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@8PPBWMZ from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@8XQT4ZN from New York answered…10mos

@8GQSF75 from Utah answered…2yrs

It depends on what type of drug it is, if they are a drug dealer, if they are selling it to kids and harming others, etc.

@8KBYFLRIndependent from Oklahoma commented…2yrs

joe biden wants to decriminalize all drugs this isn’t even correct.

@963R7W4 from Illinois answered…6hrs

@9637T2M from Michigan answered…15hrs

Yes but only for hard drugs not drugs that can be shown through research that they can help improve mental health

@9633RLP from California answered…21hrs

Unser as I don’t know how long the sentence is. Nor the time for juveniles compared to prison.

@9632P3X from Kansas answered…24hrs

@963236J from Nevada answered…1 day

@962ZDWX from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

@962TYBZ from New York answered…1 day

it would depend on the drug because they legalized marijuana in some states and not others and people caught with a certian ammount recive more time than others

@962BXNN from Colorado answered…2 days

No, it should be decriminalized, and they should get help not punishment.

@9622XVR from Tennessee answered…2 days

I believe in corporal punishment sting them upon a whipping post and impose the lesson

@95ZY9SG from Wisconsin answered…2 days

Yes, but only for drug dealers convicted of being responsible for selling "significant quanitities" of a schedule drug illegally. If you're a dealer and selling 2lb of Marijuana, that's not much. Two pounds of meth or an opiod? That's a lot.

@95ZX777 from Michigan answered…2 days

@95ZQZWX from Iowa answered…2 days

Users should go through rehab and serve a smaller sentence. Dealers should serve mandatory sentence

@95ZQST4 from Alabama answered…2 days

Drug dealers should have a mandatory minimum prison sentence but, users should have mandatory rehab sentences.

@95ZQMTZ from Washington answered…2 days

@95ZGKS5 from Texas answered…3 days

Yes, but only for repeat offenders and amount of contraband for first time offenders.

@95Y88XYIndependent from North Carolina answered…4 days

@95Y28QJ from New York answered…4 days

It depends on how much the person is carrying and should be charged differently on the kind of drug

@95XVG7D from Texas answered…4 days

Yes. Definitely for drug dealers, and for anyone else caught over a predetermined amount of dangerous drugs.

@95XL3K4 from Illinois answered…4 days

I think that if the people are using drugs that are deadly they need to be charged, but if it is just weed that is legal, that is acceptable.

@95XKM2K from Oklahoma answered…4 days

I think maybe some community service, but jail time for drug possession is such a waste of time for everyone. There are so many other issues to pay attention to.

@95XJ5QS from Illinois answered…4 days

Yes, but only for drug users, not dealers. Get them the help they need after prison.

@95X9BJN from New York answered…5 days

Yes, drug deals should get a higher sentence. Drug users should be put into a prison that is focusing on rehabilitation and sober living. Giving them the coping mechanisms to help them stay sober.

@95X4SJNPeace and Freedom from Maine answered…5 days

@95X4RCWDemocrat from Nebraska answered…5 days

Yes, but the sentence should be based on the mass that is possessed.

@95X43SS from Virginia answered…5 days

@95WSP45 from Washington answered…5 days

@95WSDDX from Illinois answered…5 days

Mandatory enrollment in a state subsidized rehabilitation center for those charged with possession. Mandatory minimum prison sentence for drug dealers.

@95WR9YSIndependent from Florida answered…5 days

No, send those charged with possession to rehabilitation centers so they can improve.

@95WKS6G from New York answered…5 days

Only drug dealers and only if the drug could kill not like marijuana or psychedelics

@5NC3FB5from Utah  answered…5 days

@95TJ9BD from California answered…1wk

No, but either house arrest or public service would be a good alternative.

@95TF49P from Texas answered…1wk

@95SVHYLfrom Arkansas  answered…1wk

No, legalize and regulate all drugs, and release everyone who was convicted of a non-violent drug charge

@95SXLNH from Texas answered…1wk

i think yes but only if they comply to doing therapy and drug test every other month when they get out of prison.

@95SWKNYIndependent from California answered…1wk

It depends on the drug. If its marijuana they should allow them to be free

@95SWHKG from California answered…1wk

It depends on what drug/s and what the intent was. This needs to be researched better and worded better


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