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@B4JJFG3Democrat from Nevada answered…5 days

@B4GZFX4Democratfrom Maine  answered…1wk

Yes, but we should focus on increasing diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully

@B4GK75XPeace and Freedom from Pennsylvania answered…2wks

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

No, this will start a global arms race and we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully.

@B46QXG7Libertarian from New Jersey answered…1mo

No, and we should have no association with countries outside the Americas

@B3W2BBJConstitution from Washington D.C. answered…2mos

Countering Chinese influence is important, this should be managed responsibly.

 @B3TL9WXWorking Familyfrom Vermont  answered…2mos

Only if the Indian government agrees to give better living conditions to it's own population and maintain this agreement for years to come.

@B3RR2LRDemocrat from California answered…2mos

No, we should just help them instead of giving them weapons causing something more hectic.

@B3QKJCKDemocrat from New York answered…2mos

@B3H69NGWomen’s Equalityfrom Northern Mariana Islands  answered…2mos

No, India is Pro Russia country so USA should sell weapons to S.Korea and Taiwan.

 Deleted answered…2mos

No, India is pro Russia country, so US should sell weapons to S.Korea and Taiwan.

 Deleted answered…2mos

@9ZD3YB8Democrat from California answered…6mos

Sell arms to India but ensure that no IP is sold to China. India and Russian collaboration is useful to US in the long run

@9YM39L8Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…7mos

@9YFD8HRRepublican from Florida answered…8mos

@9XVSRP9Progressive from California answered…8mos

We should sell, only if proper due diligence is done, which proves that selling the ARMs will help India to fight or control CHina's aggression and not create any ARM's race.

@9XPK644Peace and Freedom from Maryland answered…8mos

@9XHMZ4DTranshumanistfrom Guam  answered…9mos

Yes, because India is one among the only democratic (the largest democracy in existence) which is a natural ally of the U.S and shares similar values and virtues. Nations having a similar thought process should always move together. It would a diplomatic and political defeat otherwise.

@9XDRZWRWomen’s Equality from South Carolina answered…9mos

@9XD4PSVLibertarian from Missouri answered…9mos

Yes, but only to Protect Against Terrorism Not to Counter Russian Influence.

@9X9SFHLDemocrat from Michigan answered…9mos

No, because India has a very bad human rights record as of late

@9X4SGMGTranshumanist from Texas answered…9mos

@9WSQTMSDemocrat from Virginia answered…9mos

@9WDTGFZConstitutionfrom Guam  answered…10mos

Yes, but keeping in mind that India could also be a future threat and empowering it beyond the limit would hurt us.

@9W6MKB8Veteran from Florida answered…10mos

No, we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully and realistically we should not sell military weapons to any foreign country but if both China and Russia continue influence India then as a last resort we sell military weapons to defend themselves and also it will help boost the economy a little.

@Alan-DjikkaityIndependent from New York answered…11mos


Yes, it would boost the economy, and also fund Taiwan to defend itself against Chinese aggression, and Ukraine to recapture Crimea and certain parts of the Donbas region, both occupied by Russia

@9VQC4W9Independent from North Carolina answered…11mos

Yes, but we should also increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully first.

@9VGXYTQVeteran from Wisconsin answered…12mos

@Popescu-IonRepublicanfrom Maine  answered…12mos

@PerkiLlamaWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…1yr

@Brandon-AndersonRepublican from Maryland answered…1yr

Yes, but we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflicts so we don't start a war.

@9TRZTYFWorking Family from Kansas answered…1yr

India is an ally and one that is to be trusted. Russia and China have proven to be aggressive in this such portion of the world.

@9TQW5CQConstitution from North Carolina answered…1yr

We should not involve ourselves with conflicts outside our borders, unless those conflicts threaten our national security.

@9TLM92CLibertarian from California answered…1yr

@9T5JVR8Constitution from Colorado answered…1yr

@9T43PCKIndependent from Ohio answered…1yr

No, we should increase diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts. While training India people to defend for themselves. Then sell them military weapons to defend themselves.

@9SZ5JCVWomen’s Equality from Missouri answered…1yr

I believe we must aid our allies, and support those who are poorer, but not provide military weapons

@9SWMFTMDemocratfrom Maine  answered…1yr

@9SV2LCYLibertarian from Missouri answered…1yr

@9SKNYDXGreen from New York answered…1yr

Yes, but manage their use and push India towards a more free society.


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