class essential workers don't have this leisure.

@9KPHHTLTranshumanist from Wisconsin answered…1yr

If one can find a way to do so without an increase in costs for schooling for parents/teens, then it should come from the state-level, otherwise no, because then the schools will increase costs similar to how colleges did when they were given guaranteed funding.

@9KNSZYDConstitution from Tennessee answered…1yr

No but there should be finding available for those who need it.

@9KMSNYFVeteran from Nebraska answered…1yr

What the hell is head start? Isn’t that government funded?

@9KMBYR2Independent from Maryland answered…1yr

Maybe, I do feel this would be better at a state or local level to decide and not at a National/Federal level

@9KKQL59Constitution from Utah answered…1yr

no, preschool is not needed in education. The stuff taught at preschool can be easily taught at home and should be an optional thing

@9KJNTXMRepublican from Nebraska answered…1yr

No, education at that age should be optional, and the parents should be able to decide if they want to send them to school at that age.

@9KJDK4ZWorking Family from Massachusetts answered…1yr

@9KHK727Constitution from Texas answered…1yr

Yes assist parents that are both working with low income to make it or parents who both have a true disability.

@9KFQY5XConstitution from North Carolina answered…1yr

@9KFK7MNVeteran from Missouri answered…1yr

@9KD8TBVWomen’s Equality from Texas answered…1yr

It’s really universal daycare. Children don’t need to be schooled at 3

@9KCG5HDVeteran from Washington answered…1yr

Nothing is government funded is is all funded by citizens by means of extension and theft

@9KCCJKWPeace and Freedom from Idaho answered…1yr

Yes, to help lower-income families who want their children to go to preschool and can't afford it. But parents who don't want to send their children to preschool should not be obliged to do so

@9KB97BGRepublican from Georgia answered…1yr

Kids should be allowed into preschool based on their education, not how much their parents make.

@9KB673RTranshumanist from Minnesota answered…1yr

No, advantages associated with preschool may be due to a lower student:faculty ratio and state run preschools would likely increase that ratio to reduce expenses


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