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@B46QXG7Libertarian from New Jersey answered…30mins

@B46M5CFDemocrat from Kansas answered…9hrs

Only if they were military or have signicant trading in firearms (to prevent accidental deaths or injuries)

@B45KDZRVeteran from Idaho answered…2 days

@B45GQCRWorking Family from South Carolina answered…2 days

Teachers should be allowed to have a safe in their room that only they have access to in case of a school shooting to protect children and themselves.

@B45GLBCVeteran from Utah answered…2 days

Yes, but teachers should have to pass a training and safety course if they desire to carry on school campuses.

@9HPWMMZPeace and Freedom from California answered…2yrs

Yes, but they need to be properly trained on the weapon they will carry and have regular mental checkups. There should also be annual weapon training.

@9HPW5G3Women’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

There should be trained officers in each building - teachers should not carry guns its dangerous

@9HPVKV2Libertarian from Michigan answered…2yrs

The individual school should decide and share their policy with the students/parents.

@9HPTYV3Working Family from Alabama answered…2yrs

Yes, but only after going through training and safety courses.

@CalebruzickaPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…2yrs

I think that if we take certain measures to stop school shootings from happening in the first place this wouldn’t be relevant. Like sensible gun control, poverty reduction, access to mental health, and other social services

@9HPQ892Women’s Equality from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

I think that If the teacher has had training and is mentally capable and trusted. they can but it could also scare students.

@9HPP3VFConstitution from Wyoming answered…2yrs

@9HPJN4WAmerican from Wyoming answered…2yrs

Yes, but only after the teacher has gone through a back ground check and had a mental stability check done and then trained to use said guns, and when not to use them.

@9HPDPK7Republican from Kansas answered…2yrs

Yes, but they must be deputized and provided advanced training in gun safety.

@9HPBW8DIndependent from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if the property tax payers in the area vote for it.

@9HP9WWJSocialist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

They shouldn't be able to carry guns, but they should be able to carry some type of weapon like pepper spray, or a hand held weapon that is not a gun.

@9HP7HTNConstitution from Virginia answered…2yrs

Yes, but there needs to be a rigorous training course in which the teachers prove they know how to handle a firearm, and know how to handle a situation in which it would be needed to use.

@9HP54BLWorking Family from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

They should not be allowed to carry guns but should be allowed to carry other forms of self defense

@9HP39LPLibertarian from Missouri answered…2yrs

@9HP2B4RWomen’s Equality from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

No teacher should have a gun. Only administration officials or security guards should have a gun.

@9HNZNSRWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes and no because people make mistakes and stuff could happen but it could also be used for protection

@9HNZGTZGreen from Florida answered…2yrs

I feel like they should undergo excessive mental health checks to make sure they aren't unstable and should be punished incredibly severely if they are found threatening or misusing it towards a student but i feel like they should be allowed t with as many school shootings and things that happen now a day it sounds harsh and bad but if the teacher undergoes gun training and knows very very well how to use one then if they can stop the person about to shoot up the school without killing them that would be awesome even if the school shooter gets shot. If they can do so without killing him or her and stop hundreds of kids from dying than that would be awesome to give them the choice to have a gun at school.

@9HNVMPVSocialist from Missouri answered…2yrs

No, but they should have bullet proof vests on hand in the classroom

@9HNTYKHWorking Family from Texas answered…2yrs

No, unless the teacher has training with the gun and knows how to use it

@9HNLR49American Solidarity from Oregon answered…2yrs

Yes but I think they should have to go through training and gun safety

@9HNLHHBWomen’s Equality from New Jersey answered…2yrs

im in the middle because it could come in handy if there is something bad going on but it should not be out in the open so kids dont mess around

@9HNK9RZRepublican from Washington answered…2yrs

@9HNGVQ8Working Family from Ohio answered…2yrs

Only one person which is the principle should be allowed to be stored safety,so only he can find it and he has to get a carry-conceal permit to able to have it at school.

@9HNFSYXPeace and Freedom from Texas answered…2yrs

No, but ideally if gun control was more intense it wouldn't be necessary

@9HNFS2RRepublican from Ohio answered…2yrs

@9HNDMF6Republican from Iowa answered…2yrs

yes but keep it put away and only use when emergency occures

@9HNDFBFRepublican from Colorado answered…2yrs

yes, but under go background checks, mental health checks, safety, etc.

@9HNDDMXWomen’s Equality from Ohio answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if they are professionally trained and receive yearly safety training.

@9HND3ZPWorking Family from Kansas answered…2yrs

@9HN9PLLConstitution from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9HN9NMWDemocrat from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

@9HN8MV7Peace and Freedom from Minnesota answered…2yrs

Yes, Depending on where the school is located. if the area has a high crime rate then it should be allowed with at least one armed teacher.

@9HN8D6PLibertarian from California answered…2yrs

@9HN7LDBWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…2yrs

yes and no. I would say yes because then they could protect students but then again a kid might use it on another kid or the student

@9HN5T6ZWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…2yrs

no because a student could grab is only security guards that are trained should carry one

@9HN2WDJWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

Yes, but make sure to check and see that all personal have little to no criminal background

@9HN2RHLWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…2yrs

If the students feels safe with that teacher then that is what really matters. Also I feel as though if the students feel like they can be more safe with that teacher having guns. Background checks should be done.


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