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@B4N64VTSocialist from Kansas answered…1 day

@B3B5Z94Libertarianfrom Maine  answered…3mos

Abolish corporate taxes and all other forms of taxation. Have a land value tax and pigoivian taxes instead.

@B2RDT46Republican from New Jersey answered…4mos

There should be a flat tax rate on all corporations and businesses with no loopholes or incentives.

@Daniel-Barton-Je…Libertarian from New York answered…2wks

The US Government should manage and be extremely critical of how much money it’s spending before taxing any company, corporation, business or person.

@B47QR6RDemocrat from Georgia answered…1mo

Keep the current rates but eliminate deductions and loop holes, tax shareholder dividends.

@B47PFN7Women’s Equality from California answered…1mo

No. Reform to an equal % tax rate for all levels of income and remove tax loopholes and limit non-essential deductions for large corporations.

@B43YFS2American Solidarity from New Jersey answered…1mo

Taxes on larger and growing corporations need to be reviewed. The taxes on the largest business should be raised to allow the federal government to collect more revenue to do its job more effectively. However, it should be collected at a rate which is unsustainable for business

@B43PWRGDemocrat from Florida answered…1mo

should tax you as the people wish as what a government should do is have control of the thing we literally went to war for ions ago

 @mexitexanGreen from Arkansas answered…1mo

Raise based on percentiles, number of employees, and environmental and economic impact-- the higher the impact, the higher the tax rates. Incentives for growing a business should rest in longevity and retirement packages rather than hierarchal inequalities where most of the work force is forced to struggle.

@B3V8VFQConstitution from Illinois answered…2mos

The government must ban McDonald's and Walmart from operating within the U.S.

@B3T2LMNRepublican from Ohio answered…2mos

Maintain the current tax rate, but reduce the amount of deductions and tax stock options

@B3KZ5X3Constitution from Illinois answered…2mos

Trump did it right. If you tax them more, they will outsource more. Give incentives to move manufacturing and jobs back to the USA and it will improve our economy.

@B3F8V8ZRepublican from Washington answered…2mos

@B3498PDPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…3mos

We should democratize workplaces and stop international corporate interests

@B2XWT7JRepublican from Texas answered…3mos

@B2NC9PRTranshumanist from New York answered…4mos

Maintain the current rate but remove deductions and loop holes

@9MSJS6NIndependent from Florida answered…2yrs

Lower to 20% but eliminate deductions and loop holes and lower taxes for small businesses and structure small business taxes based on income.

@9MLZTSPSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9M9TPL5American Solidarity from Missouri answered…2yrs

Change current tax law to eliminate loopholes and some tax is paid.

@9M9CD9GWomen’s Equality from New York answered…2yrs

Certain businesses like Big Pharma need to be taxed more because they have too much power and get away with too much money.

@9M8TVC7Veteran from Virginia answered…2yrs

Lower taxes for small businesses and companies that do all US based manufacturing including their supply chains bring US based

@9M8M945Socialist from California answered…2yrs

Reduce tax for small businesses and keep current rates for businesses with more than 500 employees but eliminate deductions and loopholes while also increasing tax for large multinational corporations

@9M4FPLBWorking Familyfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

@9M469VWTranshumanist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Eliminate deductions and loopholes, raise for large multinational, lower for small

@9M448CYPeace and Freedom from New York answered…2yrs

@9M3TCM6Socialist from Alabama answered…2yrs

Raise..." give and it shall be given unto you, good measure shaken over and running over shall men give into your bosom...

@9M3J7GBRepublican from South Carolina answered…2yrs

@9M2JFRTConstitution from Ohio answered…2yrs

If we raise the tax rate, we won’t be able to pay our people more.

@9M2H78QRepublican from California answered…2yrs

Maintain current rates. Corporations make jobs. Jobs fund workers. Workers fuel the economy. Don't chase business away by penalizing them for social projects.

@9M2DSWMTranshumanist from Ohio answered…2yrs

They should get taxed based on their earnings for the year being taxed. It should be fair. Nevertheless, the loopholes should be eliminated.

@9M228XNLibertarian from New Jersey answered…2yrs

Flat tax rate for all. Companies should only be taxes on net gains after all salaries, operating budgets, etc are paid.

@9LZXB7FTranshumanist from Ohio answered…2yrs

The imbalance between what CEO's generally make is outrageous compared to their employees. The question remains, how do you remove the loopholes and deductions such that the high-paid CEO's of these large corporations pay more of their fair share of the taxes paid into local, state, and federal tax systems.

@9LZ9TNJTranshumanist from Florida answered…2yrs

@9LZ4SW5Libertarian from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

Depends on why we are raising them? Do we need more government funding or do we just want to grow the size of the government and need money from a politically pallatable source.

@9LZ37RXRepublican from South Carolina answered…2yrs

@9LYL7MKVeteran from New Mexico answered…2yrs

Yes, if this is necessary to balance our budget in a non-crisis year.

@9LYJVSLWomen’s Equality from Hawaii answered…2yrs

Raise for big corporations that at least make millions or billions a year.


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