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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

Yes, we must use whatever means necessary to prevent another terrorist attack

@95MVCYB  from Texas disagreed…2wks

umm so u prevent a terriost attack by killing them and making them upset? bruh

@963W4KV from California answered…8mins

Yes , Congress takes forever to make decisions. If the president must act quickly , he should.

@963W3HB from Arkansas answered…14mins

@963TNC3Democrat from Maryland answered…3hrs

yes, but only if it is absolutely necessary besides that congress should be involved.

@963SXGT from California answered…4hrs

No al menos que el lo del Al-Qaeda inicie atacando alos Estados Unidos.

@963S3P4Constitution from Idaho answered…6hrs

Currently not with our president but pretty much any other president yes

@963S33R from North Carolina answered…6hrs

End the war on terrorism and stop invading foreign countries for selfish purposes.

@963QTL6 from Ohio answered…7hrs

Congress should approve military conflicts, But once approved, the president should have the freedom to determine how to exercise that approval

@963QR5H from North Carolina answered…7hrs

@963QGGW from California answered…8hrs

@963QBXH from North Carolina answered…8hrs

@963Q2HNIndependent from North Carolina answered…8hrs

Yes, but only if the situation is dire and we are under immediate threat

@963PTXZ from California answered…8hrs

Depending on the crisis, and urgency the amount of power the president has should vary.

@963PK5W from New York answered…8hrs

The president should never have that much political power, no matter the circumstance.

@963NYBQ from Maine answered…9hrs

I believe if you are to admit a military strike it needs to be thought out with a group of people.

@963NFDS from Colorado answered…9hrs

@963N2JD from California answered…9hrs

@963MT6Q from Florida answered…9hrs

Depending on how dire the situation is the President should be able to react but not start a war without congressional approval

@963LWSL from New York answered…10hrs

No, it is best to hear the opinions of other and make an informed decision quickly

@963LLTX from California answered…10hrs

Yes, but only If we are attacked first or at risk for attack. I do not want Joe Biden to nuke a random country because he is an unfit leader and will drag America to the dust.

 @The-Progressive-… from Kentucky answered…10hrs

No, remove our military bases from all countries, remove our troops from all countries, defund the military, withdraw from NATO, withdraw from all military alliances, and sign non-aggression peace treaties with all countries

@963JRF7Independent from Georgia answered…11hrs

There should be a conference between the president and congress and come to an even ground where both parties can see both sides while having part of their share to conclude this decision.

@963HXK8 from Indiana answered…11hrs

No, the president isn't meant to move on his own accord, the country (Congress?) must agree.

@963H5F5Republican from Texas answered…12hrs

I think they should vote saying yes or no to keep a big power like that out of the wrong hands.

@963GQN5 from Wisconsin answered…12hrs

I feel it depends on how bad the situation is like with urka=raine you should be able to help with that without perms

@963GK65 from Pennsylvania answered…12hrs

Yes, but only if it is absolutely necessary and the country is at risk.

@963F49K from Indiana answered…12hrs

@9639ZHT from Illinois answered…14hrs

yes and no because the president shouldn't do it without congressional approval but we need to make sure there will be no more attacks

@963589N from Virginia answered…15hrs

Yes I could be brought before congress but it doesn't have to be approved if they cant agree.

@96362KQ from New York answered…16hrs

I would say it depends because there might be an instance where the President needs to do it since there is no time.

@9635YP5 from Florida answered…16hrs

No, unless in an extreme situation congress should approve military conflicts.

@9633RLP from California answered…20hrs

I have little knowledge in this field so I remain undecided. Also definitely not with the current puppet leading the United States.

@962ZKY6 from Texas answered…1 day

Depends on the situation and wether the president is known to make good or bad calls. If its life or death Yes, unless they have made many bad calls in the past and cannot be trusted.

@962ZHTK from Michigan answered…1 day

@962XZLBfrom Maine  answered…1 day

@962XFJS from Pennsylvania answered…1 day

Yes, only if the threat proves a clear and present danger to American interests. The president should also be required to notify the heads of both parties in congress, joint chiefs and NSC


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