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Yes, everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@963TNC3Democrat from Maryland answered…3hrs

Yes, but only to people who apply for it and who need the extra help this way the government can have enough money for people who really need it. This could also make sure people are working and people are getting the help they need.

@963SZWS from New Jersey answered…4hrs

Yes but only for food and water depending on a family's salary and amount of people .

@963SNZG from California answered…5hrs

@963SCHJ from Missouri answered…6hrs

Yes, you should receive some amount of assistance as long as employment is maintained.

@963RBNK from South Carolina answered…7hrs

people who are in need yes, but if you can perfectly afford those things with no problem then no.

@963R9B9 from Connecticut answered…7hrs

No but I believe everyone deserves housing and food. We need better programs to help low income families and the homeless. Work for food/home places that will help with training and experience. Mental health access. Community programs

@963QR5H from North Carolina answered…8hrs

@963PK5W from New York answered…9hrs

I would need to see it implemented in a country full time to form an opinion.

@963NN4T from Texas answered…9hrs

Yes, but only for those who are disabled or suffering from chronic illnesses

@963N9C8Republican from North Carolina answered…10hrs

Everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities but also be encourage to work.

@963M7YL from California answered…10hrs

Yes, but only in places with conditions that require the additional income

@963LDL3 from Arizona answered…11hrs

Yes, and provide everyone with a job opening and keep track of their work performance to insure production

@963KMR5 from California answered…11hrs

@963K8LZ from Texas answered…11hrs

@963JNC8 from Nebraska answered…11hrs

No, because the market will adjust it's pricing to eliminate the program's benefit

@963HNN3Socialist from Connecticut answered…12hrs

Yes, But inorder for someone to get one They will have to prove that they are trying to find a job

@963H83D from North Carolina answered…12hrs

Yes, everyone should receive 75% of the income necessary to cover basic necessities including food and housing, leaving leeway to choose their income source or career for the last 25% or more

@963H2B2 from Ohio answered…12hrs

Yes, as long as it doesn't encourage people not to work and it doesn't harm economic growth.

@963CDMQLibertarian from Kansas answered…14hrs

@963986TIndependent from Alabama answered…15hrs

I agree with food stamps, but they also need to have a job to cover there housing and other things.

@96392SHDemocrat from New Jersey answered…15hrs

People should have basic income since everyone can't cover their bills, but there should be a test or something because I don't want people not working.

@9638WJ8 from Alabama answered…15hrs

Not a universal program, but increase funding for programs that help the impoverished

@96388T6 from Virginia answered…15hrs

Yes, but an individual cannot just rely on the income programs and have to be given a job

@9637VTP from Texas answered…15hrs

@9637ML3 from Wisconsin answered…15hrs

When the US has solved all the other public service funding issues, yes.

@9636PW7 from Minnesota answered…16hrs

Yes, people that are suffering and can't find work or have a borderline abusive work schedule need things like this.

@96347NP from Hawaii answered…19hrs

yes everyone should recieve enough money to be financially stable, but minimum wage for doctors, and higher paying jobs should have the same minimum wage as if you were working at mcdonalds.

@9632ZTC from Montana answered…23hrs

Only for the sick and elderly who may not qualify for other programs.

@962ZL8YSocialist from North Carolina answered…1 day

Yes, but only those who need. EX. those with low income, students in debt, etc. If, for instance, the system also gives a rich person the sum money instead of using it on someone else who needs it, then no.

@962Z778 from Alabama answered…1 day

@962YH8Q from Maryland answered…1 day

Yes but I would like AI to take the work places so people don't just all quit

@962WSSG from Oklahoma answered…1 day

@962WQCR from New York answered…1 day

@962W7L5 from California answered…1 day

@962VYG4 from California answered…1 day

No, basic income program should only be for those who cannot afford to cover basic necessities with their current income.

@962VQKGRepublican from California answered…1 day

Only proportional to the rise in labor-less economic productivity. Robots etc.

@962VKWMGreen from Maryland answered…1 day

Neither because everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities for living but should be encouraged to work to increase economic growth

@962TM2L from Washington answered…1 day

Yes, however people should still have to put in a certain amount of hours of work in order to get the universal income.

@962T6G8 from Washington answered…1 day

i'd support it if it was a by need basis and they may only give you an extra form of income if certain requirements were met and for a certain period of time not to allow one to become dependent on it


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