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@7L26RWCWomen’s Equality from Vermont answered…2yrs

I actually don't think they should sing the National Anthem at football games. The amount of patriotism shown in this country is downright creepy.

@7L2QCKTRepublicanfrom California  answered…2yrs

No, do not disrespect the country, only the people who offend you.

@7KZY6PNVeteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Was it ever about racial injustice or police brutality or was it started because one person became second string instead of a starting quarterback.

@7KZYHQTTranshumanistfrom Oklahoma  answered…2yrs

No i do not support NFL players taking a knee to the National Anthem. The National Anthem is not about black rights it is about the thousands/millions of people who died for this county

@7KZY4ZQRepublican from Alabama answered…2yrs

I think it's wrong for anyone to refuse to stand in support for the very country that provides the abilty for them to make money playing a sport. It's disrespectful and foolish.
If they believe enough in their "protest" then let them show it by resigning from football and joining said movement. Show us how serious you really are.
Other than that, your protest means nothing and will achieve nothing, so let the fools kneel if they want, it's a pointless act in the first place.

@7L26DPWVeteran from Arkansas answered…2yrs

No, The uniform represents the company you work for which does not share your individual opinions. The 1st Amendment does not apply to Private Business.

@7KZWHD5Veteran from Indiana answered…2yrs

The players most definitely have the right to show disrespect and I have the right to turn off my TV

@7L2PBHWConstitution from Iowa answered…2yrs

These are paid performers in a game. If they choose to disrespect our military and flag, the public can vote who they support through their collective wallets

@7L29QSLRepublicanfrom Florida  answered…2yrs

No and if they aren't willing to educate themselves on facts of racial discrimination and police brutality and the sacrifice of the people protecting our flag, they should be fired and banned from the NFL.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…5yrs

No, regardless of their message, sports and politics should not be mixed

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…5yrs

Yes, it is their right to peacefully protest and express their freedom of speech.

 @ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...…5yrs

@Brother-JauffreRepublican from Illinois answered…1yr


They have the right to kneel and I have the right to boo them


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