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 @8RTRNSW from Arizona commented…2yrs

Did you know that every like on this video creates an additional leftist tear? Don't ask me how, that's science.

@8VCN8QG from Wisconsin commented…1yr

@8R7V29J from Georgia commented…2yrs

Master of the Debate, Super Intelligent Man, Very qualified to lead this country. He supports Religious freedoms and I love seeing Religious figures in political roles

@8YWL59GLibertarian from Washington commented…8mos

Let's say, hypothetically, I'm not that good a presidential candidate. And let's say theoretically, I somehow landed at 74 percent on this guys ballot. Okay, so we've established that I'm not that good a presidential candidate, and I got 74 percent on this guys ballot. Now considering this, it would mean that the results are inaccurate, right?

@8YDDQ3N from Maryland commented…9mos


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