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@9KBDT7SVeteran from Pennsylvania answered…2yrs

@9JCXNNTTranshumanistfrom Guam  answered…2yrs

Yes, but make it optional so if the elderly want to remain with a government managed pension plan, they can

@9J664ZCRepublican from Michigan answered…2yrs

@Kesha-ArtisPeace and Freedom from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes because government employees should have to budget for their future like everyone else does.

@9HX5WWKLibertarian from Tennessee answered…2yrs

Government should not touch pensions, and it should be up to the individual to decide whether they want a pension plan or not.

@9HTBMCMVeteran from Texas answered…2yrs

No but the government should not be allowed to touch those funds or make changes to pensions without a grandfathering system or oversight.

@9HQ7NZSIndependent from Texas answered…2yrs

Everyone should be treated equally in terms of pensions Regardless of who employs them.

@Debbie-ColigadoWomen’s Equality from Illinois answered…2yrs

Yes, pension spending is out of control and must be reduced. There should be checks and balances in place to prevent abuse of pensions, as well, e.g. civil servants who've worked in several different departments, and get multiple pension checks. They're clearly gaming a broken system.

@9HG7Q33Libertarian from Colorado answered…2yrs

@9H7NQWDVeteranfrom Virgin Islands  answered…2yrs

Yes but it would require more competitive salaries to keep talented people working for the government

@9H6P9KPSocialist from Ohio answered…2yrs

No, but there should be a cap on how long/much the pension is good for depending on the amount of time spent as an employee.

@9H6474HWomen’s Equality from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

@9H5H43LWorking Family from Virginia answered…2yrs

These workers should be allowed to vote for this, this should not be public concern

@9H2D6LVWomen’s Equality from North Carolina answered…2yrs

I feel that I do not know enough about this topic to contribute an answer.

@9GFP6BFDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

No, there are a multitude of other means of addressing looming pension crises

@9GDZ8QMVeteran from Utah answered…2yrs

Individuals should be given the choice whether there pension dollars are in a government account or a private account

@9G9ZR6FDemocrat from Massachusetts answered…2yrs

Most companies no longer have pensions. Government employee benefits should “ mirror” the public. They should be offered a 401k plan subject to testing requirements

@9G4RLNHWomen’s Equality from Michigan answered…2yrs

No for federal. Privatizing pensions leads to workers receiving less than they worked for. Local governments may need to phase that in.

@9FZ9R45Women’s Equality from Virginia answered…2yrs

Honestly, the people should be in charge of their money. If they spend it irresponsibly--so be it.

@9FXBC5MPeace and Freedom from New Mexico answered…2yrs

Perhaps each employee should choose publicly or privately managed accounts

@9FM53YFWomen’s Equality from Maine answered…2yrs

@9FD6M2LRepublican from Texas answered…2yrs

Pension plans should be the responsibility of either the state or the individual person, not the federal government

@9FCQCG6Veteran from North Carolina answered…2yrs

Yes, government workers should have to choose options such as a 401K we have in the private sector

@9F92VMFGreen from Wisconsin answered…2yrs

Yes for future workers, and provide opt-in to current workers (with possible incentives to transfer).

@9F8SDWWTranshumanist from Missouri answered…2yrs

@9F77283Republican from Tennessee answered…2yrs

@Abel-VelasquezDemocrat from Kansas answered…3wks

@B4DJHWTGreen from California answered…4wks


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