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@ray522Democrat from New York answered…2yrs

Not supporting Israel's occupation of Palestine is not the same as antisemitism. Israel needs to face teh consequences for their actions, and a boycott doesn't even come close to what they have done to the Palestinians. Anything the Israeli government profits from should be banned.

@9GXLKRTDemocrat from New York answered…2yrs

@9GXSHVLWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

@9GXV2CXWomen’s Equality from Colorado answered…2yrs

@9FZPVVVDemocrat from Connecticut answered…2yrs

@9FYGX9WDemocrat from Maine answered…2yrs

I'm so confused with these questions...what is Israel boycotting about

@9FX25JRWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes and no, for no it violates free speech. Yes only if the protest involves violence, threats, and destruction of property.

@9FC3DNWGreenfrom Maine  answered…2yrs

@9MTNJHWDemocrat from Connecticut answered…2yrs

@9MMVMVTVeteran from Idaho answered…2yrs

No, because it violates one of our amendments, but we shouldn’t support the boycott in any way.

@9MH3L4YRepublican from Georgia answered…2yrs

I am against boycotting Israel but people have their freedom of speech.

@9M4K7TTSocialist from Indiana answered…2yrs

@9LZHDZNRepublican from North Carolina answered…2yrs

No, it should not be illegal but i think its wrong and i wouldn't respect anyone who does.

@9LTMRM8Veteran from Tennessee answered…2yrs

@9LQDF6PRepublican from Indiana answered…2yrs

No but this could lead them to losing federal incentives and benefits if they choose to do so.

@9LJ6J5FVeteran from New Jersey answered…2yrs

They can create boycotts but if it gets violent and out of hand then it should be stopped

@9KXZ9C6Democrat from Utah answered…2yrs

People should be allowed to choose either way, but it should be strongly discouraged

@9JFHCJPTranshumanist from Texas answered…2yrs

@9J6P8T4Democrat from Nevada answered…2yrs

@9HS9ZN4Peace and Freedom from California answered…2yrs

@LrencWomen’s Equality from New Mexico answered…2yrs

@LarvejoPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…2yrs

While I don't support a boycott of Israel it shouldn't be illegal in the U.S. as that would be a violation of free speech.

@9H4X266Communist from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

No, and no degree of punishment for or suggestion against joining such a boycott should be made. Those whom abuse their positions to infringe upon the rights of Americans to enact any such punishment or make them appear to exist should be removed from office.

@9H4VCDKPeace and Freedom from Washington answered…2yrs

No, unless it's endorsed by a corporations or politician in-office.

@9H4J4RYVeteran from Utah answered…2yrs

I don't support a boycott of Israel, but I don't believe we should make it a law.

@9H3NP7FVeteran from Oregon answered…2yrs

@9J2N2BRWorking Family from Idaho answered…2yrs

You can boycott long as there is no violence or a call for violence over it.

@9HYR95JPlaid Cymru from Arizona answered…2yrs

No, Israel is a colonial apartheid state that continues to commit crimes against the Palestinian people

@9HLX77TPeace and Freedom from New York answered…2yrs

No individuals should be able to boycott countries or businesses of there without government intervention.

@9HJZ67LPeace and Freedom from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

I do not feel that I am educated enough on the topic to have a confident opinion.

@9HDRDR5Socialist from Maryland answered…2yrs

@9H8D3RTWomen’s Equality from California answered…2yrs

@9H6S2XKWorking Family from Arizona answered…2yrs

No, it is free speech. But if it by a company that is supporting the boycott of Israel (or any of our allies) they should be baned from government contracts.

@9GGCYQSIndependent from Minnesota answered…2yrs

No, because free speech is important however, it shouldn’t be legal to induce violence.

@9GC44X7Working Family from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, but only as a whole country. Individual citizens boycotting is fine.

@9G48NMXWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, but only if the protest has riots and acts of violence are taking place. But if it's peaceful and no violence is taking place. We should respect those rights as long as threats are not taking place either.

@9FZVMYQVeteran from Nevada answered…2yrs


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