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Yes, as long as parents also have the option to send their child to private school

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

Yes, but funding should come from states instead of the federal government

@959K74L from North Carolina answered…3wks

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…11hrs

Yes, ban all private education, eliminate the property taxes means of funding K-12 education and make all education free

@963K2LPIndependent from Tennessee answered…12hrs

Education needs to be corrected to developmentally appropriate standards.

@962XJY3from Montana  answered…1 day

@95ZX9FXProgressive from Wisconsin answered…2 days

Yes. Eliminate vouchers to improve choice and quality of public education.

@95ZH3MN from North Carolina answered…3 days

@95XNTHN from Iowa answered…4 days

No, children should be allowed to be children at that age. They don't need to grow up so fast!

@95WXRDR from Arkansas answered…5 days

The Federal government should not fund any school. It should be done on a state and local level.

@95TG7LWIndependent from Rhode Island answered…1wk

No, kids need time to be kids before they are forced into a learning system. They are pushing it earlier and earlier.

@95TDH9H from Texas answered…1wk

@95RSJWX from Oregon answered…1wk

The government should fund educational options at every grade level.

@95PK6MC from California answered…1wk

@95MKLBJProgressive from Missouri answered…2wks

All public education should be 50% funded by the Federal government

@95MJCR2 from Alabama answered…2wks

@95LZ4CTRepublican from Virginia answered…2wks

@95KYMZ8Democrat from Virginia answered…2wks

No, but provide government-funding childcare options to all instead.

@95K7BH7 from North Carolina answered…2wks

@95J3FX2 from Utah answered…2wks

No, all education should be managed at the state level or be privatized

@95B22M5 from Texas answered…3wks

No, education is a right that belongs to the states and so the government has no business being involved in it, much less at a non-necessary level like preschool

@958GQ4C from Michigan answered…3wks

@957QQY7 from North Carolina answered…3wks

@956VPRQ from Texas answered…3wks

No, it should come from the state and local government and federal should get out of education and abolish the Dept of Education.

@954229L from Texas answered…4wks

@953JKWB from Ohio answered…4wks

Yes, but parents should also have the option to homeschool(it should not be banned) or send their children to a private school.

@94XM8V9from Vermont  answered…4wks

Yes, at a bare minimum, but money should be abolished, and all education should be free.

@94V43RW from Texas answered…4wks

@94RWZT3 from Texas answered…1mo

Yes, but funding should come from states and parents should be able to send their kids to private school.

@94RJ9VC from New York answered…1mo

@94K5WRJ from New York answered…1mo

No, funding should come from the states via tax decreases or deductions (incentives) or vouchers for private, religious schools to provide preschool services to local communities.

@94H297GDemocrat from California answered…1mo

Yes but control the number of schools. I would rather have larger schools but less in number to serve a city so the infrastructure overheads can be optimized. Then additional money can truly be directed towards improving the quality of education to make us more competitive compared to many other countries in the world like Singapore, Kores, Norway, etc.

@94GPHLZSocialist from New York answered…1mo

No instead parents of children under 5 should be given 24k a year to use as they see fit.

@94G4JNT from New York answered…1mo

No. Parents of children below the age of 5 should be given $24k a year and if they want to spend that on daycare they can but they may also use it to allow one parent to stay home.

@94DNFRR from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

@94D2PDQ from Iowa answered…1mo

Education should be decided based on state and local voter preferences and governments

@949RHJJ from Rhode Island answered…1mo


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