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@B4HTRGQGreen from Wisconsin answered…1wk

Jerusalem should be an international city, recognized by both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine as a common capital for their governments.

@B4HMDLNTranshumanist from Virginia answered…1wk

It's none of our business alone of these no questions are none of our business

@B4HHXF5Democrat from Texas answered…1wk

Neither as it doesn't matter where the capital is, but the principal of the situation.

@B4HG9RFDemocrat from California answered…1wk

Let Israel decide where their capital is, it’s their country.

@SEVY2001Independentfrom Nevada  answered…3wks

No, Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of historical Palestine, and Israel should dissolve and a democratic secular Palestinian state should rise with equal recognition and rights for Palestinians and Israelis.

@9JG9N4DLibertarian from Connecticut answered…2yrs

No, the government should not be involved in recognizing the capital's of other countries.

@9J7BGHZProgressive from Virginia answered…2yrs

Regardless, Israel should make this determination; not the US

@9J5V5SYRepublican from Idaho answered…2yrs

Not our business. That should be entirely up to Jerusalem and Israel.

@9J5KZXZIndependent from New York answered…2yrs

It’s should only be recognized as the capital, if Israel and Palestine form a 2 state government.

@Cliff-HulcoopGreenfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@9HX7SKNTranshumanist from North Carolina answered…2yrs

All governments should decide for themselves, which of their cities they name the capital and it should be respected.

@9HXR8GTWorking Family from Maryland answered…2yrs

@9HRJXQYLibertarian from California answered…2yrs

Regardless, this should not be considered the job of the US to dictate a foreign nation's affairs

@9HRSKC7Veteran from New Jersey answered…2yrs

No, not until relations between Palestine and Israel have been fully resolved.

@9HRF5W2Libertarian from South Carolina answered…2yrs

No, Its not out country therefore its not out decision

@Aaron-PurdyRepublican from Texas commented…1yr

Yes Yes, foreign governments should recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel Yes, and foreign governments should move their embassies there

did you not read the question???? the question was about should the United States recognize Israel's capital as Jerusalem. So therefore the question is abt the united states dum dum

@9HQKRY3Independent from South Carolina answered…2yrs

@9HPLJ2QDemocratfrom Michigan  answered…2yrs

@9HP9TRJSocialist from Washington D.C. answered…2yrs

No, unless Israel is willing to recognize it as the capital of Palestine simultaneously

@9HMWNC7Independent from Florida answered…2yrs

I don’t think it’s another country’s right to declare what the capital of another country is

@9HLVSDSGreen from Texas answered…2yrs

I don't quite know the exact situation between Israel and Palestine

@9HLTF6SWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of both Israel and Palestine. Let them divide the city into two capitals.

@9HLQXSSIndependent from New York answered…2yrs

@9HKWXZGPeace and Freedom from Virginia answered…2yrs

I do not care for the wars of the religious. America should stay out of it.

@9HKHKXRGreen from Georgia answered…2yrs

@9HK27BQWorking Family from Oregon answered…2yrs

That should not be in the control of any nation but Israel.

@9HJX7HGPeace and Freedom from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

It should not be a concern of the US as that should be decided by the people of Israel and Palestine

@Chelli-TimbieVeteran from Illinois answered…2yrs

This does not concern the United States and we should not be involved.

@9HGPT4GWomen’s Equality from Georgia answered…2yrs

I think it should be neutral and be the capital of both countries.

@9HG4BWCWorking Family from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs


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