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@8ZRNDT4Socialist from Virginia commented…7mos

If you give everyone in the US $1000 a month, everyone could eat, live somewhere, and hold down a job with those other two issue covered. It would greatly drive the economy increased purchases of goods, and decrease illegal immigration by being a huge perk of citizenship. Here is what people aren't understanding with his idea of free money: if you aren't in the tax bracket of people who ACTUALLY need it, you give it back around tax time. What does America lose asides from a high poverty & homelessness rate?

@93YHGKV from Virginia commented…2mos

Your points are good. In addition, the specter of automation is looming. As a software engineer in a field roughly adjacent to this (embedded sensors), I believe that robots can and will be a great aid to human endeavors, but I do not think that neoliberal, everyone-for-themselves public policies are compatible with it. Sure, automation will create other jobs, but these jobs will replace unskilled labor with skilled, highly technical labor that requires the equivalent of an Electrical Engineering degree (or something similar). In order to avoid the unrest, disillusionment, and abject poverty that typically accompanies massive unemployment, universal basic income of the manner you describe will be essential. It would also curb Luddite-esque destructive tendencies, which were borne of this perception of economic insecurity.


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