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Yes, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue

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No, this would encourage drug use and lower funding for rehabilitation centers

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@9645CM8 from Maryland answered…20hrs

@96455Y7Republican from Florida answered…22hrs

Cities should legalize drugs and provide treatment for drug users who demonstrate a desire to accept help.

@9642PXF from Utah answered…1 day

@963W3HB from Arkansas answered…1 day

@95ZCJ2C from Virginia answered…3 days

Yes, only temporarily, as law enforcement and the FBI can use these centers to investigate where the drugs are coming from.

@95ZZS6B from Nebraska answered…3 days

@95ZNM67 from California answered…3 days

This is a tough issue. I believe non violent drug offences should be decriminalized, but am unsure if "safe havens" are the correct way to go.

@95YRZKD from Maine answered…5 days

Yes, but I believe them being private would be more prudent, though obviously still regulated to prevent neglect and abuse

@95YNBM8 from New Mexico answered…5 days

@95YN4PMfrom Virgin Islands  answered…5 days

I would rather fund rehabilitation and treatment facilities instead.

@95Y5FL6 from South Carolina answered…5 days

yes, but use it to slowly lower their dosage to get them off of drugs.

@95Y3NV8 from Kansas answered…5 days

@95XYVYL from Indiana answered…5 days

I think that a safe haven is a good idea but also id like to see aduse treatment and not just supervision

@95XQV3L from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

I think you have to be very careful. Drug use is not inherently a crime in my eyes, because it is just the body and mind getting addicted to something. So this safe haven could work, but only if at the same time the people are being taught to let go of drugs.

@95XF42X from Pennsylvania answered…6 days

@95X4HJY from Oregon answered…6 days

@95WYL2B from Michigan answered…6 days

I think we need to focus more on rehabilitating them then criminalizing them if they are'nt harming others but I see too many ways this could go wrong.

@95WSP45 from Washington answered…6 days

Yes, but these facilities should push healthy rehabilitation instead of complacency.

@95VJH9M from North Carolina answered…1wk

Yes, but only in the attempt to recover and no longer be addicted from the drug

@95VG49M from California answered…1wk

@95V5BRT from Missouri answered…1wk

@95TYJJX from West Virginia answered…1wk

@95THZH3from Ohio  answered…1wk

@95T2LLT from Tennessee answered…1wk

@95SLGBK from Missouri answered…1wk

Yes, for a time, in order to determine if the service will have a net positive effect on reducing ODs and increasing rehab admissions.

@95RV4VN from Oregon answered…1wk

@95RT9SC from California answered…1wk

I feel that while safe havens are a good idea we should focus on making rehabilitation more accessible and affordable

@95RR9H6Socialist from New Hampshire answered…1wk

Yes, but connect them to rehabilitation centers so those who are addicted can get help immediately if they desire it.

@95R6CCX from Pennsylvania answered…1wk

No, but drug abuse should be treated more as a health or mental health issue and amnesty locations should be available

@95R4967from Maine  answered…1wk

No, This should be handled by a higher level government department.

@95MZ2S5 from Minnesota answered…2wks

No, but rehabilitation centers should be authorized to wean people off of drugs with progressively smaller doses.

@95NMK68 from California answered…2wks

Yes, as this would help decrease the amount of overdoses caused in the us tied states of America, while still allowing the society to take care and manage the amount we use, to maybe “get off” the abuse.

@95NJNZYRepublican from Missouri answered…2wks

@95MGSH9Republican from Massachusetts answered…2wks

No, focus more on rehabilitation methods. instead of encouraging use, encouraging getting sober.

@95LL5DWDemocrat from Virginia answered…2wks

Yes, only in these places they will be eased out of their heavy use of drugs

@95LRBX4 from Tennessee answered…2wks

They should be under watch by the government for the illegal smuggling.


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