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@8DGDGGV from New York answered…2yrs

No! It is hurting the US that #45 pulled us out of the Paris Accord. The US needs to be in the Paris Accord, as it is a group of smart, caring nations who want to protect our environment. Right now glaciers are melting, there are wildfires in California, tropical storms are more frequent & are more dramatic. We need to work on this as a nation, and with other countries.

@948ZTQX from California answered…3hrs

No, we need to stop waiting for others to contribute and fix the problem of the degrading climate, someone needs to take the first step forward

@948S3C7Democrat from Georgia answered…7hrs

@948QGJF from Kansas answered…8hrs

@948LFF8Independent from Florida answered…18hrs

@948JSGN from Kansas answered…21hrs

Not yet, but highly advocate for equal standards between countries

@948DZP2 from Indiana answered…1 day

I do not have much clue on what that is so i cant really speak on it...

@948DF48 from Indiana answered…1 day

Maybe, depending on how taxing it would become on American lives and family’s

@948BGHX from Florida answered…1 day

i don't really know because i never heard of the paris climate agreement

@9488WDD from Texas answered…1 day

No, but I do think that other countries should also be held to high standards as well

@947C3KY from Texas answered…4 days

NO, we should stay in because it would help the cause of climate change

@94798XDDemocrat from Arizona answered…4 days

@9477YVC from California answered…4 days

@94763ZGProgressive from Florida answered…4 days

@946TMHH from Tennessee answered…5 days

No, but the accords should be amended so that all countries are held to the same standards.

@946R7Q3 from Arizona answered…5 days

no but the us should contuine to push for other countries to have stricter climate laws

@946PMWD from Tennessee answered…5 days

@946LKN7 from New York answered…6 days

No but they should make it very clear that they will pull out if other countries do not start to raise their standards in the next 5 years.

@946K75Q from Iowa answered…6 days

The Paris climate agreement does not do enough to fight anything so why bother

@946H6QZ from Florida answered…6 days

@946H3FX from Arizona answered…6 days

No, but the U.S. should advocate for equal standards to other countries, which would be more beneficial to the environment.

@946G47D from California answered…6 days

@9466BHYCommunist from Wisconsin answered…7 days

@945VHW7Libertarian from Mississippi answered…1wk

@945R7L2Independent from Georgia answered…1wk

Yes, but only to make our own independent decisions to combat climate change.

@945Q3DY from California answered…1wk

have no idea which is a reason so much bad things happen people arent really informed and the ones that are most likely have been voting for years being the same people same mistake.

@945Q2SQ from Washington answered…1wk

No, and increase diplomatic efforts to reduce worldwide carbon emissions

@945BCYQ from Alabama answered…1wk

@9455W9Q from Texas answered…1wk

Yes because government regulations is not the answer to climate change

@944ZXKB from Wisconsin answered…1wk

the us should set the example as "the most developed" country in the world and show what our ingenuity can accomplish through research and development instead of profiteering.

@944ZTTW from Georgia answered…1wk


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