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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, but only if there is proof someone died from the drugs they trafficked

@6R3G2YXfrom Colorado  answered…2yrs

No, and the death pendalty should be abolished because the legal system can be wrong.

@9672WFY from Colorado answered…22hrs

Yes, but only if charges of murder and sex trafficking are involved, and if they are repeat offenders

@966YGMX from Texas answered…1 day

@966YCYK from Washington answered…1 day

No, I do not believe in the death penalty, but if someone died from the drugs they trafficked or the means they used to traffic them, then they should receive life without parole.

@966V3QH from Michigan answered…1 day

Yes, but only if there is undeniable proof someone died as a result of the trafficking. No trial, no parole not even life in prison.

@966QRVQGreen from Georgia answered…1 day

Drug Industries should be legalized, strictly regulated, and taxed, not punished by death.

@965YL77 from New York answered…2 days

It depends on the situation in my opinion. A person who is trafficking massive quantities of hard drugs but hasn’t directly physically harmed someone doesn’t deserve the death penalty, but definitely should serve prison time. Someone who has directly and intentionally murdered or otherwise physically harmed people in the interest of drug trafficking may be deserving of the death penalty depending on the number of people killed and how horrific the murder was.

@965JSR4 from Idaho answered…2 days

@965B7C8Republican from Oklahoma answered…2 days

I don't think they should be sentenced the death penalty, but if it's proven they used mules, then yes.

@9648ZPG from Washington answered…4 days

@9642PXF from Utah answered…5 days

If I am not mistaken, if you are caught smuggling drugs into Singapore, the penalty is death. W have a wide open border with who knows what kind of people pouring in. I support the wall and border security, not to keep the good and honest people out, but to keep the bad guys - the criminals - out. So, yeah. If people are caught smuggling drugs into the United States, I would 100% support the death penalty. We don’t need Americans being harmed by potential drugs coming into our nation.

@963S4SHfrom Texas  answered…5 days

Yes, if there is evidence in a fair trial that they trafficked people as well

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…5 days

No, legalize and regulate all drugs, making drug consumption safer, eliminating the Black Market, ending the lacing of fentanyl in drugs, and ending drug trafficking

@963BJNCRepublican from Texas answered…5 days

Yes if they know gave out a bad product they knew would kill people because of it.

@962WCW4 from Delaware answered…6 days

@962BXNN from Colorado answered…6 days

@96236CTDemocrat from Texas answered…7 days

Maybe. I thinks this depends. Fair trial. But also did they knowingly do this or continue to do this know the person who was given would die

@95ZXZQ8 from Arizona answered…1wk

Republicans like to think this is a question of criminality -- yet they laud the Capitalist who soaks billions out of the American economy through the manipulation and exploitation of labor. Hypocrites. Drug dealers are only meeting a Capitalist market with what it wants. Want to stop drug dealers? Take away the demand of the market.

@95Z5VFYIndependent from Massachusetts answered…1wk

No, drug trafficking is often forced and those who are caught are not usually those responsible

@95WSP45 from Washington answered…1wk

No, as long as the criminal did not commit any violent crimes or murder.

@95V5BRT from Missouri answered…2wks

@95TYLHW from California answered…2wks

Yes, but for hard drugs not marijuana unless the marijuana is laced with harder drugs.

@95SNFYF from Georgia answered…2wks

@95S5JXPDemocrat from California answered…2wks

Depends if they are repeat offenders plus what drug was involved plus the circumstance.

@95RSJWX from Oregon answered…2wks

@95RR267 from Minnesota answered…2wks

No decriminalized drugs that are regulated and used in an environment with professionals involved in a destigmatized fashion would help the most and decrease deaths from drugs. If you don't support this you don't support bars because that's what a bar is.

@95RPHZNfrom Maine  answered…2wks

Yes, but only if there is proof of homicide, negligent homicide or death as a result of drugs they trafficked.

@95RM6J6 from Washington answered…2wks

No, I do not believe in the death penalty nor the illegality of drug sales or drug usage

@95RBPXH from New York answered…2wks

@95QKMNK from Iowa answered…2wks

yes only after a fair trial,are repeat offenders,and they're is proof people died from drugs they traffic

@95Q45V2 from Florida answered…2wks

Decriminalize all narcotics and treat it as a health problem and not a law enforcement issue.

@95PZXW9from Pennsylvania  answered…2wks

I think anyone can die if they consent to it just as long as they don't commit a serious crime like rape or murder

@95PZ2YTLibertarian from Illinois answered…2wks

Yes, as long as they are given a fair trial and they are given the option to instead used for thr furthering of science

@95PXTW5 from New Hampshire answered…2wks

@95PL2QL from Virginia answered…2wks


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