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Yes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions

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No, and we should privatize more public transportation services

@93XXJ6B from California disagreed…4wks

I wholeheartly disagree. (This is long, but I'm not really trying to change your opinion on this. It doesn't matter what you think, I actively work on transportation in life, so my opinion will not just stay as an idle opinion on the internet) If we take lessons from history, I'm taking the time when public transit was largely privatized, then we will see that this will, probably, lead to nothing good. An example most transit enthuists know of is the Los Angeles streetcar, although I am going to explaining more than most people understand it. LA was once the city with the largest interurban streetcar system in the world, and this was run by a private company. The private company, Pacifific Electric/LARY, built these streetcar lines out for the pure intrest of profit, and running a streetcar was not and is not profitable. They made money by building out the lines and selling the real estate because the streetcar drastically increased property value. The people were as reliant with the streetcar, or more often nicknamed the red car, as they are with the automobile now. Like the big railroads of the time, they were also big infuencers on politics, this time with town hall not capital hill. They were nitourious for bribing city officals and corrupting local governments, as such the people resented them and they were eager when the ford model T became widely avaiable to switch over to gain freedom from the streetcar. Pacific Electric/LARY as such, lost heavy amounts of profit. The thought of subsidizing the streetcar though, was unpopular, and they ended up closing a lot of lines as they fell into deeper disrepair than they had already left them in too keep profits rolling. They planned to switch to buses before WW2, but the rubber shortage made them halt. Then General Motors bought up the companies and replaced the final lines with buses. This has given a lot of people the false consiparcy that GM killed the streetcar, they also did this in many other cities with their streetcar lines, but in reality, the nature of private businesses do not lend well to public utility. The only reason any privart public transportation companies exist in america now is because of government subsides. In an entirely free market system, public transit would not survive. Although if an entirely free market system existed than there wouldn't have been the development of the transcontinetal railways, the era of the freeway, and modern america as we know it. Maybe government bonds are Read more

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@948ZTQX from California answered…2hrs

yes, and provide more free public transportation that is a environmentally friendly solution

@948VJFC from Kentucky answered…5hrs

Yes, i think we should add subways, trains and make towns walkable, where you can walk where you need to, so there is no need for a car, we should also invest in free bikes for you to borrow

@948TYTH from Alabama answered…5hrs

No, the government does not have the authority to spend on any unenumerated bureaucratic agency.

@948QLFL from Idaho answered…8hrs

Yes, if the money spent would actually improve the quality of transportation.

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@948HZC2from Washington  answered…23hrs

Yes, but we should limit another part of government spending to conpensate the expensive bill

@948FFKLProgressive from Kansas answered…1 day

I think that we need to create an infrastructure that promotes public transport and in that case we should increase spending.

@948C27ZLibertarian from Ohio answered…1 day

We should add where economically justifiable and competitive to existing means

@9486WXT from Texas answered…1 day

yes it should and it should also have its own rules like no litering and stuff

@94862FK from Texas answered…1 day

@947Z23G from New Hampshire answered…2 days

Yes, and also prioritize spending on environmentally friendly transportation

@947QRB7 from Pennsylvania answered…3 days

@947QKNWIndependent from Indiana answered…3 days

Regardless, our Public Transportation needs to be massively overhauled. Implementing a system like what Japan has where Public transit is available to the majority of citizens would be ideal, and a great source of income for cities/towns big and small.

@947HHNKIndependent from Massachusetts answered…4 days

No, the federal and state-level governments should spend less on roads, highways, etc., but cities should focus on making public areas more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly.

@947HFBV from California answered…4 days

Yes, and increase the socially acceptable aspect to taking public transportation

@947DCDC from New Mexico answered…4 days

@947D2YQ from Arizona answered…4 days

Provide more free public transport that is also environmentally friendly

@9478B8K from Washington answered…4 days

If the local infrastructure can allow for further development of efficient public transportation.

@946Y6RP from Georgia answered…5 days

This is not a federal government issue. The federal government should not fund public transportation at all. That should be left to state and local governments. The current level of finding is adequate.

@946XW9N from Texas answered…5 days

Remain the same as is, but demand transparency of the spending. Our infrastructure is an embarrassment.

@946XTV4 from Arizona answered…5 days

Yes but only after our budget deficit and its more environmentally friendly

@946XDJN from New Mexico answered…5 days

I feel the funding for public transportation; as well as many others programs that have recently funded are tremendously mismanaged.

@946WQZD from Kentucky answered…5 days

I think that public transportation will become more prevalent with rising gas prices, so a bus network or an interstate train system would be very beneficial

@946V77M from Arizona answered…5 days

No, more money shouldn't be spent on expanding public transportation but rather making the existing transportation options safer and more appealable so people will actually use them.

@946RVPL from Arizona answered…5 days

both yes and no, because some sections do need more spending while others are good to stay the same while others don't need as much spending.

@946KDKG from Ohio answered…6 days

@946K9VX from Alabama answered…6 days

Yes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions and more free public transportation is provided

@946GPYHIndependent from Indiana answered…6 days

Public transportation should fit the demand. In some places that means more, in others less or the same. Subsidizing it should be minimized.

@946FFHZ from Indiana answered…6 days

put more money into inventing most comfort,time and money efficient transportation, that is also reliable.

@933K4DP from New Jersey answered…6 days

If the government is to spend more on public transportation, we should focus on environmentally friendly solutions to reduce our energy usage and increase operational efficiency. I hope that we can also see an increase in privately-owned transportation services that can fill in the gaps in our publicly-operated network and provide competition for public services.

@946D4PC from Texas answered…6 days


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