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No, the government should not determine what is fake or real news

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  agreed…2wks

No, the government should not determine what is fake or real news

At that point, media becomes a propaganda center.

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No, social media companies are private and should not be regulated by the government

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Yes, social media companies are politically biased and need to be regulated

 @JonBSimConstitutionfrom Kentucky  disagreed…2wks

No, the government should not determine what is fake or real news

If a business bans people along political lines, it should be treated as a publisher and sued as such.

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@6VRCV2L from Florida answered…2yrs

The government should ensure that people who intentionally mislead others are flagged and responded to with factual, non-bias evidence from all sides of the actual story.

@6VRZ2N2Peace and Freedomfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

Social media companies tend to be profit driven which greatly hinders their ability to run their business without bias. Advert sales are not monitored strictly enough and this results in certain individuals/companies/sovereign states taking advantage of the system in place to push their own political/social agenda with the use of fake statistics and facts to control the mind set of the populous.

@6VRGFFV from New Mexico answered…2yrs

The governments role should ensure that antitrust laws are not broken and that there is not a monopoly regarding information. I think that the site providing their information should be required to include enough personal information so one can determine if it is biased.

@95WRV25 from Montana answered…13hrs

Social media companies should be held to the 1st amendment as a public utility

@95WF5BF from New Jersey answered…1 day

Social media should be held accountable for what is consider factual in there sites and opinions not news should be labeled that way

@95VFMKH from New Jersey answered…2 days

@95V9Y5N from Texas answered…2 days

@95V79LXWorkers from Kansas answered…2 days

No, but the companies should be held liable when their algorithms help radicalize terrorists such as school shooters

@95V5BRT from Missouri answered…2 days

No but the government should be able to step in to protect freedom of speech

@95TNFYC from Tennessee answered…2 days

Yes, but people specialized in certain fields should be the ones deciding what is harmful

@95THN4Rfrom New Jersey  answered…3 days

No, but the social media site should do it’s own due diligence in ensuring accurate information

@95TG7LWIndependent from Rhode Island answered…3 days

No the govt should not determine what is fake/real and neither should the social media companies. The person reading it should decide for themselves.

@95T9WGS from California answered…3 days

@95TB5GM from Michigan answered…3 days

There is a lot of misinformation and misleading news on social media BUT no government should be able to control what is shown to it’s citizens.

@95T982XProgressive from Wisconsin answered…3 days

Yes, but opinions should not be regulated. “Fake news”should be corrected and flagged. It’s a slippery slope and protections for free speech and outright misinformation need to be clearly defined.

@95T8P4B from Illinois answered…3 days

No but social media companies should do more to prevent the spread of fake news and propaganda. Government should also be able to take action against hubs of this type of misinformation if nothing is done.

@95SX7K9 from Utah answered…3 days

Politics on the news should not be biased in general, they should just say things happening in the political world and not aim for one side.

@95SRFSL from Florida answered…3 days

No, it can become a slippery slope where the government is allowed to ban any news they might find unfavorable

@95SLNG6 from Florida answered…3 days

I don’t think that government regulations would solve this problem because it would also use this power to put out information to support its own power and position but something should be done about this issue.

@95SGJGPSocialist from Florida answered…3 days

Should be able to regulate punishments to users of knowingly, intentionally, or negligently harmful misinformation and disinformation, which could incite violence. But not for merely being wrong or having an incendiary opinion.

@95S8CKZ from Texas answered…3 days

More needs to be done about fake news, but I do not trust a government to unilaterally intervene and arbitrate

@95RXSTC from Texas answered…3 days

Yes, but said content must only be accompanied by a label that declares a message's content to be factually inaccurate or deceiving, rather than removing it in it's entirety.

@95RVC9MProgressive from Oregon answered…4 days

Social media companies should be treated as a public forum, but the origins of false information should be prosecuted.

@95RQM2X from Iowa answered…4 days

No, illegal content is already regulated. Social media should be incentivized to promote truth and fact checking.

@95RQ34P from Louisiana answered…4 days

I am able to see both sides of this issue and thus cannot answer. On the one hand misinformation and fake news are a massive problem, but on the other Social Media are the main form of communication today, and thus regulating them invites censorship and unconstitutional behavior.

@95RMJGZ from Arizona answered…4 days

No but Set standards and requirements for professional journalists to provide evidence.

@95RL2DY from Maryland answered…4 days

Yes, so long as regulation does not impinge upon freedom of speech

@95RK78G from Indiana answered…4 days

No: if the government were allowed to regulate misinformation, it would be allowed to regulate accurate information.

@95R9KGPIndependent from West Virginia answered…4 days

@95RFSY6from Maine  answered…4 days

No, but there should be severe penalties for peddling lies and misinformation. Fines proportional to income and/or worth.

@95RFMQC from Utah answered…4 days

I don’t trust the government to be able to fairly define what is or is not harmful

@95RF93B from Virginia answered…4 days

Only to the extent of required disclaimer that information presented is not new

@95RBZ9ZSocialist from Vermont answered…4 days

No, the government shouldn't interfere directly and lacks public trust, but a return of the Fairness in Media act should be proposed and passed and nationalize internet.

@95R9B3C from Oklahoma answered…4 days

social media posts should be understood to not be private and should be subject to hate speech law enforcement

@95R696Z from Texas answered…4 days

@95QVRRHRepublican from North Carolina answered…4 days

Destroy large social media companies. They are a terrible thing for society.

@95QT55F from Washington answered…4 days

They need to check if it's something like comedy, like The Onion before doxing them.


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