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@9YP3CTSConstitution from Virginia answered…2 days

I think higher admin and security should be allowed to carry guns

@9YND889Republican from Mississippi answered…5 days

Teachers should be allowed to carry weapons IF they have the proper training. Weapons should also be held in a locked box in the room where there is no issue on a student getting a hold of it.

@9YN98DLDemocrat from Utah answered…5 days

Yes as long as they are properly sucurred and not in plain sight for students to grab

@9YN93RZWorking Family from Michigan answered…5 days

@9YN6W8RRepublican from California answered…5 days

This is a states rights issue and should remain a states rights issuw

@9YN6GLYDemocrat from Louisiana answered…5 days

Yes, but they must have an extensive background check and must be trained beforehand.

@9YN4PF8Peace and Freedom from Missouri answered…5 days

@9YN2FFNDemocrat from North Carolina answered…6 days

teachers that have permits to have a gun should be allowed for emergancys

@9YMRFP9Women’s Equality from Nevada answered…6 days

No, because this would increase the risk of accidental shootings. Instead hire professionally trained security guards instead

@9YMQVYFGreen from Maryland answered…6 days

no I believe that all teacher should at least have one self defense weapons like tasers

@9YMGVFXDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…7 days

i feel as if they should because if there's a school shooter for an example their helping us with our saftey but what if it gets into a students hands ?

@9KYSYNNRepublican from Texas answered…1yr

Schools should have at least one armed personnel that has had the training to hold a gun in case of security incidents. Perhaps not a teacher, but maybe a security personnel that can move around the school freely in case of incidents.

@9KYWDDLRepublican from Colorado answered…1yr

Depending on the grade of the school, pre school and elementary is a no. middle school maybe if they where in the military r armed force. Highschool ya i think so.

@9KYCJF4Libertarian from California answered…1yr

Yes If the teacher is trained in the usage and understands the roll of his/her limitations.

@9KY5TS4Working Family from New Jersey answered…1yr

Yes and no, because there should be cops provided around the building (1-2) but if there are no cops to be provided and the teacher is reliable enough to have a gun then yes.

@9KXQDFGRepublican from Wyoming answered…1yr

yes and no i feel that this is not as important to me then other issues

@9KXHRSQDemocrat from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Depending on what community... For example, California schools should be allowed, however, smaller towns, it is not necessary.

@9KXGJGJVeteran from Michigan answered…1yr

No, hire retired/honorably discharged veterans as security guards instead

@9KWSB25Women’s Equality from Ohio answered…1yr

Yes but Teachers must pass a mental health and background check, Take continuous training and concealed carry classes and there should be one police officer in each school

@9KWR6PBRepublican from Virginia answered…1yr

@9KWQZG4Working Family from North Carolina answered…1yr

I think that a teacher should be allowed to carry a gun, but only can be used if there is a very serious threat.

@9KWPF28Democrat from Connecticut answered…1yr

Fun Fact That's very dangerous .Especially if your a teacher that teaches elementary students. I mean you never know what can happen , how come if the teacher leaves it on the middle of her desk and a student just picks it up , even if it doesn't have any bullets in it , its still dangerous . You can't really assume now ? anything can happen, and anything is possible.

@9KWLVRPWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

@9KW8YPFRepublican from Hawaii answered…1yr

Properly trained individuals should have the right to conceal carry. This persom should prior military and or law inforcment background. 8 hour class is not acceptable.

@9KW6M3TPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…1yr

It shouldn't even be necessary but maybe at least one trained professional should be on campus and teachers should be trained in disarming and defense.

@9KW5W3MTranshumanist from Utah answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they are trained in the proper use and safe storage of the firearm.

@9KW5BN5Veteran from Illinois answered…1yr

No, and hire veterans to have their own guns and protect the students and staff if there should be a need to do so.

@9KV34X5Constitution from Iowa answered…1yr

Yes, all teachers and staff should be trained in firearm safety and self defense technique. Then have the option to carry a firearm once properly trained.

@9KV53LLWomen’s Equality from Oklahoma answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they go through the required training and psychological tests.

@9KTZ653Republican from Illinois answered…1yr

i dont think teachers should be allowed sense there really close to student but i think security guards should be allowed to have guns.

@9KTYNB7Republican from Kentucky answered…1yr

Yes but they should have to pass a test to make sure it would be ok in the hands of that person.

@9KTWBDPWorking Family from Illinois answered…1yr

@9KTVC38Green from Pennsylvania answered…1yr

Yes, but only if properly trained and licensed, and there should be a trigger lock on the firearm

@9KTNW9KWomen’s Equality from Maine answered…1yr

Yes, but only after thorough training and multiple tests to make sure the person is fit to carry in school

@9KT7M5RVeteran from Virginia answered…1yr

Yes. This should be an option for trained individuals who have shown responsible gun ownership and can prove such.

@9KSWYR6Democrat from Arizona answered…1yr

I believe if the teachers have proper training and if there are more security guards than yes.

@9KSTYVHGreen from Minnesota answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they are well trained and know how to handle firearm situations.

@9KSKH9MPeace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…1yr

Yes, as long as they are properly trained to aim and shoot the gun.

@9KSFXCDPeace and Freedom from Arkansas answered…1yr

@9KSD4ZLTranshumanist from Missouri answered…1yr

only if your school has some sketchy *** kids who have made threats before

@9KSCQ26Working Family from Wisconsin answered…1yr

@9KSCCJ2Republican from Virginia answered…1yr

@9KS6X8KWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…1yr

@9KS6GM7Democrat from Utah answered…1yr

They should be able to have one if they are trained in the firearm and if its kept in a secure case where kids can't get to it. This could help if there is a school shooting or if they are in danger.

@9KS59K8Transhumanist from North Carolina answered…1yr

Yes, but there should be some form of training given to those that choose to carry in schools to ensure mental stability and knowledge on the safe use of a firearm

@9KS45RGDemocrat from Oregon answered…1yr

this one is a tricky one, I think that teachers shouldn't have to because they are there after all to teach and school shootings shouldn't even be a problem, there defiantly should be restrictions on how you can obtain a gun and what kind of guns (for example, everyday people don't need military grad guns, like automatic and semi automatic machine guns), also I think it's important to look at when the second amendment was made and what type of guns were in use.

@9KRZT33Peace and Freedom from North Carolina answered…1yr


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