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@B4KMSGDPeace and Freedom from New York answered…3 days

No, funding would be more beneficial towards assisting addiction patients.

@B4972RWPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…4wks

No. But there needs to be more assistance for detox and drug rehab.

@B48ZTDHRepublican from Pennsylvania answered…1mo

Yes, But only to help wean drug users off like some European country's

@B2RFBZ4Libertarian from Texas answered…3mos

Completely unnecessary, people who are addicted to illegal drugs do not need "Safe havens" to be able to use them under supervision of medical professionals.They need to learn or relearn what got them there in the first place. And find somewhere from there too stop their addiction. Not constantly use drugs until their "Cured" of their addiction supervised by doctors. This is state-sanctioned drug addict facilities.

@B2PH23VLibertarian from New York answered…4mos

Cities should be allowed to provide these programs if they deem it prudent. Drugs should federally legal

@B2KCBXRVeteran from California answered…4mos

The Federal government should allow and create criteria for areas to create smaller red light zones to give the filth a place to occur, but not force them to be created.

@B2DCKJSTranshumanist from Kansas answered…4mos

@B28XQV9Peace and Freedom from Ohio answered…4mos

@B27G2RGPeace and Freedom from Arizona answered…4mos

@9ZLBGX3Peace and Freedom from Illinois answered…5mos

Yes, but heavy drug use should be treated similarly to heavy drinking and smoking and should not be actively encouraged.

@9ZJCWJSLibertarian from California answered…5mos

@9Z74WLFWomen’s Equality from Florida answered…6mos

drug abuse should be treated as a health issue but in no instance should the abuser use drugs even under supervision as it encourages drug use. the point is for users to stop using/abusing the drugs

@9Z36JZRWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…6mos

This should be treated as a health issue BUT it should not be supervised use.

@9YT5WKZDemocrat from Arizona answered…7mos

No, instead, this should be treated as a health issue. Drugs should not be used unless you have a prescription for drugs for bodily issues, mental issues.

@dscilliaPeace and Freedom from Alabama answered…7mos

Not generally, but rehabilitation services should be free and could use this as a mechanism to begin to wean hesitant addicts from their drug addiction.

@9YS7DR3Democrat from Maryland answered…7mos

Yes, it helps reduce drug overdose and also helps reduce the demand for the drugs to begin with. We should also allow for more funding to drug abuse programs in schools

@9YPK5H5Women’s Equality from California answered…7mos

Yes, but require rehabilitation if you use the government programs.

@9YKVRPXLeft Frontfrom Oklahoma  answered…7mos

@9Y6KB5JDemocrat from New York answered…8mos

I'm unsure because I sort of think that it depends on the drug; I do believe that rehab centers and programs should be made much more accessible.

@9Y6B42ZDemocrat from Indiana answered…8mos

Yes, as long as their purpose is to eventually wean people off these drugs

@9Y37NNXLibertarian from Michigan answered…8mos

No, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue but they should not encourage the use of drugs

@9XY8ZW3Democrat from Florida answered…8mos

Don't necessarily allow them to take drugs as they please, but allow them to be rehabilitated and take drugs IF NECESSARY.

@9XX7XT4Working Family from Virginia answered…8mos

Yes, but I think they should still somehow steer them away from using drugs.

@9XT5H3PWomen’s Equality from Alaska answered…8mos

As long as they don't have children or need to financially support someone then its fine

@9XS22QPTranshumanist from New Jersey answered…8mos

No, focus resources on funding rehabilitation centers and anti-addiction medication

@9XLGBFJAlliance ’90/The Greensfrom Tennessee  answered…9mos

on the condition it is used in a rehabilitive manner, and not just a place to fuel negative habits

@9XJ748KPopulist from Kansas answered…9mos

Yes there should be 10 cities on the southern border that all crime including drug use is legal but everywhere else they are executed

@9XGCRJHGreen from Ohio answered…9mos

Yes, but only to help them to not be dependent on drugs any longer

@Greyson-Holtzcla…Democrat from Texas answered…9mos

Yes, and legalize certain drugs such as Cannabis so quality control can be established

@9X86MS4Transhumanist from Idaho answered…9mos

@9X7K6SFLibertarian from North Carolina answered…9mos

@9X795ZGPeace and Freedom from Colorado answered…9mos

@9X6KF7GDemocrat from Kansas answered…9mos

@9WYD42DPeace and Freedom from Maryland answered…9mos

Yes, drug abuse should be treated as a health or mental issue, not a criminal issue. But there should also be an implementation of rehab or recovery centers after working through addiction safely with doctors.

@9WY9M2ZDemocrat from Nevada answered…9mos

Yes, but keep them monitored by health care professionals and keep the doses low. Treat it like a rehabilitation center but without dying of withdraws.

@9WL2F9ZWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…10mos

I think the money could instead be put towards treatment centers and programs

@9VXNN25Constitution from Indiana answered…10mos

No, and arrest those who are under the influence in public, including alcohol.

@9VP23RZTranshumanist from California answered…11mos

No people with addiction should go to rehab subsidized by the government

@9VB9DZVDemocrat from Illinois answered…1yr

Yes but as a means to an end. They should be open with the goal of helping users beat addiction.

@9V2DLMYPeace and Freedom from Tennessee answered…1yr

No, but there should be more funding to treat addictions instead of punishing those who suffer

@9TY8XTYVeteran from Maryland answered…1yr

No, this hurts the drug user and strains already limited medical professional staff members needed elsewhere

@9TTHG93Veteran from Utah answered…1yr

No, they should open more rehab centers to help stop and treat the addiction rather than enable it.

@9TRZTYFWorking Family from Kansas answered…1yr

If it can be tested in certain areas and proven to work then it could be implemented at large.

@ClaycastWomen’s Equality from Indiana answered…1yr

Yes, but only if they are designed to taper addicts off the drugs and/or double as a addiction treatment center


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