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@8NXYWTZ from Michigan commented…2yrs

I love her!! I believe she is a great candidate for the 2024/2028 elections and I will definitely be voting for her. While Biden is better than Trump, they're both still bad, AOC would be a great fit and cause many positive changes to this country.

@8PWMHYV from Michigan commented…2yrs

I Totally Agree, I agree with most things about Biden but I think he lacks intelligence and leadership. I watched most of his rallies and he was extremely boring. I think aoc is a way better candidate.

@8SW425KDemocratfrom Guam  commented…1yr

My concern is her stance on China, which I couldn't find anything about. On basically all questions, I agree with AOC but I don't like the CCP at all, which might be where we disagree the most.

@8Y7RGRJ from Indiana commented…9mos

Glad im not the only one worried about the ccp, they are a growing threat to democracy

@8NYJRLXRepublican from Illinois commented…2yrs

What positive changes?

@8PDW96F  from Michigan commented…2yrs

End lobbying, dismantle the fossil fuel industry in favour of clean energy, nationalize healthcare, abolish ICE, reform the criminal justice system, end private prisons, decrease wealth inequality, etc. You people.

@imby0 from Virginia commented…2yrs

I don't know how much you know about Biden but he seems like someone who is wearing a mask of lies but underneath he seems similar to Trump. I do agree he is better than Trump but the reason for me is because he does have that mask and must maintain

@8NXPGBR  from New York commented…2yrs

Thoughts on AOC saying she might leave politics? She said she might quit politics in the interview with the NY Times stating that she didn’t even know she was gonna run for reelection this year. She also said that she feels like the Democratic Party does not want to push her ultra progressive agenda.

@8PBMKNGDemocrat  from Florida commented…2yrs

The Democratic Party is using candidates like her to explain why they did so poorly in down ballot races.

Was "de-fund the police" really the reason they lost in every seat?

Other reasons:

  1. Weak down ballot candidates.
  2. CV19 Lockdowns
  3. Senate / House leadership.

 @redp1ll3dCommunist from Georgia commented…1yr

@8XRJPQ5 from Massachusetts commented…10mos

Personally, I don't care who you voted for in 2020, as long as you don't hunt people down and eat them for disagreeing with you! Creepy Joe and Tronald Dump both suck. Biden said "you ain't black" and he recently used the n-word! Trump said climate change was a hoax and he told four congresswomen to "go back to your countries", which I didn't like. My advice to you: vote consciously! Don't just rely on the media because they lie too!

@8V4PJSZ from Michigan commented…1yr

She has no facts. Just yells at the camera enough to make people feel bad.

 @redp1ll3dCommunist from Georgia commented…1yr

Exactly, instead of getting rid of capitalism, she just wants to reform it.

@tmecooksIndependent from Washington commented…2yrs

Interesting candidate she’s good with things on racism besides affirmative action only problem is her views on economy and affirmative action other than that she straight


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